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  1. I am going to go search for some info on this question, but what is the most effective way to replenish the smoke fuel while using the Pit Boss or other Kamado? There has to be some ideas out there that do not require removing everything to get to the bottom each time.
  2. I've been using my Pit Boss for more than a month, several times a week and haven't run into any issues with loose hardware.
  3. Sorry all, just realized I posted this in the wrong area. Maybe John can move it.
  4. My question is, Is there an optimum distance the heat deflector should be from the top of the fuel or from the bottom of the cooking great? I am a new Kamado owner and my grill did not come with a heat deflector. I have the 24" Pit Boss from Costco. Pit Boss sells a deflector but I would have to order it online and their version looks like it drops from the top of the firebox a few inches towards the coals. Other deflectors look like they sit on top of the firebox, which would make them closer to the grate. The style that I need has a 3 tab design. Vision makes one for the Kamado B series 18” If anyone has this deflector could you provide some dimensions for me? Width of the Tabs, diameter from center of tab to the opposite side of the plate? Thanks Gurus!
  5. Not sure if this was remedied or not, but I had the same problem last night creating my first posts. I'm on a Mac and had exactly the same problems as this PC user. What fixed it for me was not adding key words to the post. Once I removed that the post seemed to go through OK. I haven't tried starting a new discussion since then but will try both ways as an experiment next time. Hope this helps or disregard if this mystery has been solved and get back to grilling...
  6. Hi all, greetings from NW Ohio! I am surprised after researching Kamados for two weeks I just came across this forum today. What a gem!! I had been trying to decide between the pellet pusher and the ceramic pot. Decided to jump in with the Pit Boss Kamado from Costco. The price was right and my $100 point voucher really helped out too. Anyway I love grilling over coal for family and friends. I’m the father of two great kids who love dad’s cooking. Also there’s plenty of Cub Scouts and Soccer players to feed three seasons out of the year as well. Looking forward to learning some tips, tricks, recipes, and posting pics of the final product. Going to be another great Summer!!
  7. Hi new to the forum. I was looking for info on the Pit Boss from Costco and finally found it here. Thanks!! Just put it together today. Looking forward to posting some updates for other Pit Boss Grillers.
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