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  1. Hi Charlie, there is now a german supplier which is selling the Saffire Kamados. I´ve bought one for myself and i´m really happy with my Saffire. If you need to know more, let´s talk :-) Best wishes, Sascha (Erkelenz/Germany)
  2. Thank's for the warm welcome!! I'm just cooking a 2kg dry aged Pork loin :-)
  3. Cheers :-) My family and i are living in Erkelenz, which is nearby Mönchengladbach which has a well known football team. One day i hope to be able to visit the USA, because i´m really loving your way of BBQ and ok, i´d love to go to a shooting range, one day Best wishes, Sascha
  4. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome :-) I really hope that i can show some more recipes which you like :-) Best wishes, Sascha
  5. Two weeks ago we´ve had some guests for my wifes birthday party. It´s usual that i´m serving some BBQ food. This time i´ve made a simple appetizer called "filled BBQ baguettes" I´ve used some pre baked baguettes and cut a V-notch out of it. Then i´ve filled some PP leftovers, with bacon pieces and Cheese in the baguette and garnished this with some green onions. Grilled three of them (one was filled with Chili con Carne leftovers and cheese) at 380-400°F at my Saffire until golden brown. That´s it! All guests have been really happy with this small appetizer :-) Best wi
  6. Hi Guys, i´d like to introduce myself with some words and hope, my english is not too bad My name is Sascha and i´m a married father of 2 little Boys aged 5 and 7. Since several years i´m firing up the pit as soon as time allows and since nearly 2 years i´m using my free time to fill a little BBQ-Blog. I´m working in a small R&D department for car interior parts and it´s enough to get some meat at the table and also to buy some bbq toys from time to time. I´ve bought a 19" Saffire Silver a vew weeks ago and i´m now totally addicted. Hope to learn a lot and improve my Kamado skills.
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