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  1. Where did you see the parts list? I cant find.
  2. I dont see a link anywhere, can you repost?
  3. Anyone have any idea how to cut a hole in stainless like that? I was hoping to find a manual way to do it, like a string at the right radius/diameter with some sort of cutting tool on the end but no idea after searching online what will cut the stainless. The Ikea table is a good choice for a non-woodworker like myself but spending $140 on the table and then another $100 or more for a local shop to cut a whole seems to expensive...if I knew how to cut the hole out, would be set!
  4. How did you/what did you use to cut the hole in the stainless top?
  5. Jealous! Those look great...when we pull ours, we don't have a pool of juice like that all much less in the meat..wonder what I am doing wrong, maybe I am just lucking out with crappy quality of meat? I think my wife is buying from Winco which is one of our local grocers.
  6. Appreciate all the help. Been traveling alot at the end of last year so haven't been back kamado-ing for awhile, tried a pork shoulder again this weekend and ended up the same...way drier than we expected and not at all like some of the pics. Hit stall at 162 and wrapped in foil as suggested above, pulled at 195. It was dry even with sauce we added after lol. I wonder if my rub has anything to do with it...im putting a pretty heavy coating of dry rub on before putting it on the grill...I wonder if the rub isn't pulling the juice out of the meat during the cooking process? Don't know, grasping at straws. I also questioned whether my Ivation was working correctly - test with a pot of boiling water and it was spot on so that isn't it. Definitely doing something wrong, just not sure what...
  7. Hmm, good question. My wife is usually the one doing the prepping inside the house while I get the kamado going so I don't pay much attention to the packaging. Let's say for giggles it's a pork loin or shoulder, does that change the temp to cook it to?
  8. We did our third butt cook yesterday on our Saffire....all three times it ended up dry, any ideas where we are going wrong? We followed the guidelines on this post to a T, used Miron's dry rub, we brined the first two with the recipe in the Miron post, the third one yesterday we decided to try without the brining...all 3 were dry...I cooked indirect at about 240 until internal temps away from bone were about 193 yesterday...taste was good but it was what we call "gallon of milk dry" meaning you have to have a gallon of milk handy when eating it since its so dry. Are we supposed to be wrapping the butt in foil when cooking it? All three we put directly on the grate which was set at gasket level with the plate setter in the lowest position as a deflector, drip pan on top of the deflector...
  9. I am loving mine after having it for awhile now! Where did the table come from? Ive been looking for one just like that.
  10. been looking for something just like that, wish I could find something like that here in the US!
  11. enamelled ceramic…….http://www.emilehenryusa.com/Individual-Pizza-Stone-Burgundy-plu347510.html Is it really 9.9" diameter like the website says? That seems small and looks larger in your pics.
  12. Appreciate all the tips everyone! Polished off the pork last night, dang it was good! Can't wait for the next cook
  13. Thanks for the tips, will try just one spot next time with everything in the grill already and ready to go from the beginning.
  14. Dang that would have been a good deal...shows as $69.99 now when I click that link.
  15. I boil in beer first with onions and a concoction of spices like garlic, onion, cayenne, paprika, etc. Then grill/brown them, then put them back into the beer to keep moist. Always turn out great. I have found that if I can grill them and get them to NOT explode/pop open and leak the juices out, they always turn out super moist. If they pop open when grilling them, they are still good but nowhere near as juicy plus when the pop open, the grill tends to flare up more as the fatty juices drip down.
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