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  1. Heard the roadshow was cancelled? Something about the store remodeling and had no room for it, that not true?
  2. Welcome to the forum from SoCal.
  3. Jesse

    101 Best Beers

    I've had 3 of them and heard of another 3. Nice list.
  4. Thought you all were crazy till I added mine up. 200 lbs of Kamado Joe 4 bags of Royal Oak 2 bags of Red Oak chunks 1 bag of Peach chuncks 1 bad of Apple chunks 1 bag of Cherry chuncks 1 bag of Kingfords 1 bag of Royal Oak briquettes Roadshow down the street still has lump so I might go back for some more.
  5. Awesome work so far, can't wait to see end result.
  6. Jesse


    Just like Meatloaf to be singing about food.. Haha
  7. Tustin still has a pallet and a half as of an hour ago. Guess the Tustin area isn't big on Kamado's, might even go back next week and grab some more, if not we have plans to him Montclair as well.
  8. Not my first bird, haha. First one was really dry.
  9. Nice find, thats an awesome deal.
  10. Already have people asking me how much I would sell it for on the Facebook group and a friend offered $200 for it. Think I want to hang on to it just cause it's an older model, kind of regretting that I sold my old Imperial Kamado.
  11. Yeah, figured I could get a couple of steaks on it for the wife and I. She's not a big steak eater so I might be able to get 2 on it. Grill is about 9 1/2 inches wide so it might be a tight fit.
  12. That's a good idea about the screen, yeah the cap is bigger and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to find something for it. I'll look into the DFMT, thanks.
  13. No recipe with it or a nest, it was a gift to her years ago by her in laws. The manual says 97, when was the first gens released?
  14. The only issue with it is the front vent, it's pretty much rusted open. Might have to replace that with a new one. Anyone ever been able to register an old egg?
  15. Gotta love Craigslist finds, found this little old guy for $50. It popped up in my email and with in minutes I emailed the seller and it was mine. This little guy is brand new and has never been used. She had everything with it, even the cookbook with registration card in it. I don't even know if I want to use it now.
  16. I use a chunk of granite, place it on a table and set the hot defuser on the granite piece. Work at a granite yard so I always have pieces lying around.
  17. 2 for $20 is a great deal anywhere brother, nice cook.
  18. If that ash bucket is going away might I suggest a hot plate under there? Put some type of hot plate down there for the plate setter to sit on when you take it out of the grill.
  19. Same here, both units are always all over the place. Keep getting LLL and HHH codes on them, if the probe wires are kinked in any way they won't read right. Looking at investing in better units down the road.
  20. See above, it's not going away, you just have to get ahold of your rep and beg and negotiate with him. haha
  21. The condition that one is in I wouldn't even restore it, all the inside pieces look great. I would just put new grills on it and get a defuser plate and start cooking. That is an odd price, sold mine for $300, guy didn't even try to negotiate.
  22. Liking where this is going but can we have it in green??
  23. I went yesterday and picked up 6 bags, he only had 4 bags left and had said he went through 4 pallets with nothing else coming. You might have to wait for the Tustin roadshow in 2 weeks, I plan on going then and buying another 4 bags.
  24. This one started on Friday I believe, someone here posted the schedule, I'll see if I can find it again.
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