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  1. Hasn’t happened to me yet. I usually let The Big Joe warm up for an hour. You would think it could happen on a low and slow where you light on one side and burn across the bowl, but so far so good there. I’d take John up on his offer to check it out. I’ve probably been through 40 bags at least. My only complaint would be some bags are too full of smalls. Just opened a 30 pounder today, and it was 90% smalls, & easily 30% of the bag was grape sized, smaller, or dust. I haven’t had to hack up any xl pieces. I put them on the bottom to help with air flow. I have noticed some batches are more sparky than others. On a funny side note... My worst cook was my first, when I forgot to take that huge desiccant bag out of the bottom. Now that was some nasty chicken! Threw it out obviously. Figured out what happened when I went to dump the ash the next day. Was getting the side eye from the wife for spending $$$ on something that made chicken taste awful. Fast forward a few years and she’s all, “What are you cooking on the Joe tonight?”
  2. I used the cardboard from the Big Joe Box and cut it in strips, works the same as the paper towel method but gives a nice handle to pull it back out. KJ gives you plenty of cardboard when you open that box. I had the same frustration putting mine together until I figured that there must be a better way.
  3. Hmmmm. Convinced my brother to get a KJ BJIII. He got the DoJoe as well. I have been experimenting with the Forkish EOP doughs and I’m not sure I want to give up on the ability to cook at 700 degrees. I like the idea of keeping the heat bubble up in the dome with the DoJoe and the top vent closed. Chris, how would you compare your experience with and w/o the DoJoe? Does the KJ chew more lump with the DoJoe? Here are a couple experiments with the 24hr dough... now I’m hungry.
  4. Agree with ckreef. I always light a side and let it burn across for a low and slow. I had trouble with the old style KJ bottom charcoal grate with the holes drilled in it. Threw that in the shed and bought a KAB, because KJ didn’t have another product at the time. I have loaded it up to the handles and cooked 20+ hours with charcoal still left in the basket. With the charcoal basket, you don’t need a wiggle rod to try and keep the holes clear. Best upgrade accessory I have ever purchased.
  5. Yum. Every time I make wings I want to get. Grill expander for my BJ II. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Nice set-up you have going there.
  6. I do the same as keeperofdeflame on smokes and pizza cooks. Load it to the handles and shake after. Never used a divider in the KAB, just loaded one side with charcoal. I guess the new divider keeps you from getting your hands dirty. I’m also with Polar Bear on liking the handles. That being said the new BJ III looks cool.
  7. Hey John, why will the BJ III never be sold at a Costco Road show? Or does that mean never, until the BJ II stock is gone?
  8. I set mine up on top of the grate to get the pie as high in the dome as possible.
  9. Pretty much the same setup on my Big Joe. My top is a round kiln shelf with air slots in it. I usually do 550-650. Just got the Elements of Pizza today... looking to up my dough game.
  10. Working today. Here’s the pics.
  11. Afidel, just trIed this one. Couldn’t find 1.25 pounds, so had to get 2 packages of pounders in link form ( good thing as I forgot the in laws were coming over). Used a little extra onion, garlic, & spinach to make up for it. Cooked indirect at 350 as well with drip pan under. Took two hours for this baby to hit 165 on the Smoke Gateway. My 11 year old was stuffing his face so fast he couldn’t be bothered to use a fork. He also mistakenly ate spinach (very sneaky). Not having any luck uploading pics tonight. Keep getting errors. Will post when it is working. But great recipe!
  12. Great discussion. I’m on an NC teacher salary, so let’s just say I had to go 3 years with no grill at all (gasser died) to save up. Then I had to get it at the Costco road show. I went all in with the big joe. Perfect for cooking pizzas that are the same size as your typical large restaurant pizza. Yeah, it’s little big if I’m low and slow on a pork butt, but perfect to cook 2 or 3. Perfect size for a brisket or racks of ribs laid flat. Perfect for 8 burgers direct, then indirect for cheese melting w/o burning your burger. In a perfect world I’d have all 3. If I could sneak a joe Jr into the car without the wife seeing, that would be my next purchase. That would nice to have for those small cooks when you just don’t want to fire up the Big Joe. Jonesing for a Jr. Does the Big Joe use that much more charcoal? Meh, I can deal with it for the versatility. I just couldn’t spend the money on a classic and find out that it was too small after the fact. You could add accessories to get similar amounts of food on the Classic, but then you just spent the same $ that you would have on the Big Joe.
  13. Bought these. Money well spent. Soooooo much easier to remove the heat deflector quickly. Handy if your low indirect and slow burns up your lump and you need to add more. I would actually like one more of each, because it is nice to hang them while they cool.
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