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  1. I clean it with weber brush every time I cook but it seems to accumulate at the bottom of the grates...cleaning with brush pushes some of it to the bottoms and it builds up pretty quick at the bottom
  2. my grill grates are in pretty bad shape, any advice/tips on how to clean grill grates. do you guys use any cleaners to get the grease off
  3. which one is better to use in Kamado? Royal Oak Lump or All Natural Competition Charcoal Briquets??
  4. Royal Oak 15.44 LB bag is on sale today only at Homedepot for $7.88+tax if anyone interested also heard Costco is going to have a coupon Kingsford All Natural Competition Charcoal Briquets 2/18 lb bags $17.49 Instant Savings: -$4.30 = $13.19
  5. welcome aboard! Did you get a cover with your Vision when you bought?
  6. Check in at Hearth and Patio on University Street. They not only sell BGE's but have annual cookouts on premise and cooking classes. sure, will do
  7. Yes, same Vision. I live in Summer Ridge sudiv in Dunlap. where is Center Bluff?
  8. Thank you all. I'm from India and don't have many friends that grill. this should be a good place to learn. I love to grill.
  9. Thanks John. I watch your videos regularly on Youtube. Great videos.
  10. Hi Grillers, this is Sam from Peoria IL. How are you all doing?
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