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  1. Look great. I also love that Montreal steak seasoning but not tried it on ribs yet. I much prefer coarse ground rubs and that one is awesome on brisket
  2. In the UK if you can even get it (normally frozen and shipped from a fine food specialist in London) its around £32/lb! Can't say I've tried it and at that price I would be scared to cook it and not do it justice. Really looking forward to this video to see what you do and maybe it will inspire me to do something with good old fashioned regular sea bass which is also really nice.
  3. they both look great. If you want more smoke I guess add more wood or use a stronger wood if possible. I'd definitely use a drip pan for this sort of cook as well, anything low and slow I put the X rack in and squash a foil pan on to it under the grates. Seems to work well and not had a grease fire yet!
  4. Personally I don't use the ash collector in my big joe. I just let it fall through the fire grate and shop vac it out each time before I use it. This seems to maximise airflow through the front vent and really doesn't make cleaning it up any harder imo
  5. Hi all, I bought a USDA packer from Smithfield market in London a couple of months ago and this weekend am planning to cook it. However now that it is defrosted and I've had a proper look at it I'm not convinced I have a brisket at all! I've posted on a UK bbq forum as well and the consensus is that I've been sold a Silver Flat. I've attached a couple of pictures for you to look at and I'd appreciate any opinions as to what you think this lump of beef might be! There is no obvious fat seam which first raised the alarm but I'm not used to packer cut briskets or USDA meat so I'm not sure. I bought it frozen of course, given it was imported, so it was hard to tell from looking at it in the cryovac exactly what it looked like. I was planning to do an overnight smoke for the brisket but if it is a silver flat does anybody know if the same method will work or if I need to do something different? For reference it weights just over 13 lbs. Many thanks!
  6. I like them for hot smoking a side of salmon as I can just slide the whole thing off the grill and on to a board without risking the fish falling apart trying to get a fish slice under it
  7. Well that's my dinner for tomorrow sorted out! Looks amazing!
  8. I fired mine up just to see how to control the vents. Top tip, don't leave it unattended for 20 mins thinking it's holding 300f when it's actually sat at 700f!
  9. I like fire, when that happens in the KJ it's ok. When it happens in the oven, not good
  10. The key to good pork belly IMO is meltingl soft meat and crispy skin that shatters when you bite in to it. It's hard to get that on a grill from my experience. Belly needs either a high starting or finishing temp to crisp up the skin (starting probably works better) and then low and slow over some liquid for a few hours to break it all down. Alternatively you can low and slow it first then stick it under a grill (broiler) to crisp it up, however from experience smoked skin doesn't crisp as well as fresh
  11. I have a pair of these and can handle heat deflectors and CI for as long as I need to move them around/place on the floor etc. I never need to hold that sort of thing for very long though so not sure how they do for longer periods of time. As said above if they get wet or steam gets on them it will burn. They are great for 'dry' heat though. http://www.amazon.com/Grill-Heat-Aid-Resistant-Light-Weight/dp/B00CHO64NE
  12. Kamado Joe channel on you tube has a couple I believe
  13. I am shamelessly going to steal this idea as I have a beef cheek in the freezer looking lonely and I think this would be an awesome use for it. Thanks!
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