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  1. I grilled a 9 lb beef tenderloin yesterday using Kamado Joe's Big Block. They weren't kidding when they named it big block... It's mostly softball size pieces. Started fast, burn nice with plenty of smoke that wasn't over poweering.
  2. How did you mount the Party Q? The adapter for the Pit Boss seems really sloppy on mine. I haven't had time to play with it, and didn't want to break the seal by removing the screws.
  3. I grilled 2 whole chickens on my new LG K24 this past weekend with pretty good results. On my old Akorn, I'd run it up to about 350* and cook indirect for about 2.5 hours. The birds would come out with nice, crispy skin, and moist and juicy meat. On the K24, I had a nice fire with a base of lump charcoal, and 5-6 pieces of apple wood chunks. I had the deflector legs up, with the grid temp at 330* and the dome about 345*. At a little over 2 hours, I opened the lid to probe the birds. Much to my surprise, the breast was pushing 190* and the dark meat about 185*. The skin got nice and dark, but wasn't crisp, kinda rubbery. The meat was cooked to perfection. Nice and tender, plenty of smokey flavor, and lots of juice. To the point I got sprayed when I started cutting the bird. Now to figure out how to keep the skin crispy... I'm definitely loving the K24!
  4. I've been using Cowboy without any problems in my old Akorn. Until recently... the last couple bags have been nothing but small pieces. The Lowes near me just started carrying Kamado Joe lump charcoal. I'll be trying a bag this weekend.
  5. My 3 year old Ivation 2ch died yesterday... I'm glad I saw this post before spending $135 on Amazon to replace it. I just ordered the Thermoworks Smoke 2Ch rig from the Right Stuff link. It's on sale for $84.15.
  6. Good to know, thanks. I spoke with BBQ Guru's customer service rep this morning. He got me the right part number for the adapter. $20 for the part and it will be here next week... But based on my experience with LG K24, I may not need the PartyQ. It seem to hold temps really stable. The test will be when I smoke a brisket at 200*
  7. My 3 year old CharGriller Akorn Komado rusted out a couple weeks ago. I was ready to buy a Big Green Egg, but saw the LG K24 at Costco. My wife went back and bought it as a surprise. I had no trouble assembling it, but I did have my 18 yr old grandson help lift the body onto the stand... I cured the grill per the instructions, and started grilling the next day. So far I've grilled chicken pieces, rib eye steaks, a couple whole chickens, and 3 racks of ribs using both top and bottom grid. The extra size really made grilling for a large group easy. I have not noticed any problems with felt on the top or bottom. I haven't tried to smoke a pork butt yet, so I guess that will be the test. I'm trying to find an adapter for my PartyQ, so far no response from BBQ Guru. I'm hoping it's the same as a Pit Boss K24. But won't buy one until I hear back. Needless to say I am very happy I didn't drop over a grand on the BGE.
  8. My Akorn lasted just shy of 4 years before it completely rusted out. High humidity and rain (even covered) killed it. I was all set to go buy another Akorn until I was at Costco and saw their Louisiana Grill K24 priced at $599. It came with a diffuser plate, 2 racks, and a cover. I put it together and followed the instructions to season it. Next day I grilled a whole bunch of chicken pieces. Way more than I could ever fit on my Akorn. And I've got to say, it tasted great! It did take a lot longer to get to temperature, but once I figured out the settings for the vents it was rock solid. Even with a Party Q I had a hard time keeping temps as stable with my Akorn. Tomorrow I'm going to smoke 4 slabs of ribs, low and slow... if it does as good as the chicken, I'd say I scored.
  9. I'm having the same problem. I rotated the pics in Windows before uploading. It still posted wrong... Any suggestions?
  10. The ribs were awesome! We bought a dual probe digital thermometer that took care of the temp questions. Here's the end product..... now to figure out how to get the pic in the correct orientation...
  11. Thank you! Our first attempt at smoking ribs was awesome! This weekend, we're trying a Brisket. Now to search the forums to learn how.
  12. We have had our Char-Griller Akorn for about 3 weeks now. I've had great success with burgers and stakes. Today I'm trying my luck at smoking ribs. I'm using Cowboy Lump Charcoal and Weber Apple chunks. It took a while to get the temp under control, but eventually it smoothed out. The odd thing is the gauge on the dome says the temp is 200*, but the digital thermometer reads 248*. The probe is sitting on the grate by the rib rack, but I'm still a bit concerned. Is it normal for the dome gauge to read that low? The ribs have been on for a couple hours now, and man do they smell good!
  13. Hello Kamado Guru's. We have a CharGriller Akorn and love it. So far I've only grilled burgers and steaks. Both were so good we gave away our gas grill. We're going to try smoking a rack of St. Louis style pork ribs this weekend. This looked like a great place to get some tips on how to use the Akorn. Thanks in advance!
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