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  1. GrillnBrew

    Fogo 15% off this weekend.

    Jumped on the bandwagon and ordered four bags. For some reason I always assumed FOGO was way more expensive than the KJ I usually by at Costco, but even the regular price is reasonable. Thanks for the heads up guys, and happy grilling this Labor Day!
  2. GrillnBrew

    Unexpected Cook

    Sure your Big Joe wasn't jealous of your KK and was just venting...? Eyebrows and hair grow back, eyes and hands don't, glad you were not hurt. Nice looking steaks.
  3. GrillnBrew

    Smoked beets and flank steak

    I decided to spin the trout, so the beets made their debut yesterday. I ended up putting the beets in a cast iron pan on the deflector. after about 30 minutes, I put a couple of ribeyes on the grates above. I was doing a reverse sear on the steaks, so they stayed above the beets about 20 minutes. Took the beets off, cranked up the grill and seared the steaks. The beets peeled just like you said, and the wife had downed two of them before she even touched her steak. She really liked the charred part that was in contact with the cast iron. Needless to say they were a big hit, and now she wants me to prepare them again, this time under a spatchcocked chicken, maybe add some carrots and potatoes. Thanks for the inspiration!
  4. GrillnBrew

    Smoked beets and flank steak

    My wife, who loves beets, bought a bunch at the farmers market last week, handed them to me and said "fix 'em"(translation, find a good way to prepare them on your grill). I have been staring blankly at them all week wondering how to prepare them. Thanks for the answer! They will be joined by a couple of rainbow trout for dinner tonight. No cake though, and hopefully no missing teeth.
  5. GrillnBrew

    Is there a wing basket for joetisserie?

    I saw this one in another post and asked for it as a Father's Day gift. I've tumbled a few batches of wings and they have always turned out great. There are two flat sides of the basket so you can also secure food in there while you spin. https://www.onegrill.com/OneGrill_Performer_Basket_System_s/175.htm
  6. GrillnBrew

    Christmas Prime Rib in August!

    Thanks, I will give that a try. My wife is not a spicy fan either, but I love it so I may be making two different versions to start. I've also just started making my own aioli, and my favorite is a smoked corn version, that may add another dimension.
  7. GrillnBrew

    Christmas Prime Rib in August!

    Great looking meal, now I'm craving prime rib! I grill a lot of corn, but am not familiar with the mayonnaise slathering, is that just a binder for the seasoning?
  8. Smoked blueberries....genius! Gave me an idea for a new beer to brew, smoked blueberry wheat, should be nice summer beer. Impressive looking smoker, now I have to wait for one of the clever diyer's on this site to figure out how to make one for the KJ.
  9. Saw a friend post this on FB a few months back, so I bought the rice from Amazon and tried it on a flank steak. Two days in the fridge after rubbing it, then rinsed well and seared. Not sure if it tasted like a 45 day aged steak, but it was definitely tender and it did have great flavor. I may use the remainder next time I see a cheap rib-eye in the "green meat" section right before it expires.
  10. GrillnBrew

    First Whole Fish on JoeTisserie

    Which basket is that? I have a flat basket but have been contemplating a tumbling basket, looks like yours is the best of both worlds.
  11. GrillnBrew

    First Whole Fish on JoeTisserie

    I contemplated spinning a whole fish, but I was afraid it would fall apart, but apparently you had no problem as yours looks great. Guess I'll have to see what the fishmonger brings up from the coast this week.
  12. GrillnBrew

    Replace the Dome on the Black Big Joe

    My dome cracked back in October, and I received the new one in December. It's still in the box in my garage as I have been waiting for the cracks to get worse before attempting to replace. I think that is happening now after a few high sears, so I think the time has come, plus I want to make pizza again. Dreading the replacement as no instructions were included and I was short changed on the mechanically inclined genes. Stay tuned as I may be begging for help soon!
  13. GrillnBrew

    Primo (Oval?) $500

    Hopefully this link works as it is a closed group, but I just saw this Primo for $500. Definitely looks used, and there are no pics of the inside so I'm not sure how the ceramic looks. Hopefully some of you Primo owners can comment on the shape of this and whether you think the price is reasonable. I have a KJ Classic, but you can't have too many Kamado's right? https://nextdoor.com/for_sale_and_free/752d39d2-6f05-4696-bdf0-9950a1dd3e93/
  14. GrillnBrew

    The Big Cook

    Congratulations John! Enjoy the day, your cook, and your new life.
  15. GrillnBrew

    A most interesting beer

    If I had to guess, I would say it probably has Citra hops in it, which will definitely provide a grapefruit essence. Being so cloudy, it appears to be a New England IPA, which typically use hops with a strong tropical fruit flavor and aroma. I know a lot of the breweries are bringing out IPA's that are less bitter, but more tropical, citrus and floral aromas. I was in Tucson last month, and had a Citrazona from Barrio Brewing Company which was pretty good. You may want to look for that one and see if the flavor profile is similar.