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  1. So we have the curved legs of the C Series support rack and the Straight Ash Tray of the S Series. Kinda hybrid action going on here. Anyway the Knobs are for air intake on the bottom Left one Dials in 1 to 5 and right one goes 6 to 10 but essentially the same intake volume for each knob they could both be labeled 1 to 5 because they control seperate air slots.
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Thanks for the Imageshack tip
  3. Mine is the same as yours. My legs are just like yours but My Ash Tray is straight, is yours? seems a funny question to ask a man here.
  4. I would be in Ross but you gotta get rid of that Niners logo,,,Maybe something in a Big Blue Star on a Helmet,,,hmmm
  5. All just and FYI as to the new versions and what distinguishes them. I recieved my new Kamado Pro today and had some questions regarding a chip and also asked what version of the Pro I had since their is no designation on any of the parts and or documentation within the box. I recieved a very prompt response to my inquiry and here is the lowdown on the different Pro designations: I realized I didn't answer your second question. You probably have a Model S - the M is a medium size not yet sold and the C stands for curved legs and ash drawer - S for straight legs and ash drawer. The model you select won't affect your warranty. So that is what we know so far.
  6. I did send a pic to Vision Grills and they responded with the following message within 15 minutes: I reviewed your photo. You are correct that it will not affect the integrity. As long as it remains in one piece and continues to hold the fuel, it should work well for you. That part is warranted for life, so please let us know if it ever fails to perform. Thank you. Vision Grills Very cool response and I posted a pic of the Chip and the Chunk to them. For some reason when I tried to post the pic from Imageshack it said it could not determine the size of the pic (probably to large from iPhone) so no go on the pic.
  7. Had a Chip/Chunk out of my new Vision Pro Firebox. About an in in diameter and not to deep but was wondering if this will have any affect on the integity of the firebox itself. It does not go all the way through maybe a 16th of an inch but a chunk nontheless.
  8. Thanks Ross, I appreciate the feedback. I will give it a shot and let you know how the Shoulder works out.
  9. Hi Folks, I am awaiting the delivery of my New Kamado Vision Pro from Home Depot! I have learned some great tips and tricks from reviewing this forum and look forward to sharing my experiences with the new hardware and even more importantly gettin my eat on! As I live in the St Louis area, the Vision Grill HQ is in my backyard and I intend to work closely with them to ensure they back up the quality of their product. From what I have read online in this forum so far they seem to be very responsive and professional. I will keep you posted. That being said, do you reccomend an inital seasoning burn in on the Kamado and if so with what/how? Or is this in the documentation when I unpack the grill? Happy Grilling!
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