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  1. Welcome from Michigan land as well.
  2. Sorry i been absent kinda had a bad end of the year I lost my best friend in august and it truly broke my heart and I kinda gave up on life and didn't care about nothing R.I.P hannah. All is well now and my heart is becoming whole again I got 2 new best friends 2 English bulldogs and I'm getting back to what I love BBQING yesterday was the first time I smoked anything in quit some time so it was a cheap junk of meat no after pictures as it all got devoured before I thought about it. Anywho I hope you all had a great Xmas and wishing you a happy new year be safe and smoke on.
  3. I worked a a gas company and filled propane tanks and there is no reason not to put the whole 5 gallons of propane in a 20 pound tank other then companies trying to make a extra buck.


    110# piggy and about 20 lbs left it was so much fun just to hang out with friends and family. Hopping next year a few of you guru's can make it you won't be disappointed.


    No it dose not just good old fun.


    I should of posted a invite here I was just busy as a dog and forgot no excuse sorry. Next year you are all invited. 110 pounds.


    Had my 2nd NIZZLEQ and it was a great time.
  8. Prayers sent brother stay strong you twos love can fight this
  9. 90% of the time I don't use any type of thermometer
  10. I feel it's built good enough and will last quite some time I would definitely get the one with the table .lots of work/prepping room.
  11. I do this all the time no need to smoke a 20 pound butt at once. Even though I might now more left overs for pizza tacos the list goes on.
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