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  1. A Kamado grill is a wang-cooking machine! It is said that it was chicken wings that enticed customers of the first Big Green Eggs that Fisher sold out of his hardware shop in the '70's...
  2. Got t try that, nice, Join in on the fun and take this months What's your ''Beef!'' challenge.
  3. Welcome Wendy. Lots of great cooks there! You're gonna love your new grill !
  4. Welcome to our humble abode!!! Join in on the fun and take this months What's your ''Beef!'' challenge.
  5. Welcome, that's a great buy on the Vision! Join in on the fun and take this months What's your ''Beef!'' challenge.
  6. Welcome, CKreef, great to have you on board. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Interesting... I suppose you can argue the health benefits of pure lard if you sold it at the right angle... Moderation the key, I always say... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Nice looking old Hinachi Pot. That's a nice old clay pot, capable of doing low and slow smokes and grilling up to 350-400°. Welcome.
  9. Great looking bunch of toys ya got there! Welcome.
  10. Welcome, Will. Sounds like a real nice cooker you picked up, there...
  11. Welcome Will: I'd love to see some cooks with the gas insert. I can think of some cooks where it would be preferable. Welcome the the Furum, great to have you.
  12. Tapatalk seems fine, now... Maybe I just need to reinstall it. No answer, either on why the limited user profile info. I essentially have the same results as Grabbermach70... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. At this time. 9:30 am PDT, tapatalk seems to be down dor the forum, unable to log in, it was at 8am as well. I will try it later.
  14. I posted a video in the Healthy Lifestyles section which I made from my phone and simply copied the video like I would have a photo, and it worked like a charm. I don't think that was possible with the old software. Seems to be working perfectly... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. My wife would absolutely love that... Thanks for sharing... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. I've always had better luck foiling ribs, but I do not have extensive experience cooking them... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Just returned last night from the JMT. It was a wonderful experience. I hiked over 70 miles in five days, Happy Isles to Red's Meadow, with a couple of side trips. A few photos: The official start of the John Muir Trail at Happy Isle Trailhead in Yosemite. Heading up The JMT, where it insects with the Mist Trail, near Vernal Falls. Back side if Half Dome, I believe. I love these old trailhead signs, they've been around since the turn of the 20th century, I understand. https://vimeo.com/180511541 Making it to the top of Vernal Falls. Night 2 I stayed at Cathedral Lakes, simply stunning. A night atop of Clouds Rest. Some young buck talked me into camping up there. It was about a 3-mile detour off the JMT, both ways. The altitude there made me sick, I had to chop up small pieces of jerky and swallow them like pills with water. It took everything to keep from vomiting. I fell asleep and awoke at about 1am, feeling much better and very hungry. https://vimeo.com/180512063 I passed mule packing teams bringing supplies to High Sierra Camp, in the middle of the remote wilderness. It was like something out of an old western movie. The trip was made possible when a fellah gave me his unused permit, as his partner bailed. I could have gone from Happy Isles to Whitney on this permit but I didn't have the 3 weeks. The Ranger who came down to the base camp at trip's start took a look at it and proclaimed, "Looks like you have the golden ticket. That is a very sought-after piece of paper you have, there."
  18. Having coffee with my wife the other morning, in early July. She mentioned the she had the last weeks of August off, the kids are back in school, not much going on, "Why don't you hop on a bus down to Yosemite and do some of that trail you're always talking about." Of course, this caught my attention like nothing else. Seriously thought about it for a couple of weeks, collected a piece of gear here, a piece of gear there... I didn't have my hopes up too high, as there are record crowds at Yosemite this summer, and since the thru-hiking movies, "Wild," and, "A Walk in the Woods," permits for the trail are tough to come by. My plan was to hop on Amtrak, get down to Yosemite, and hope to get a walk-up permit out of Tuolemne Meadows, a point on the Trail out of the Valley, about 34 miles south. I never gave Happy Isles Trailheal much thought, as JMT thru-hikes from there (the official start) are tightly regulated on a lotto, and if you don't have your permit secured by June, forget-about-it... Behold, just a couple of days ago, a fellah on a FB JMT Hiker group that I belong, posted that his partner bailed, and he had an open spot on his permit. I can't go the whole 211 miles due to work, but I will sure go as far as I am physically capable. Now that this opportunity came up, I'm excited, but a bit nervous... Actually nervous as heck. I've never been the most fit fellow out there. I have, however, been on a pretty good regime these last 3-4 months, I've lost some weight, but still have a long ways to go. My six day itinerary is very ambitious for the terrain being hiked. I should say, it's probably quite easy for a young, athletic, backpacker, neither of which I am. My goal is to one day hike all 224 miles of this trail, but work and family commitments are keeping that from happening. Here is my itinerary, which I have already tweaked, somewhat: 6- Day Itinerary: Day 1 ~ Leave Happy Isles, Hike 10 miles to Sunrise Creek area (Tent Site 10.5). Day 2 ~ Hike 12 miles to Tuolumne Meadows area. Day 3~ Hike 12 miles to Lyell Forks Bridge area. Day 4 ~ Hike 15 miles to Ediza Lake Trail area. Day 5 ~ Hike 11 miles to Red's Meadow (possible stop point, shuttle back to Mammoth if too late) depending on time...). Day 6 ~ (time permitting) Hike 11 miles to Duck Pass Trail to Duck Lake, catch shuttle back to Mammoth. Just s rundown of my gear: ULA Circuit Backpack, 23-oz. , SMD Skyscape 1 p tent (34-oz.), Klymit Static V mattress (19-oz.) Aegismax 25° 800 fill goose down mummy bag (17- oz.), SS Under Armor Compression shirt, LS Ex Officio button down hiking shirt, Ex Officio Hiking pants, Under Armour Boxers, Omni-wool base layer bottoms (sleeping) Under Amour Compression Thermal LS top (sleeping), Frogg Toggs poncho, 2-pair wool socks, Merrell Moab Mid hiking boots, BV500, small sundries ziplock, bandages, wipes, TP, tooth brush, etc. I leave for Yosemite this Saturday, will be on the trail at first light, Sunday. Wish me luck... I'll post pics when I'm back...
  19. Great to hear from you. All the best, looking forward to seeing some of that smoky goodness out of your pit...
  20. I believe you mentioned that the CI firebox option is, "on hold," so to speak, perhaps that is what he's referring....
  21. Okay, works now. I reset Chrome to default settings (strange because I deleted and reinstallled it and didn't change any settings) and it seems to work fine...
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