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  1. My basket can't go any higher. The DC rack basically sits right on it. What do you have in that cast iron pot cooking?
  2. I purchased a 22 1/2 inch weber replacement steel grate for 12 bucks. This is the one that goes in the bottom of a weber grill and the charcoal goes on top of. I cut out a 8 1/2 inch square for the size of the bottom I wanted. I then laid this on top of the grate and cut the bars that I would need loose so I could fold it up. I folded in the sides opposite of each other first. Then turned it and folded the other two sides up and had them overlap to hold it self together. This would have been enough but because I can I welded it up in a couple of places to hold it tight. Then I ground off the sharp edges.
  3. I just could not spend the 60 bucks that they wanted for one of these baskets. So I made my own. I used it this weekend and it worked out great or should I say Grate.
  4. Dude well done! Nothing better than doing it yourself.
  5. I did you the stand that came with the Vision. This photo was taken to when I was test fitting it in the table. When I had the Akorn in the table it just sat in there nice and tight.
  6. I liked my Akorn until it rusted out. I always emptied out the ash pan and had a cover on it once it was cooled off and it still rusted out. So instead of spending another 300 bucks I went with the Vision Classic for 600.
  7. Thanks, Its amazing the things that you can get done while the wife is out of town for a week with her friends.
  8. I had seen some tables built on other sites and now that I am on this site and enjoying it I wanted to share what I built for my Akorn and now use for my new Vision.
  9. I guess it says Vision because that is what I am leaning toward and has been in my price point.
  10. Hi, I am looking at moving on from my rusted out under 3 year old always covered Char Griller Acorn and moving on to a ceramic Kamado. I want to try and keep my total budget around 1000 bucks for every thing that I need.
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