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  1. Benm3

    New knives

    I have the Edge pro, but would recommend the hapstone as well
  2. Benm3

    New knives

    Now that everyone is in the rabbit hole, the next thing is to learn how to sharpen your own knives. Manual stones only, not by machine. Invest in a sharpening jig, it will make the learning curve easier and practice on a cheaper knife. Once you get the hand of it, you will love how sharp you can keep your knives and there is a great satisfaction when you bring a blade to hair popping sharpness.
  3. Benm3

    FS Traeger Timberline 850

    What? Bosco? Why? Should have just gotten another 1300!! LOL
  4. Benm3

    FS Traeger Timberline 850

    Congrats....bad for me. What did you let it go for?
  5. Benm3

    FS Traeger Timberline 850

    I'm still interested in this although really unsure if I don't want the 1200 larger size. No offense, but I need the differential between buying new and this one to increase!
  6. Benm3

    Some new knives

    The knife is a Shigefusa Kitaeji 270 mm Yanagiba.
  7. Benm3

    Some new knives

    The Carbon Kramer is incredible. It's a laser, its so nimble, blade glides through everything and anything. A slight touchup on a ceramic hone and it will pop hairs. It is one my favorite knives. The damascus one is just ok.....
  8. Benm3

    Some new knives

    The Shig Kitaeji is by far my most prized. It's a true unicorn and impossible to find. Handmade and in so little numbers, its crazy. It also is the sharpest I have ever seen or handled. It was like this out of the box also without having to be opened like many Japanese blades.
  9. Benm3

    Some new knives

    Yes. Here's a few of my knives.
  10. Benm3

    Some new knives

    Great knife. I have a 240 as well.
  11. Benm3

    Sansaire is closing its doors

    Sucks, Man. Have you gotten a machine yet or you are looking to acquire one. Can offer some suggestions of pluses and minuses of different ones if you like.
  12. As the title says, Sansaire is selling through it current inventory and closing down for good. They struggle launching their new cooker with catastrophic results. Sorry for the owners of Sansaire machines. On the plus side, Sous Vide cookers have become so much more affordable and continue to come down in price.
  13. Benm3

    First Japanese knife

    Congrats, nice knife. I have a Masamoto KS, full carbon as well as a collection of Japanese knives. Practice sharpening on a knife you don't care about and then move to the more valuable Masamoto. If this is your first Japanese knife, you will love it. I do suggest if you decide to get more knives to try out a full carbon steel knife. Either a white or blue steel either of which has its pluses and minuses. In all the knives that I own, there is nothing in stainless that can compete with the feel of full carbon. There is a reason most professional chefs choose full carbon. My full carbon Kramer requires so little effort to cut things and feel so precise and light, its crazy.
  14. Benm3

    Beef Short Ribs - First Try...

    So just a few adds on beef ribs. Most short ribs are what is officially called Chuck Short ribs and they come as they sound from the chuck end. The highly preferred short ribs cut is what is called plate ribs, and these come from the top long bone of a ribeye. If you can imagine a whole A103 Ribeye primal, its the long bone part that is trimmed off to make the shape that most know if not making tomohawk ribeyes. It is easier to find these if you ask the butcher to buy the entire cyropac, which is normally 2 whole plates in each package or ask them for whole short ribs that have not been cut down. Although most of the time they whole ones are still chuck short ribs and not the plate ribs. The carcass of beef has 13 sets of ribs....1 thru 5 being in the Chuck, 6 through 12 in the rib itself and number 13 being in the loin. Short ribs are cut from the Chuck and the Plate (top of the rib bones) and beef back ribs are what is remaining after the rib roast is boned out. Short Ribs are cut parallel to the bone (English Style) and may also be sold boneless. Short ribs cut across the bone are called Flanken.The Chuck Short Ribs come from the Chuck and the Rib Short Ribs from the Rib...but they are connected to each other until the packer separates the Chuck from the Rib.
  15. Benm3

    Shoulder on the Timberline 850

    @sodaking27 If you decide to sell the Timberline, please let me know.