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  1. GrillnBrew

    First Whole Fish on JoeTisserie

    Which basket is that? I have a flat basket but have been contemplating a tumbling basket, looks like yours is the best of both worlds.
  2. GrillnBrew

    First Whole Fish on JoeTisserie

    I contemplated spinning a whole fish, but I was afraid it would fall apart, but apparently you had no problem as yours looks great. Guess I'll have to see what the fishmonger brings up from the coast this week.
  3. GrillnBrew

    Replace the Dome on the Black Big Joe

    My dome cracked back in October, and I received the new one in December. It's still in the box in my garage as I have been waiting for the cracks to get worse before attempting to replace. I think that is happening now after a few high sears, so I think the time has come, plus I want to make pizza again. Dreading the replacement as no instructions were included and I was short changed on the mechanically inclined genes. Stay tuned as I may be begging for help soon!
  4. GrillnBrew

    Primo (Oval?) $500

    Hopefully this link works as it is a closed group, but I just saw this Primo for $500. Definitely looks used, and there are no pics of the inside so I'm not sure how the ceramic looks. Hopefully some of you Primo owners can comment on the shape of this and whether you think the price is reasonable. I have a KJ Classic, but you can't have too many Kamado's right? https://nextdoor.com/for_sale_and_free/752d39d2-6f05-4696-bdf0-9950a1dd3e93/
  5. GrillnBrew

    The Big Cook

    Congratulations John! Enjoy the day, your cook, and your new life.
  6. GrillnBrew

    A most interesting beer

    If I had to guess, I would say it probably has Citra hops in it, which will definitely provide a grapefruit essence. Being so cloudy, it appears to be a New England IPA, which typically use hops with a strong tropical fruit flavor and aroma. I know a lot of the breweries are bringing out IPA's that are less bitter, but more tropical, citrus and floral aromas. I was in Tucson last month, and had a Citrazona from Barrio Brewing Company which was pretty good. You may want to look for that one and see if the flavor profile is similar.
  7. I ordered four racks when SRF had their Super Bowl "pick six" special, buy three items, get three items free (3rd item was a brisket). I was planning on doing the same thing, comparing with a rack of Smithfield ribs I have in the freezer. Looks like you beat me to it, hopefully I do mine justice and they turn out as well as yours.
  8. Looking to add a pellet to my grill fetish and have been checking out the Traegers, I was looking at a bigger one, but this one may be more in Santa's price range. https://www.costco.com/.product.100285860.html?EMID=B2C_2017_1208_12_Day_Deals_Day9&_sm_au_=iVV4sjQHrQMfq4TN
  9. GrillnBrew

    SRF cowboy steak

    I bought two of their rib-eye caps last year about this time (they had a great BF sale, keep an eye out for it) and cooked them for birthday dinner and anniversary dinner. Didn't even need a knife to cut them, awesome steaks. I also bought some bone in pork chops this year, did them sous vide followed by a quick sear. The pork quality difference was not as apparent as the steak quality, but they were still really good. After seeing your picture, I am definitely going to go for the cowboy steaks this year!
  10. GrillnBrew

    Thinking About Adding a Pellet Grill thoughts?

    I was in Costco at lunch today, and saw they are having their Traeger roadshow. I didn't stop to investigate, but saw they had about 4 different ones. May have to go back and investigate further. I cant imagine it being that much better than my KJ at smoking, but then again I never figured my Joe would be that much better than my gassers.
  11. GrillnBrew

    spare ribs, salt

    They both have four legs and taste good, besides, I'm a chemist not a biologist!
  12. GrillnBrew

    spare ribs, salt

    I did an overnight dry brine on my beef ribs last weekend, then seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning before smoking. I had no issue with saltiness, and I typically use very little salt on my food.
  13. GrillnBrew

    Look What Followed Me Home!

    I must be doing something right if she's put up with me for 25+ years!
  14. GrillnBrew

    Big Joe Ash Screen for 2014 models?

    I have never had a spark make it through the spark screen/ash pan in over a year. However, I have had sparks fly out of the bowl when the lid is open and I'm doing a high heat cook, but I have never had a live ash land on my deck. I do not leave it unattended if the lid is open and I do have a small fire extinguisher nearby.
  15. I cooked a salmon fillet on the JT and I ended up overcooking it trying to get a nice color at the finish. Now it's back to the grates.