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  1. I set mine up on top of the grate to get the pie as high in the dome as possible.
  2. Pretty much the same setup on my Big Joe. My top is a round kiln shelf with air slots in it. I usually do 550-650. Just got the Elements of Pizza today... looking to up my dough game.
  3. Working today. Here’s the pics.
  4. Afidel, just trIed this one. Couldn’t find 1.25 pounds, so had to get 2 packages of pounders in link form ( good thing as I forgot the in laws were coming over). Used a little extra onion, garlic, & spinach to make up for it. Cooked indirect at 350 as well with drip pan under. Took two hours for this baby to hit 165 on the Smoke Gateway. My 11 year old was stuffing his face so fast he couldn’t be bothered to use a fork. He also mistakenly ate spinach (very sneaky). Not having any luck uploading pics tonight. Keep getting errors. Will post when it is working. But great recipe!
  5. Great discussion. I’m on an NC teacher salary, so let’s just say I had to go 3 years with no grill at all (gasser died) to save up. Then I had to get it at the Costco road show. I went all in with the big joe. Perfect for cooking pizzas that are the same size as your typical large restaurant pizza. Yeah, it’s little big if I’m low and slow on a pork butt, but perfect to cook 2 or 3. Perfect size for a brisket or racks of ribs laid flat. Perfect for 8 burgers direct, then indirect for cheese melting w/o burning your burger. In a perfect world I’d have all 3. If I could sneak a joe Jr into the car without the wife seeing, that would be my next purchase. That would nice to have for those small cooks when you just don’t want to fire up the Big Joe. Jonesing for a Jr. Does the Big Joe use that much more charcoal? Meh, I can deal with it for the versatility. I just couldn’t spend the money on a classic and find out that it was too small after the fact. You could add accessories to get similar amounts of food on the Classic, but then you just spent the same $ that you would have on the Big Joe.
  6. Bought these. Money well spent. Soooooo much easier to remove the heat deflector quickly. Handy if your low indirect and slow burns up your lump and you need to add more. I would actually like one more of each, because it is nice to hang them while they cool.
  7. I like the looks of this one vs the Costco one. The under grate scrape is a good idea.
  8. I want these! The welding gloves, high temp gloves, and pot holders just don’t stand up to a heat deflector.
  9. Oh baby. I have been flip-flopping on this vs a tumble basket for the Big Joe. Do you have both? I can’t remember if the tumble basket was your post. If so, how about impressions of veggies on 1 vs the other.
  10. That’s the one accessory on my Big Joe that sort of infuriates me. I see pics of it on the BGE where it sits snugly on their felt line. On my Big Joe, it sits on the inner 1/8” of the new mesh seal, and doesn’t seal as tight as you would want it to. Also, with the lift mechanism (which is awesome by the way) doesn’t allow the lid to compress the seal like it should. I have to hang a weight off the handle to get it to compress correctly. The temp control isn’t as good with all the cumulative air leaks around the big joetisserie. I understand that making an accessory that fits both the BGE and the BigJoe doubles their market. I just feel like something that I bought from my company should work best on my KJ. I have toyed with buying aluminum bar stock to bend around the top and bottom to add 1/2 inch and create a better seal, but I fear I might crack the cast ring when attaching. None of the local aluminum fabrication shops were interested in welding on such a thing. I just did a 14 hour pork butt and only had to adjust the temp at hour 10 (jiggle some ash through the kick ash basket). I should be able to do the same with the joetisserie, but 1/8” just isn’t the way the seal was designed to work.
  11. I would say the advantage is that you can put in small veggies kind of like a stir fry. It takes too long to flip tiny veggies, they fall through the grill, and taking all that time gets the fire going too hot. I like the idea of a bunch of hot wings, evenly cooked on all sides that I don’t have to flip.
  12. Have you tried the drummy with chicken wings? Seems like you could get more in there. Any updates on one vs the other would be cool. Is the drummy the one to get that does it all?
  13. Best accessory you can get. Have it in my Big Joe.
  14. So you can make pizza super easy on the KJ. We do pizzas almost every Friday night. We buy the frozen pizza dough balls at our local grocery store. Let them thaw and rise in flat bottomed bowls with a coating of olive oil. We usually cook them at 500-600 degrees (probably closer to 600 most of the time), but the set up is the key. My set up is deflectors on the top grate, kiln risers on top of that, and a round kiln shelf with air holes from front to back. You can’t burn the bottom of your pizza with this method even if you wanted to. Critical to making pizzas is a good heat soak once you get your temp right. It is also that perfect time to burn crap off your grates... just make sure that is done before putting in a pie. You can pre-make all your pizzas by cutting out circles of parchment paper and prepping them on that. Then just use a pizza peel to go back and forth. If you leave the lid open messing around with your pizzas, you will be cooking at 800 degrees with fire shooting all over the place. Wonder how I know that? Notice the last pic is from the first pizza cook ever on the Big Joe. The stone is much darker now. These are large pizzas 12-16” depending on how well the dough is working that day. I’d like to make my own dough, but since I spent all my dough on the Joe, there isn’t any dough to buy something to make dough. Eventually there will be a big dough hooked mixer in the kitchen, but not this year. So, don’t be afraid. This is the easiest, cleanest cook there is.
  15. I'm so glad to be rid of propane. Welcome. I second the pics. Always cool to check out everybody's setup for a given cook (even better when they include temps and times - but that could just be me). I'm keeping a log book, because I can't change what I don't remember.
  16. Interesting. I haven't thought about it since first reading about it 10-15 years ago. You would think we would be better off with our KJs, especially if you are using the drip trays. I wonder if lots of the toxic claims start with dumping lighter fluid on some Kingsford. You would really have to do testing with someone using a Kamado properly vs the weekend warrior - standard black metal charcoal grill. You would probably notice a difference between the two setups. Worst case scenario, I'm going to live longer making my burgers, corn on the cob, and some tasty veggies on a skewer than the guy in the drive through at McDungeons. I say grill on brothers!
  17. Awesome pies. I can't wait to do the same thing. I agree with the lump comment, good stuff. Also a great idea to pre-build and fire them in one right after the other.
  18. Yum. Waiting on the sliced presentation pics.
  19. I'm going with thawing out a frozen dough ball to experiment with different setups to see what they do, then I'll get back to making my own dough. The fewer variables I can get the better. First setup looked like this.
  20. Why did I click on this? Now I'm hungry. Looks like a good loaf from here.
  21. Funny you should ask smoker08. Since I've done the chicken, stuffed burgers with Mac & Cheese and asparagus, and pizza, she has started bringing all kinds of stuff home... Bags of asparagus, pineapple, zucchini, with a different look... The new look is, "Look what I bought, can you cook this on the Joe?"
  22. Did the same thing this weekend. 1st pizza too smoky to eat, second one perfect. I think I was too anxious to get one on the Joe and didn't get the lump burning clean enough. You can see the hot clean burn in the pic (2nd pie). First pizza had a stone temp of 425, second one had a stone temp of 498 both were 600 on the dome. I think I'll start taking a dome ceramic reading too.
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