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  1. Works better with no lower grate
  2. I can only find 1 site in the UK that has a kick Ash basket for the junior. its pricey!!! Lol Found this cheap as chips fruit basket online. It's a bit small. Issue would be shorter cooks before the coals run out, but do you guys think it would do the job?
  3. Yeah I agree. I'm out all the time, it's just when I told the Mrs how much I was spending on a BBQ (kamado Classic) she made me buy the small one as a test :-). She has the uk, only BBQ 3 times a year perception
  4. I haven't long owned a Kamado Joe Jr and I'm in love. I bought it as a test (we don't BBQ allot here due to rain) to see how much I'd use it, it passed! Haven't used my oven in about 2 months and its ample for me & my wife. For more real estate and like 1/6th the price of a Kamado Joe Classic in the UK I've just bought a Weber Kettle 57cm. Plan is to use junior for low/slow, searing & poultry. Also in general when it's just us 2. For company I will put on the kettle. I'm intrigued at the videos I've seen on the kettle. Really old school. Does anyone else have a similar set up? If so
  5. Hi guys. Cant find anything on this, when would you place the heat deflector low and when would you place it high on the joe jr? I always put it low for chicken. Red meat ive been cooking direct. Thanks in advance for the help again! Ps my last post was saying i couldnt get a good temp. I repositioned it in my garden and its flying!
  6. Thanks for the advice guys: i know have a looft lighter, new larger lumpcharcoal and found a grill to use as an ash grate. Easy today! Attached is the result. Southern fried chicken thighs & minted lamb koftas
  7. Regarding the charcoal grate... I could buy it and ship to you. Probably wouldn't be that much as it's a very small light weight package. Whatever you want buddy... Wow that's really nice of you. I'm off to Indiana in 3 weeks so will take a look around! Thanks allot!
  8. Thanks allot guys. Ordered some new lumpwood from eBay that looks less branded and decent size in the pics. Can't find the 2 US brands mentioned above and the charcoal grill plates are non existent too. You guys are spoils over there! Also got a looftlighter coming tomorrow :-) that should help
  9. Hi guys. My first few cooks On my Joe junior I had no problems. The last couple I've really struggled getting the temp up. I'm setting the fire ok, cleaning the ash, making sure holes are there. My lump wood charcoal though doesn't look like big chunks. It's slag basically. Would this be a cause and if so what's the best brand in UK? Also it's a sheltered area. Could it be air throughput? Any help you can give me to get 700 every time if need be without trying would be great! Thanks allot
  10. Can't find that kick ash basket in the UK. I'll have to treat myself when I'm over in US
  11. Yeah, but i was cooking direct today. Not sure if indirect would be different. I have noticed i cant get very high temps though, 300 max. Im assuming its because the joe jr is small and im restricting air flow? Im still a novice though
  12. After a 2 week all inclusive holiday i need to be healthy! Made a few days worth high protein meals this morning. Meal prep is much better on the kamado joe jr
  13. Very good. I copied a design I saw on this board. Looks ok
  14. Ha ha I was thinking the same thing. My mate was building a fence for me, he'd never seen them, gave him a bit of chicken now he wants to buy one. I should get involved
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