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  1. The cast iron top is $49.95 with free shipping. You have to call them to order.
  2. I have had my Vision Classic-b for about 9 months. I use it 2-3x a week. I just got an email from Vision customer service that the cast iron vents are back in stock. Is this a worthwhile upgrade? I'm also looking at a kick ash basket but can only afford one at the moment.
  3. Does anyone prepare a weeks worth of meals in one cook? I love cooking, but I just don't have time everyday. I'd like to get a good smoke going on the weekend and make our meals for the week. What are the best prepare and reheat options? What is the best way to reheat? Is this even a good idea?
  4. My wife picked up some back ribs on sale at Same. I dry rubbed all of them, used the 2-2-1 method, and sauced 1/2. My wife is not a sauce fan. The corn was a last minute addition. My wife came home from the store as I was taking the ribs out if the foil. I improvised and pulled the husks back, removed the silks, microwaved for 3 minutes, and them put the on the smoker.
  5. My wife is a big fan of making flatbreads with naan as the crust. I decided to try these on the Vision today. I got the temp steady at 550 and slid 3 of them on my preheated stone. They didn't quite fit so one edge of each was not of the stone. I cooked for 8 minutes. The results were ok. The edges that hung off the stone were burnt. The other crust didn't seem to be done enough for my taste. Next time, I'll make sure they all fit and leave them on for 9-10 minutes. The cheeseless looking pizza belongs to my wife. She can't have cow's milk so she uses goat cheese. A little of that has a ton of flavor.
  6. Pizza, ribs, and steak tips. I'll probably make a brisket for later in the week too.
  7. The bain of my existence, from a cooking standpoint, have been ribs. I have never successful cooked them. Crockpot, grill, oven...didn't matter. I had failed so many times, that I waited until I was only cooking for myself. Tonight, that changed. I kept it simple. I used a rub that I had sealed in a mason jar from my last failed attempt. I bought spare ribs on sale. After removing the silver skin and applying the rub, I let them rest in the fridge for 4 hours. A slow 3.5 hours at 225-250 and they were fantastic. No sauce was needed. I can wait to make these for my family.
  8. I bought the GrillMark pizza set from Ace a few weeks back. Thanks to Mewantkj for posting the 25% off coupon. I got a nice steady temp of 475. I place my diffuser on the bottom rack and the pizza stone on the top rack. I used pre-made dough from a can, sauce from a jar, mozzarella, and toppings left over from our anniversary party on Saturday: summer sausage, smoked pork loin, onion, and rib meat. My first mistake was making the pizza in wax paper. The dough would not come off. I had to fold it in half like a calzone, peel it off, and unfold on the parchment paper. I placed the pizza and the paper on the stone. After 4 minutes, I removed the paper. I checked after 4 minutes and the edges were starting to burn. Thus was because the wax paper process caused the dough to spread out beyond the edge of the stone. I left it on for another minute because the interior bottom wasn't crispy enough. The end result was a really good pizza. Other than the slightly burnt edge bottoms, the rest was crispy, not burnt.
  9. If this were shop class, I'd give my project a C. A few issues. First, I should have used rebar in the cooler top. The 2 inch concrete strips broke when we moved it to the frame. The mesh was too thin in those areas. Second, the Vision made the table front heavy. I accounted for this and know it won't tip, but my buddy was concerned that a kid may inadvertently try to hang on the handle and that may be an issue. The resolution for that is that I ran a metal support cable around the front and anchored it to the 4x4 posts. It will have to do for the next few weeks. We are hosting a party on Saturday and need the space. I would be lying if I said I'm not a little disappointed. My wife said that since we still have the forms and now know we don't need a lot of concrete that we should splurge and buy the actual countertop mix. I'll post an update when countertop #2 is ready.
  10. The frames are complete. I set the cooler in to make sure my supports were OK. I decided not to build the supports permanently into the frame in case the cooler gives out and the next one isn't the same size. We're planning on taking the concrete out the the forms on Thursday. I forgot the mention that we're hosting a party on Saturday night so everything has to stay on schedule now. BTW, My wife said she thought it would be bigger. Silly me, I tried to make everything fit in a space that I felt wouldn't take over the deck.
  11. The project has started. I set a budget of $150 and I'm close. As of now, I'm at $165. If I have enough stain left over from last years Pergola project, I won't need anything else. Today, my son and I got the concrete pored into the forms, all of the wood cut, and the largest frame assembled. My goal is to have the other frame assembled tomorrow night. I overestimated the amount of concrete I needed by 300%. It only took 3 bags.
  12. Good point. The house is brick and there is a 9 inch gap between it and the house. I didn't anticipapate any issues because the house is brick. The closest vinyl window is more than 6 ft away. Do you think this is a safety issue?
  13. I've finished the plans for a grilling station for my Vision Classic B, my Weber Genesis Silver B, a built in cooler, and some much needed prep space. My deck was poorly designed and the space use very inefficient. Since I don't have the budget for a new deck, I'm making the best of it. My set-up will have three "stations". The Weber Grill. Stand alone. The Vision. Set into a concrete/wood table with prep area and storage The outdoor cooler. Set into a concrete/wood table with prep or serving area and storage My plans are below. I'll update with photos as it progresses.
  14. Hey Sam. I'm a new member of this site and I live in Peoria (Center Bluff) It looks like we have the same grill.
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