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  1. I ordered the nomex gasket, The lid and everything was fine, lined up, no leaks or nothing. The one thing that baffles me is, all the gaskets burned up except the one around the ash/vent drawer. Sorry, I don't know how to place a photo on here. I'll work on it. Thank You!
  2. I didn't mean to complain about the grill, I was only sharing my experience with it, (only had it a month) So much difference between my old one. The kamado came with a spider and lava stone, I coated the lava stone with veg. oil and ran it at 250 degrees, the stone is placed in the middle just above the kickashbasket, the stone cracked. My goal was to see if I could maintain 250 degrees. I did it. The racks go above that, one below the felt line and one above. The temp. gauge on the grill was close to the ready check gauge I used. Since the grill was already hot I gave it a go to se
  3. Hi everyone! Gaskets; My first cook was a 250 degree cook to season my lava stone (the lava stone cracked) I can still use it. The second cook went pretty good, I have to admit it will take awhile to get used to the ceramic kamado. My 3rd cook was a total disaster, I read many articles on pizza, I gave it a try @ 450 degrees, most articles I read suggested a higher temp. I ruined the pizza and since the grill was already hot I thought I give it the heat test, I opened all vents and got to around 550 degrees. My pizza stone cracked and all my gaskets got burned up.
  4. Hello! from Saint Anne,IL. Vision pro c

  5. Thank you for this recipe, I have everything on the list, can you tell me how to measure water by grams. I;m only used to measuring in cups or ounces.
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