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  1. Hi got one of these myself in the UK but I cannot get any accessories here. I was looking at the divide and conquer but that has been kiboshed with what you have found regarding that. i was wondering what else could fit as a deflector, maybe XL BGE? Thanks for sharing your pictures and thoughts. There was not a lot of information out there but it seems a few people on here are starting to purchase a few of these grills now so hopefully there should be a lot more information available soon.
  2. Thanks for that Jesse, much appreciated. I am getting one delivered this week, first time with this type of BBQ so we will see how I get on.
  3. Thanks for that BSA I think I am going to get this even without seeing it in the flesh first (140 mile round trip to nearest store). The return policy at Costco's means I can return it if I am not happy with the quality anyway so not a lot to lose really.
  4. Thanks again Jesse for answering but one more question the add in the UK and US states 24" did you measure it at 22"?
  5. Jesse, So after assembling one of these you believe they are good enough quality and for the price well worth taking a punt?
  6. Hello Jesse no I haven't seen these in the flesh I was hoping other people who had could help me decide if they were a good enough deal for me to seek one out and look. The nearest store to me is over 70 miles away, which is a long round trip if the quality does not warrant that.
  7. Hello is there anymore information on these grills? i am from the UK and I am interested in these given the size and price of these units. In the UK you are looking at over 50% less than the Big Joe, so the savings are not to be sniffed at, if the quality is only slightly down that is a huge saving.
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