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  1. Mine shipped today (and a pork belly for free shipping). John, it looks like you left the entire fat cap intact, is there a reason other than personal taste? Looks great!
  2. Bought one for the wife for Mother's Day, also bought the screen cover to prevent floating embers, and the stand. Once the monsoons stop for a while, we can give it a try.
  3. That's what my wife said, I told her it wasn't even two feet wide, then pulled the trigger while she was thinking of her next point to make.
  4. Been looking at these for awhile, could not ignore the $100 price drop. This one includes legs, hood, and hose adapter for bulk tanks. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Blackstone-Adventure-Ready-22-Griddle-with-Hood-Legs-and-Bulk-Adapter-Hose/179647360
  5. My KJ will be celebrating its 4th birthday next month, and I would like to get it a new gasket. I've noticed that I have to play with the vents a little more to maintain temps and have been burning more lump, not to mention seeing smoke seep out between base and dome. When the new gasket came out (fiber mesh), there was a lot of interest in upgrading the felt gasket and a few threads discussing installing that gasket. As I have an older Joe with no latch or air hinge, is the felt gasket still the best choice or have those that have upgraded to the mesh gasket? Is there another non-KJ gasket I should consider? I do use my Joetisserie quite a bit, so the gasket on the base gets a bit more abuse than the lid.
  6. I have Weber Smokey Mt., Performer and a gasser. Four years ago a Kamado Joe followed me home from Costco one day and my wife told me I have a "grill problem". This past New Years day when I pulled a prime rib off that had been spinning on the Joetisserie, she said "I think that is the best purchase you have ever made". Doesn't say much for buying skills, but it does speak volumes about the grill.
  7. Just matched your donation John, finally a Guru challenge in which I feel I can compete!
  8. Received an email saying FOGO has their Marabu charcoal for 20% off ($36.73) while supplies last. No code needed, price comes up on the website and it qualifies for free shipping. Guess it's time to give it a try.
  9. Look up rhubarb crisp, my mom would make those quite a bit and they too were delicious.
  10. My favorite pie, it looks great! Where did you get your rhubarb? It was everywhere when I lived in Michigan, but I have trouble finding fresh rhubarb in the toasty south.
  11. In lieu of a drip pan, I usually place a pot of beans beneath my ribs and pork butts. Why waste all those tasty drippings?
  12. BBQ place in my college roommate's home town stuffed smoked pork and collards in a hush puppy and called it "pig in a puppy", good memories. Local brewpub used to serve pork and collard green egg rolls, dipped those in vinegar based sauce and they were really good. You are in good company with your creativity.
  13. Just received an email from Fogo, all of their charcoal is 15% off with the code SPRINGSALE19. I'm typically a KJ Big Block person as I have access to several roadshows each year, but I bought some Fogo last September when they had it on sale, and I am definitely impressed. I bought the black bag, might try something different this time.
  14. Looks great, but your glass of Irish stout looks a wee bit too light.
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