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  1. That's awesome, came out very nice for your first time.
  2. Someone snag this quick! If it wasn't so far from me I would probably grab it just cause it's so cheap. It's not in the greatest shape but wouldn't take much to restore it. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/for/5926720220.html
  3. How long have you had it for? I've been seeing that a lot lately and was thinking about getting one. My first Maverick started acting up after a year so I had to buy a second one, its working good so far but don't want to keep buying them every year.
  4. I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't need this........
  5. I like the fact that it's a performer cart for a kamado. Keep it to the basics and affordable, do all the fancy add on's as extras or second gens.
  6. Nice cook, love doing Tri Tip. What's that vortec thing all about? Never seen that before.
  7. Meat Church has some really good rubs, love the holy cow and the bacon honey hog. Picked up the gospel when they had the black friday sale, have yet to try it though.
  8. Pizza is best at high temps, leave both vents all the way open. Usually do mine around 650*.
  9. Very cool, glad to see more of these up and running.
  10. Very cool little table, you going to stain it or paint it?
  11. No learning curve to worry about, pull out the bottom grate and put in the KAB and light that fire. Best thing you'll ever buy under the cooking grate.
  12. Guess that was either a quick deal or maybe a prime member deal cause it's back up to $54.95. Still not a bad deal if you need the claws.
  13. Once again great job on the video. That was going to be my question on the thermometer hitting the meat once the lid was down, never thought to just push it out some. hahaha, dummy.
  14. That's what my neighbor did, his firebox cracked so we took it back and upgraded to the big joe. Told him about buying the display and getting the small one as well but he didn't want to wait for it. Bought a brand new one and had the guy throw in 2 free bags of coal instead.
  15. Wish the roadshows were coming back around my area again, I'm running low again.
  16. Welcome to the forum, amazon has a return auction site???? I interesting.
  17. Looks great, I use that for bbq beef. Will have to try it your way sometime.
  18. Who'da thunk it? That look pretty good, add that to the list of things to cook. Thanks
  19. Always start with a full bowl of coal, fill it to just under the fire ring that your grill sits on. I also use a torch to lite it, you can also buy the prelight cubes from Home Depot. I will use one or two of them if I'm doing a high temp cook and want it to get hot quick. From what I've been told you never want to go over 500* on these old Imperial Kamados.
  20. You can't go wrong with the Ceramic Grill Store, great products and even better customer service.
  21. Looks to be an Imperial Kamado, a few of us here have rebuilt them. You can see some of the rebuilds under Other Kamado section, let us know what other questions you have.
  22. Whatever you do don't go to ceramicgrillstore.com they will take all your money...... lol Great USA products and great service.
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