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  1. Do you need ceramic ? does it cook better ? things being equal, no I started with a used Akorn for a couple of years that I paid not much money for , it’s getting a little old and tired but I still use it quite often bought a classic 1 a couple of years ago when there was a bargain sale Kj is easier to hold a stable temp but that’s about it for me Kj uses a lot more charcoal than the Akorn , all that ceramic sucks up a lot of heat which obviously helps with temp stability esp with long cooks I prefer the Akorn for hot a
  2. I use a chicken stand like beer can but it’s wide open , smoke gets straight up the inside cook at 4-425 and it’s about 60-75 mins for a 4 pound bird great crispy skin and Smokey flavour all in 1
  3. Maybe once or twice per bag of charcoal you don’t really get a lot of ash and it’s capacity is quite large
  4. I no longer buy breasts for any cooking whatsoever just find them too bland and tasteless , a by product of mass produced chickens today thighs are great as they have great flavour and are far more flexible for cooking and much harder to end up with a dry piece of chicken than with breasts
  5. As usual dealing with the lowest denominator
  6. The big problem I find with chicken is without god heat you don’t get good rendering of the fat and the texture isn’t right
  7. Prob due to the monopoly of having only 1 chain selling them
  8. All depends on where you live afaik most of the USA is beef country New Zealand and Australia does a lot of lamb depending on what cuts you are buying depends on what it costs and some cuts individually are way too expensive and some cuts can still be double the equivalent beef or pork cut , example buying lamb loin chops can be about 5 times per kg what I buy a whole lamb for we buy a half or whole lamb in spring and into the desert at a very good price from the local butcher ,I think he buys a truck full as he will post on Facebook early and
  9. The only temps that are of any concern to me are the temps at what you are cooking I enjoy cooking from recipies and will follow the recipie the first time and will then adjust to suit me for further cooks
  10. High heat for crisp allow a couple of hours for the chicken to come up to room temp before cooking ,this will decrease the cooking time and also stop the outside over cooking and drying out before the centre has come up to a safely cooked temp
  11. I don’t need have much luck with getting the probe in the right spot of the chicken like you would with beef or pork find now I work on temp of the cooker and colour and the clock and a final check with an instant probe My preference now is I use an open chicken stand up the butt , it gets the smoke and heat into the chicken and cooks quick as cooking inside and out and also added bonus the tray catching all, the chicken fat which you could make a gravy or use it later for best roast potato’s 350-400 degrees about an hour is the ballpark I find , the colo
  12. Always reuse charcoal I usually clean out the old charcoal after a cook I have a garden sifter that has approx 1/4 inch holes , shake all the charcoal out and gets rid of all the ash some new charcoal in the firebox and add in a bunch of the used I have a bucket of old used charcoal , I reuse the much smaller bits in my Weber go anywhere as well , not much charcoal gos to waste and for whee I am charcoal isn’t cheap so make the most of it
  13. There’s only 2 things that I have found on the Akorn that rust The grill , use spray cooking oil if it’s dry or after high temp all the boots on the outside , if i was to buy a new Akorn again I would get replacement bolts at the beginning prob some nice stainless button heads
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