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  1. BBQ place in my college roommate's home town stuffed smoked pork and collards in a hush puppy and called it "pig in a puppy", good memories. Local brewpub used to serve pork and collard green egg rolls, dipped those in vinegar based sauce and they were really good. You are in good company with your creativity.
  2. Just received an email from Fogo, all of their charcoal is 15% off with the code SPRINGSALE19. I'm typically a KJ Big Block person as I have access to several roadshows each year, but I bought some Fogo last September when they had it on sale, and I am definitely impressed. I bought the black bag, might try something different this time.
  3. Looks great, but your glass of Irish stout looks a wee bit too light.
  4. I second the Peugeot, had one for a while and the adjustment band cracked, took it back and they gave me a brand new on. Sign up for the Williams and Sonoma emails and you will eventually get a 20% off one item coupon.
  5. Looks great! What did you rim your beer glass with?
  6. See if they can incorporate that design onto a Komodo Kamado and get that for your wife. Happy Anniversary!
  7. I am considering ordering this one with "grates" on one side. It's 11.5x15 and looks reasonable thick. For $87, it costs just a bit more than the KJ on Amazon. http://www.theseasonedgourmet.com/product/name/soapstone-griddle/id/916269
  8. How many pounds of butter did it take to make that amount? Is that two half pint jars?
  9. I just replaced my original one piece firebox last weekend after cooking with it cracked for a year. The old one is in at least 5 pieces now, so you may as well save yourself some time and keep using the firebox that is designed to be in five pieces.
  10. For brewing equipment the recommended strength is 1oz per 5-gallons. Of course my brewing equipment never looked anything like my grill grates (thankfully), so Bosco is probably pretty close with his 2X solution.
  11. If you have a homebrew shop nearby, you can buy smaller amounts. If they do not carry PBW, ask them what they recommend for cleaning (not sanitizing) stainless steel brewing equipment.
  12. Before I got my Joetisserie, beer can chicken was about as close to rotisserie as I could get. I did read about a grill accessory called the Vortex in another thread where @KismetKamadoused one to make crispy wings. While researching the Vortex, I saw where some folks claimed that it could be used to make rotisserie-like chicken without the rotisserie. Not sure how accurate that is, but it's not expensive and may be worth giving it a shot.
  13. Thanks for the links, looks like Owens may throw in some free wing rub, always a bonus. I'll have to leave a not so subtle hint with the wife, I'm not allowed to buy myself toys between October and Christmas.
  14. I stopped by Costco at lunch today and saw they were having a Traeger roadshow. I kicked the tires and listened to the spiel, and am quite intrigued by the Century 34 model. The Costco deal includes the 24 pound hopper found on the Timberline model, bag of pellets, the upgraded temp control/probe, a small warming rack, a cast iron searing grate, a lower shelf and a kevlar cover. It's going for $899. I know a few of the Gurus have the higher end models, just curious if anyone has any experience with the Century 34.
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