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  1. Very cool looking table, nice work.
  2. That's what I would do if I had the cash for it. This would have been a for sale thread instead of a find. Haha
  3. Yeah that's kind of what I figured, the rest of his adds are in the same storage unit. We have a lot of those rocket kamados for sale on craigslist right now so I'm guessing he's pricing it off of those.
  4. Also listed is an XL Primo for $500 with a cracked fire box. https://offerup.com/item/detail/315335984/?ref=FilteredSearch
  5. Here's you guys go, sorry it says needs firebox not cracked. https://offerup.com/item/detail/314062444/?ref=FilteredSearch
  6. Anyone looking for a Komodo Kamado in the Los Angeles area? Cracked firebox but still a hell of a deal.
  7. Looks good, I need to try more recipes for lamb, only done it once so far. Thanks for the info.
  8. Here's my brothers 49 Chevy that I help him out with and my 64 C10 project.
  9. DUDE!!!! Where are you finding all these eggcessories? I can't find a daisy wheel or plate setter anywhere. Here's my little guy doing work this past weekend, had some brats on while the large did 6lbs of chuck roast. Table is getting reworked once I find some muscle to help me move the large into it to check for fitment.
  10. That wouldn't really work like you think, what I have and use for pizza is the Woo with the extender sliding rack. The extender rack gives me 2 layer cooking and I can place the pizza stone on the top rack to get the pizza up high like you want. I have a large egg.
  11. It should work fine, the big joe has a flatter surface on the bottom so it should sit flush.
  12. I was on the fence about getting one for my performer, just trying to figure out the added benefit to this versus the cheap charcoal holders that come with the performer. Also explaining to the wife why I need it as she catches me trying to sneak into the garage. It definitely looks like a quality built product.
  13. Redgard is what you're looking for, it's made by Custom Building Products.
  14. Better hurry, rep called and said that he only had 10 of the 2017 big joes left. When my neighbor got there he was down to 5 big joes. The rep posted on bookface yesterday that the classic demo was still available but it's the 2016 model. Good luck man.
  15. Tell me you went to the ice cream shop in Lahaina at least once a day. Loved that place, a few days the wife and I went twice but who's counting right? haha
  16. Yup, that was a Valentines day cook but I also love steak. haha Good luck on that, my neighbor has been hounding the rep for the big joe deal in your area. The new Big Joe's just arrived but the deal is already spoken for, you both are too late. haha
  17. Here's my large egg which is similar in size to the classic with a few steaks I did for 10 people. It's a good size for smaller cooks, I also added a Second tier rack for more cooking space.
  18. Tried one this past weekend on the Joetisserie, wasn't happy with the seasoning I tried and think next time I'll do it with chimichurri. I kind of rushed cause it was a last minute cook and didn't have all the ingredients of the recipe I tried.
  19. I haven't been able to find any photos and it looks like this might be the first year they are doing it. We don't get very many Egg Fest's here on the west coast, the last one I found was back in 2014 and it looked small. This one is set for 400 guests but is being held at a mall I don't know how it's going to be set up or even if that many will attend. Egghead forum seams very skeptical, some threads say it will go on and others say it's just going to be a cooking demo and not an eggfest.
  20. Thanks for the info, this one is on the BGE website and appears to be put on by a BBQ store but the fest is going to be at a mall??? It's about a 3 hour drive for me so I'm trying to decide if it's worth the trip.
  21. Just discovered one will be in San Diego next month and I really want to go but have no idea what to expect. I've always wanted to go to one but couldn't convince the wife to fly to the east coast just for an Egg Fest. First question is the price of food included in the ticket or is that separate? Went to a bbq competition once and everything was a separate cost and ended up being a very expensive day. Second question, do they sell eggcessories or parts for the eggs? Would like to buy stuff for my mini egg that might be hard to find. Lastly, what socal members are going or have gone to this one before?
  22. How do you like the slow n sear? Was thinking about getting one or the vortex. Ended up making my own vortex and I'm not sure if I like it yet, only cooked once since I made it so far. Also looking at the craycort grill for my kettle.
  23. I use both at least once a week, if I was to get a second BGE I might use it less but it still would get it used. Good thing a new BGE isn't in the budget right now.
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