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  1. Definitely stab the spikes into the chicken or whatever you are cooking and make sure the tightening screw is on the flat of the the rod. I did the sharpie hack mentioned above and then ended up scribing the rod because the sharpie marks kept getting washed off. Can't tell if you did this or not from the pictures but something I learned here on the site was to tie the legs together as well as the wings with some butcher's twine so they don't flop around and get too close to the fire. Enjoy your spinning!
  2. Thanks for the review! The gas insert came out a couple months after I bought a gasser to appease my wife because she didn't want to have to light charcoal when I wasn't home. Wish I would have waited... glad to hear the insert works well. One day I will get me one.
  3. Did you contact Vision customer service? my original gasket smoked and they sent me another one. It's not that big of a deal to strip and clean the surface for a new gasket. Second gasket smoked as well and they promptly sent me a nomex gasket. No problems with the nomex.
  4. Yum! Smashers are my favorite... They look awesome
  5. just the 3 of us... me, myself and I. Now I don't have to worry about cooking my lunches/dinners for the next few days. The rest I will bag and freeze for when the urge hits and I don't have time to smoke.
  6. That's a slab... Hope it turns out great. You will have a lot of eats ahead of you. Keep us posted on how it turns out.
  7. Great set up! two of my favorites; ribs and smash burgers.
  8. I have contacted CS a couple of times via email and gotten responses within 48 hours. I have been very pleased with Vision's customer support.
  9. I have had the same issue with turning my gloves inside out. I have found that if I grab the end of each finger as I take the gloves off, they don't follow my fingers out and turn inside out. Stitching is a great idea that I might try if my work around doesn't continue to work for me.
  10. Haven't smoked anything in several weeks so with mamma going out of town I decided to get cozy with my grill again. I thawed out a Butt that I had picked up when they were on sale for $0.99/lb. Got a wild hair idea to smoke a small brisket under it to let the pork fat keep the brisket moist. Also got a wild hair to make up a rub with coffee in it. Turned out great so I figured I would share. Brisket rub: 1 part ground black pepper 1 part onion powder 1 part garlic salt 2 parts espresso ground coffee Covered it well... (file to large to add ???) Placed the pork
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