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  1. Go to their website komodokamado.com and you can leave a message in the text bar at the bottom of one of the product pages. If he is there, he will immediately respond and will give you a call if you ask.
  2. The vacuum lowered the vapor pressure of the liquid which in turn lowers the boiling point. Your chemistry nerd moment of the day.
  3. Saw this in an Alton Brown post, use code QQGRILL, good for ~2 weeks. Post said it was good on anything in your cart. Time for a PKGo!
  4. https://youtu.be/iNMb8PK6QaU Smokin' Dad had a youtube on the smoke flavor for a few charcoals, this might help.
  5. Welcome Jerry, good looking sandwiches there. Now you have to share your Bao recipe...
  6. I have shredded and vacuumed sealed with a bit of mop sauce (I'm in NC, so vinegar based) and it turns out well. What I do now, is break the butt into halves or thirds while it's hot (then you get to snitch some bark), and vacuum seal the larger portions. It seem to retain more moisture and smoke when I do it this, then just shred after it's reheated.
  7. I cook direct at 350-375 and use the extender rack to keep it from getting a char. Being up in the dome also helps cook and crisp the top of the chicken, so it cooks a bit quicker.
  8. I use this little metal table I picked up at Target for about $25, might be low enough for the dog to try to sniff, but they will only try that once.
  9. I too started with the 18" KJ classic, it was a good size for most cooks, but get a large group together and and you realize the limitations. I also have an Akorn Jr. which I bought on clearance for $50 at Wal-Mart, great for tailgating and has become my hot dog and brat grill. In the last couple of years I have had family move close by, so I decided it was time to upgrade to something bigger, and after researching for almost a year, I decided on a 32" Komodo Kamado. So the answer for me is it's not a one size fits all scenario, like Mike said, it all depends on your situation.
  10. Yes, you will need to flip the head when you get it to use the smaller groove, it fits the KJ grates perfectly
  11. Always used a Weber wire brush until I got a bristle stuck in my mouth behind my teeth. Switched to the wooden scraper, works pretty well, but just this year switched to the grill floss. I like the way it cleans the top and bottom of the grate, makes it easier to do the deep clean with PBW later.
  12. I bought these Weber charcoal baskets for use with the Joetisserie on my KJ classic 1. I found they also work well for smaller fires for quicker cooks.
  13. For Mother's Day, I cooked four racks of baby back ribs and a pot of baked beans at one time, and I have the Classic I. Also use it for cooking protein and veggies at the same time, reverse sear, and for pizza. With the exception of hamburgers and hot dogs, I pretty much use it for everything.
  14. Grill Floss, I heard about it on here and on other grilling sites, bought one and I'm not going back to brushes. https://www.grillfloss.com/
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