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  1. Saw this on their facebook feed. New all black side tables and handle and new lower vent design.
  2. The accessories from the Superdome do fit See post below http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/29914-half-moon-top-rack/
  3. I have one and it works great. You can also pick up a spider and two half moon stones which give better configuration options.
  4. Hey Guys, Wanted to share this with my fellow PB owners. One of my biggest complaints from this grill has been that I can't use the top rack if I just want to put something on the top to warm up or to put it on indirect heat. I mean I guess you can, but you either have to hold on to the part that folds else else it would lay against whatever you there. Anyway I found it pretty annoying and I considered just removing the half of the top rack, but then it would suck not to have the option of a top full rack. Anyway I picked up a half moon rack from Amazon meant for the SuperDome. I must have picked it up during a pricing error because I only paid 13 bucks for it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004JF60OM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I used it on my PB last night and it first, I just had to slightly bend the two brackets on the side. I cooked some burgers, but this would be perfect for steaks or vegetables. I also finished with some kamado S'mores At the new price I may have not picked it up, but at the 13 I paid for I could not let that pass.
  5. do you know what the inner diameter of the K22 is? I have a k24, but wouldn't mind getting the K24 specially if I can use accessories that fit on the KJ like the Joetisserie.
  6. Both look good but those chops looks delicious!
  7. got my spider yesterday and immediately had to use it.
  8. The inside of your PB looks very clean. Time to get some smoke going
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. I just placed an order with cgs for the spider, wok, half moon deflector and drip tray. I'm exited to try the wok. Since my wife is half Thai she wants to try some noodle dishes that requires a really hot wok. Our stove just does not have the heat needed but the PB should do the trick. I'll keep you guys posted.
  10. After owning this thing for about 3 months I wanted to share my experience with the board. I have always liked to grill, but never have owned any nice grills worth mentioning. When we moved to a new house I wanted a nice grill that I could do lots of tasty things on it. I almost bought a 3 in 1 from Sam's which had a charcoal side, a gas side, and a burner. I have always preferred the taste of any meat done over coals than gas, but wanted gas for convenience. As I walked at Costco one day I saw this nice round weird looking thing that just grabbed my eye. I didn't pay much attention but noticed it a part from their other grills. A few weeks as I watched the food network with the wife I saw an episode where Bobby Flay was using a BGE to smoke a brisket. After that I started doing more research and these style grills and I found this forum. I must say this has been a life changing experience for me. I went from doing mediocre grills to full on smokes and actually get great flavor out of the meats. Now I enjoy using the PB almost every weekend and sometimes during the week. I have done things from low and slow to nice steaks at high heat. Some a little too done while I learned the temperature control, but still great flavor and juicy even when over cooked a bit. I for the PB after extensive research and almost going to the Vision S from Home Depot I decided to go with the PB from Costco. My top reasons for this decision were: #1 Costco's Warranty: I figured if I didn't like I could return it at any time. #2 Cooking Space: I like to host a lot and figure with more room I could feed more people at time time. #3 Lower Vent: I preferred the standard lower vent from the PB than the one from the Vision. Specially after reading a lot of the subject with the leaks on the Vision I figured if I had leaks on this would be easier to modify the vent than the whole tray. Assembling the Grill: This was super easy, but I also consider my self pretty handy. I work on my own cars, house, and other things so putting this thing together was like putting some Ikea furniture together. I took all the parts glanced at the instructions to figure out where to start and put it together in about 30 minutes. I did had to use a second pair of hands to move the bowl to the frame. Also took 3 people to load this thing into my SUV. This thing is heavy! Using the grill: I followed the instructions to cure the grill, but use a lot of what I had learned from this forum to keep a low temperature. On my first burn I managed to keep the thing at around 300F for about 6 hours to cure it. I was pretty shocked of how easy was to maintain the temperature by just adjusting the vents. On my second day I had the family over to make some burgers since those were my specialty on other grills. This is where I miscalculated the heat intensity of a kamado, and lets just say my first few burger patties were cooked to a nice crispy level :D ( I had to throw those away) I then timed it a bit better and the second batch came out great, but nothing to brag about. The first real test was some chicken tights the wife had bought. I normally don't like brown meat, but with some cilantro, lime and other things I became obsessed with the flavor and smokiness of the meat. These things were so juicy even after reheating them the next day the flavor was still there. Next on my list was something with more technique. So I decided to try Bobby Flay's original recipe that got me into the kamado to begin with. Got a nice 8lbs brisket and ribs from Costco and smoked it for 9 hours at around 230-240. I paired this with some potatoes my sister brought, and creamed corn for a traditional Texas style BBQ My first brisket was very tasty, but next time I will trip some of the fat. I have also done Pizzas which I must say I have yet to mastered. I have no problem getting them nice on done on the grill, but I can't find a good way to make a decent shape pizza that makes it on the stone with all its toppings on top. This weekend I smoked a pork shoulder and I think I now have the temperature control to a since. I started at 220-230 for the first 7 hours, but since I had people coming over and the internal temperature was at 170 I decided to get the heat up a bit so got it at 260-270 for the next 2 hours and pulled it at 190. I then let it rest for 30 minutes and it was so tender and juicy. Made some tacos with it. I have also made some barbacoa tacos with grilled corn on the cob. Now don't get me wrong I love the PB and I think for the price its by far the best value money can buy. However If I had to do it all over again I would probably buy a big joe. Not that I don't love the PB, but I find the accessories on the KJ very appealing. My only complaint about the PB is the cooking grate. I with I would have the option for a full lower grate and top half moon. This is the reason I would prefer the Big Joe. Perhaps my second kamado will be a big Joe or classic and will have a dual Kamado setup. I must also mentioned that I have not replace or modified my PB in any way and I think its great as is. I can control with no issues, but yes the stock thermometer needs to be replaced soon. I wish PB would put one that could be calibrated. In case you wondering about the picture these are taken from my wife's blog. She started a blog and I have been helping her by contributing amazing things done on the PB. www.thaicaliente.com Anyway sorry about the long read. I hoping my experience with the PB helps others pull the trigger on these amazing cooking devices.
  11. Sorry to hear. Unfortunately with anything there are always those lemons. Good thing is that Costco will refund you if you don't want it.
  12. welcome to the PB family. I would not worry too much about the crack on your firebowl unless its to the point that it won't stay put. I number of us have this same crack and Danson the parent company of PB has told everyone that is normal and will only replace it if it affects the functionality. For the money this is a very solid grill with small flaws than as you have done can be addressed.
  13. Hi Dny. Just as an aside, how did you light the fire, what fuel, and how mich did you use to get the temp stable to 225. I'm still new to the Pit Boss and experimenting, but finding it tough to get the temp that low, despite looking at tons of videos! Have you added any gasket to seal up the dampers? If not, see the review thread. It is a lot easier to keep the temp low than it is to cool it off once it gets too hot. Use whatever method you want to light a small amount of the charcoal, and be ready to start shutting the vents down but time the temp hits 175 or so. To run at 225, my top vent is a bit under 1, and the bottom vent is barely open. Maybe 1/8" to 1/4". I use these fire starters http://www.amazon.com/Rutland-Safe-Starter-Squares-144-Square/dp/B00138MO16/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462809536&sr=8-1&keywords=safelite+fire+starter+squares I use two of them one near each end of the firebowl, and then put some lumps on top of them. For this smoke I light them up, and just open the top and lower vents all the way for about 20-30 minutes at which points the temp was at around 180. I then put some wood chips and a few wood chucks so by opening the lid the fire started going a bit stronger. After closing it I also closed both vents to the number 1 and let the temp settle for a few minutes before putting on my meats. At around 200-220 I place the mean and close the vents leaving only a very small opening both at the top and bottom. The temperature settle nicely at around 220-230 on reaching 250 a few times while I had to mess with the meat for a long period of time. I dont have the lower vend mod, but I have noticed that the wind direction plays a huge role on controlling temperatures. On a windy day I opened the lower vent all the way up and allowing the wind to heat up my the grill to about 500-550 for some pizza.
  14. just following up. Crack still there and has not expanded. I did contact Pit-Boss and got the typical answer about being normal blah blah blah. The fire bowl still solid and even with the crack is does not affect functionality. I have moved the fire bowl a bit to adjust it it and it remains in one piece. I still love this grill and still use it 2-3 times per week. Just smoked some brisket and ribs for mother's day. It was very easy to keep and maintain the temperature at 225 for 8.5 hours.
  15. I'ave had it for about 3 weeks now and have done about 7 cooks on it. All have been relatively high heat anywhere from 350-500F since I have not smoked anything yet. Think part of the problem is the design of the fire bowl which in some kamados is a split design (I think). On this one is all a solid piece with spacing for heat expansion at the top, but not the bottom. Looking at the crack this morning looks like it cracked right up to where the space for expansion is at the top. Going to contact pit-boss today and see what they say. I'm not super concerned about it since it still feels solid and does not seem to move, but hope it does not continue cracking.
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