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  1. Unfortunately the nearest Ace only had 10 lb bags of B&B and they were $9.99.
  2. I've been thinking about getting the same one. You could definitely cut a little off of the skewers and grind a new point with an angle grinder.
  3. DevilDog0402

    Pellet Joe

    So, is it dead or just delayed?
  4. Not sure where you're going with that last sentence, John. Thought you were a fan of the Joetisserie..
  5. Mmm, backstraps and pork loin
  6. ckreef, no interest in a mini kamado or a Weber Smoky Joe so you can stick with charcoal? I have an Akorn Jr and a Smoky Joe that are both light and portable.
  7. For those of us with older models, is it available anywhere?
  8. DevilDog0402

    Pellet Joe

    Definitely piqued my interest!!
  9. That's the coolest thing I've seen in a while!!
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