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  1. I haven't had much luck in search, so I'm hoping someone here can help. I have an original Big Joe. I need new stainless grates, but the only options I find are for the II or III. I assume the grilling surface is the same, but didn't want to pull the trigger until I was sure. Has anyone had any experience?
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I don't really care what it looks like, as long as it functions correctly. At this point, the only issue is that opening and closing puts paint chips down onto the food. Found a big piece in my pizza last night. Could have just peeled it off, obviously, but I didn't catch it in time.
  3. Thanks! Did you notice any issues with thickness of the paint and your ability to manipulate the cap after you repainted?
  4. Has anyone had the paint start to come off of their cap so early? Yesterday I did a 600 degree pizza cook. The BJ was at that temp for about an hour. Upon moving the slider and daisy wheel, paint started to peel off super-easy. Obviously I can clean, then paint with high heat paint, but the grill is only 2 months old. Any thoughts?
  5. +1 to bcrgrill! Looks to be a great start. Just saw that this isn't your table... But, I was thinking about building a similar setup with cedar, so take lots of pics and post a build thread when you are done.
  6. Can someone please tell me how in the hell to get the Kamado Joe cover to stay on in anything more than a 2 mph wind?! I'm at a loss...
  7. Wow. It seems I was trolling without knowing it. Thanks to everyone for the responses. Some were hilarious, and some were appropriately concerning. I think I'm just going to buy it from him to solve any issues.
  8. So, they will give him 70% if he returns it, and 80% if he upgrades with something from in the store. Go for a Big Joe!!!! You are not a divorce attorney, are you?? or apparently in a healthy marriage! Ha. Just kidding.
  9. So, they will give him 70% if he returns it, and 80% if he upgrades with something from in the store.
  10. Quick question to you long-time owners. How much would you sell a new, unused Joe Jr. for? It hasn't been registered yet, so the new owner could warranty it in their name. What would you guys think? BTW, I'm not selling mine, a neighbor bought one after I told him how awesome it was, and his wife lost her mind at the price. I told him I had just the group to ask... Thanks!
  11. Do you baste at all, or just put it on and let it go?
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