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  1. If it is necessary to do the chicken in two batches, maybe do just the large pieces first, like the white meat or whichever you think would take longer. It would all get done about the same time and there would be a quicker second batch with the smaller pieces.
  2. I tried looking in Pinterest for a Siu yuk recipe and found a lot. This one had a couple suggestions for crisp skin: http://thewoksoflife.com/2015/03/cantonese-roast-pork-belly/ If the link does not work, try Pinterest.com and search for Siu yuk. I never tried this recipe, but yours looks so good I am looking for a source for the pork belly with skin.
  3. I like the Guy Fieri brand, Pepperoni Marinara. The first three ingredients are crushed tomatoes, tomatoes and pepperoni (no corn syrup) and the sugar is almost at the bottom of the list so it isn't sweet. Good by itself, of course it is better with a little added cooked meat. And don't forget the sprinkle of real Parmesan on top. I hate the ones that are so sweet they taste like ketchup.
  4. Thanks for all the answers. I never intended to continue using briquettes, just to use what I had left from my old Weber to season the cast iron grill on the Akorn. Everything I have seen tells me the flavor will be better. I was just worried about harming my new grill. Also, thanks for the brand name suggestion.
  5. I just purchased and have assembled my new Akorn grill. I hope to fire it up the first time to season the cast iron once it stops raining. I'm very glad to have found this website so early since I know I will have questions that you could help answer. My son has a BGE and has raved about it for enough years that I finally gave in and purchase a similar kind. My old grill was a Weber-type, and I have enjoyed using that kind for many years. My first (stupid) question is whether I can use up the old charcoal brickettes. I did get a bag of lump charcoal and will continue with this type in the future, but this model does not seem to have the ceramic to absorb bad odors.
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