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  1. Here are some pics of the burner. I neglected to take pictures of the pizza. Next time.
  2. Finally had a chance to use the gas burner last night. I'm still getting used to it. It's almost too efficient and makes the oven too hot at full blast. I will be experimenting on turning it down a bit or adjusting the flame once the pizza goes in. I will see stone temps close to 900+ which was way too hot and created a bit too much charring, but the ease of heat is incredible. This is the way to use this oven, much less finicky, just turn it on and it heats without having to worry about adding more fuel in and then dealing with temp fluctuations from the amount of fuel added.
  3. I received my gas burner yesterday. It looks nice. Have not had a chance to fire it or cook with it. Plan to do some pizzas this weekend. This gives me the ultimate convenience as well as temperature control that you just can't get with pellets of charcoal/wood. I'm pumped to try it out.
  4. John, Did you buy this or was it offered to you free to review? I'm still on the fence on which pellet to get. I think I have narrowed down to 3, Traeger Timberline, RecTec (really like how they have added wifi and pricepoint), and the Mak ( I have a hard swallowing the price point)
  5. It’s at the Fairfax one. Pentagon city is where I go.
  6. For comparison, Amazon has the ribeyes 4 12 oz steaks for 245. So, thats 3 pounds for $245, so $81.67/pound
  7. This meat is actually quite easy to cook as it cooks "easier" than normal beef. To take any risk out of it, Sous Vide and then a sear is the best way to ensure perfectness anytime. You want a quick sear, never above MR as you don't want to melt too much of the intramuscular fat out. The meat almost melts. As I cut it down from the sub primal and was packing them into vacuum seal bags, I laid one steak on the counter that was above my running dishwasher. The small amount of heat transfer was enough to start to melt the fat. And this was only after sitting on the counter for just a few min
  8. I recently tried this American Wagyu and Wow.......Mishima Reserve, Grade 5 NY Strips. This is right below their Ultra grade. This NY strips was incredibly tender. Imagine Filet like tenderness. This meat has a BMI of 6-7. The fat consistency is completely different than normal beef. Its very soft and melts very easily. Even body heat will melt it. It's pretty incredible.
  9. I have the Edge pro, but would recommend the hapstone as well
  10. Now that everyone is in the rabbit hole, the next thing is to learn how to sharpen your own knives. Manual stones only, not by machine. Invest in a sharpening jig, it will make the learning curve easier and practice on a cheaper knife. Once you get the hand of it, you will love how sharp you can keep your knives and there is a great satisfaction when you bring a blade to hair popping sharpness.
  11. What? Bosco? Why? Should have just gotten another 1300!! LOL
  12. Congrats....bad for me. What did you let it go for?
  13. I'm still interested in this although really unsure if I don't want the 1200 larger size. No offense, but I need the differential between buying new and this one to increase!
  14. Benm3

    Some new knives

    The knife is a Shigefusa Kitaeji 270 mm Yanagiba.
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