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  1. I use a local spice company's Salt Durango - coarse ground sea salt with hickory, and Yamika Salt - coarse ground sea salt with applewood smoke...both make a fantastic seasoning for steaks, burgers, chicken...good way to get a natural smokiness even on the stovetop...I'm going to have to try smoking my own now...
  2. Thanks, all! I am photographer on the side, although these are all just cell shots...but I try to frame things to give them a bit more appeal.. And jrow17, yes! Those were some awesome pieces of bird! I use almost 100% spice blends from a local company here, if anyone wants the name, is it ok to post a link to their site? Or just their name so folks can google them up? Looking forward to a long weekend of grilling and cooking, but we now have a tropical storm or depression warning or some such madness upon us, so it may be all dutch over dishes this weekend...we'll still eat good! Monte
  3. I don't know why it doesn't show up in my profile if you click on posts, but I made an intro post back almost 2 months ago...it says I have made 10 posts, but click on posts and there are only 4 or 5 that show up... http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/27317-almost-new-to-kamado-cooking/
  4. Just some various and sundry non-Kamado cooking images...I've been the family cook for 30+ years, my son is a chef, and we all love to feast together... Actually the 2nd pic is a Kamado shot...Chicken Wing Nachos - the first cook on the Kamado... 1 - Chicken Bryan - Mother's Day meal 2 - Kamado Chicken Nachos 3 - Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs 4 - Dutch Oven to Grill Country Style Ribs 5 - Dutch Oven Back Ribs (before the sauce/grill) 6 - Rotisserie Chicken Have a great weekend! Remember those who gave all for this fine country! Semper Fi! Monte
  5. Depending on how much time I have, I'd much rather the charcoal flavor than the gas, but I have used the gas side 4 to 1 over the Kamado so far...I don't get home from work til 630 or 7 most nights, so it is purely a matter of time... I'll have the heat shield and stuff made this week so next weekend will be the first true smoking in the Kamado...looking really forward to that... Great looking table, by the way!!
  6. I didn't get it off Amazon but have the same one and it kicks butt... I have the same one going on 3 years and it works bomb! I had considered the expensive pistol-grip one but in hind site, this one works and storage is easy, I'm glad I didn't go crazy on this purchase. 3rd that
  7. See, though, this is the issue with this combo grill - From the CGS M Series Woo page - "Please note, the M Series Woo does not fit the M Series grid that comes with the Vision gas and kamado grill Combo sold at Sams Club and other retailers." Thus why I am making my own...*insert sad face emoji thingie here*
  8. I don't know if they are phasing it out or what, but online it has said not available online or in stores for the last couple months, but they had this one still crated at the store...so I grabbed it...kinda wish I would have gone with a standalone grill and a standalone Kamado, but I'm doing some good cooking with it! This is the promo pic from the Sam's site
  9. Wanted to get y'all's thoughts... I have a Vision M Series - Modified - The Sam's Combo unit, that has the gas grill/searing unit on one side, Kamado on the other...it is the Vision M Series, but it is a slightly modified version, so std M series accessories are said to not fit. Ticks me off, but I'm a Marine...I adapt and overcome...Hahaha I have .050" stainless steel readily available at no cost, and an ornamental metal fab shop that shears/punches/etc things for me at a decent price. I'm thinking of having the pieces in the images made for me - the size SS plates I have available are 10" x 34ish"...I am thinking of having the shop shear some 1" wide pieces and break press them into the shapes I need, then weld them dead center to create 2 different height plate holders...then also having them shear and weld 2 pieces together to make a deflector like shown... Thoughts? Y'all have a lot more experience with all of this than I do... Also, I saw somewhere, might have been here, that someone took their charcoal grate out and used a SS basket like the one in the pic (sans handle, it comes detached and will go in the junk drawer so my wife can ask me eleventy million times why I kept it) for ease in cleanup etc...I already have one of the baskets and it fits pretty nice, less than an inch from the ceramic to the basket all the way around...Or would it better to just keep the cast iron piece in there? This seems like it would allow a lot better airflow...the one issue I have with the Kamado part of this set-up, is that the bottom air vent is "within" the table, so air movement is minimal...(see image)...is this a normal airflow deal with Kamado tables? Thanks, all!! M
  10. The rotisserie is on the grill side...not the kamado...so far I love this thing...only done 1 steak and then the nachos tonight...but it will be getting used pretty regularly...I cook on the grill 2-4 times a week, sometimes 6 nights a week...Pic is the promo pic from the Sam's website...
  11. I just got that combo unit too...one bad thing I have found, even talked to Vision about it, is that the M unit on the combo unit, is NOT the same as a standard Vision M series, so be really careful in buying anything for it...the 2nd tier grill most places sell will supposedly not work with it...but Vision has a different grate that will work with it...about $60 or $65 for both direct from them... That said, broke mine in tonight (my son did the cooking after I lit it up) and was very pleased...I posed a couple pics in the forum... I'll be seeing what you do with yours...and I'll be sharing what I do with mine! Monte
  12. First try with the Vision M (Combo unit with gas grill/rotisserie and searing unit from Sam's), was actually my son's...I'm the grillmeister (although he is pretty dang good too), he's a chef... Getting enough coals going to get to heat was a little issue...(used Cowboy lump charcoal) followed directions, used enough to cover the heat cover decently...heat got to 200 and stalled...added about half as much again (lit it up in a chimney starter), still not enough to get it to 350, even with the vents opened up almost all the way...started up another batch of coals, as much as both smaller batches...got to 300+ but not 325, but was good for wings... My son made chicken wing nachos...the wings take the place of the chips...dry rub of chili powder, brown sugar, onion powder, fresh minced garlic, salt, pepper, not sure everything he used but that was the basis...grilled the wings off on the Kamado, cooked up about 6 oz center cut bacon on the grill at the same time...I chopped up the bacon when it was done...he stacked the wings to one side of the kamado, layered on cheese, the bacon, jalapenos...closed it up and let it all cook together and melt in good...you can see the results...WOWSA...he knocked this one outta the park! Have a little learning curve, I've been a grillmeister for 20+ years, but brand new to the Kamado thing...I see serious potential tho...I can't wait to smoke up something good this weekend... Have a great week, y'all!
  13. I just bought a Vision M series today, well, it's part of the Sam's Club combo grill/kamado...have to wait til tomorrow to get it set up...thing is 330 pounds...I've been the grillmeister here for years, but never had a kamado til now...looking forward to cooking up some fantastic chow with it... I've been browsing the forum all evening, looks like a lot of really cool folks, and some great info being shared...can't wait to have some recipes and pics of my own to share...
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