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  1. I went through the same process last year. I love my KJ classic and it has produced some of the best food I have ever had. I knew I wanted something larger, so I went through the same process as when I bought my KJ over 5 years ago. I looked at the Big Joe, XL BGE, Primo XL and the Komodo Kamado. Along with the KJ, I also have a Green Mountain pellet grill, Weber kettle, Weber Smokey Mountain, Weber gas grill, Akorn Jr. and a PK Go (I know, I have a problem). I read through every post in this forum about those grills as well as each products own forum. Like you, I kept going back to the KK and the fact that it is a grill built to last a lifetime. After speaking with Dennis several times, and others on this site and the KK site who have them, I pulled the trigger with a big lump in my stomach. To say I had immediate buyers remorse is an understatement, I could have bought a couple of BJ IIIs for that price. When the grill finally arrived, all the worrying and trepidation disappeared immediately when I saw the quality of the build. Now that I've had the grill almost a year, I know I made the right decision based on how well the food turns out on that thing along with the versatility. Three cooking levels (I have the 32BB), rotisserie capacity, grill capacity and again, the build quality. Like SmallBBQr said, it's not a smoker, but it produces enough smoke for me and my family. The biggest difference I've noticed is the moisture in the meat, chicken, pork butts, ribs and briskets are another level for me. And the charcoal basket splitter along with the three levels of grates/half grates, I can have several zones set up at once for cooking a whole meal. The only negative is the weight, it has to live on the patio under my deck, so quick meals are usually still grilled on the KJ which sits on the deck outside my kitchen. It is a big investment, and only you know whether it's worth it for you or not. When my KJ does finally crumble away, I will probably order the 19" KK.
  2. You can search PBW, the acronym. If you don't have a local homebrew store, places like MoreBeer, Northern Brewer etc. will have it, and it frequently goes on sale.
  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Eastern NC does use a lot of red pepper in their sauce, so I can see how some would find it too spicy. Burial is my favorite Asheville brewery, so that was a good find as it is a bit off the beaten path.
  4. Asheville has Buxton Hall, they do one whole hog a day, Eastern NC style, they post the hogs name and which farm it came from. Excellent but when the hog is gone, it's gone. Also Twelve Bones, try the blueberry chipotle ribs, and all of their sides are great, plus they brew their own beer now. Woodlands just south of Blowing Rock always had good barbecue, haven't been there in a several years now that a new route to the mountains is available to me. I remember they had excellent jalapeno cornbread. Enjoy your trip!
  5. I bought the single probe right before Christmas for about 20% off from the Meater site. If I had known about the two probe set I would have waited for that one.
  6. Ooni is having a Black Friday Sale with 20% off their pizza ovens (except newest model). I've been thinking of adding one to my arsenal for a while, and now with the sale along with some Williams Sonoma gift cards from last Christmas, it may be time pick one up. The choices are pellet, hardwood and gas fired grill, and I am leaning towards hardwood, but would like to hear from people who have experience with any of the three fuel types and their opinions.
  7. The FOGO I buy online, they usually have a sale around Labor Day and Black Friday. The Jealous Devil I picked up at Academy Sports.
  8. I may have to give that a try. I used to use FOGO black bag and KJ exclusively, but have been disappointed in the last few bags, off aromas, sparking, and probably a pound of charcoal dust in the last FOGO bag. I bought a bag each of B&B and Jealous Devil to try out hoping to find something similar to the KJ I used to get at Costco a few years ago. I had heard lots of good things about B&B, but my bag was mostly small chips and a couple long branches. I have to shake out my KA basket after loading it and probably a quarter of the pieces fall out. When I first light it, it smells almost like diesel fuel, and that doesn't dissipate until after I get a really hot fire going, and then it is still a bit noticeable. Haven't tried the Jealous Devil yet, it's pricier, but if I don't get any off aromas, it will be worth it.
  9. Thanks! I was looking at the one at Costco, but that sold out pretty quickly. I definitely want cedar and also the vented roof, I'll have to check that one out.
  10. Great setup! Where did you get the gazebo? I'm looking to do something similar to house my five grills.
  11. The 8% fluid is probably a salt solution, hard to avoid and there are fresh turkeys with no added solutions, but you will probably have better results wet brining if you had a bird with no added salt solutions. I have both wet and dry brined my turkeys, spatchcocked and rotisserie. All were good, but I have to say my favorite is fresh turkey, wet brined using Alton Brown's recipe, and then cooked on the rotisserie. I have a KJ classic, and usually look for a 16 lb bird, fits well on the rotisserie or spread out on the grates. There are usually three turkeys at the table (not including my FIL), one oven roasted, one either smoked or fried, and my grilled turkey, seems the grilled turkey always disappears first. No matter how you prepare it, chances are it will be one of the best you've ever cooked.
  12. Go to their website komodokamado.com and you can leave a message in the text bar at the bottom of one of the product pages. If he is there, he will immediately respond and will give you a call if you ask.
  13. The vacuum lowered the vapor pressure of the liquid which in turn lowers the boiling point. Your chemistry nerd moment of the day.
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