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  1. Buying damaged kamado

    I'd offer them $75 to $125 and just use the crap out of it!
  2. So I've locked it down that I'm going to do smoked burgers for my agency's Citizen's Academy graduation. It'll just work out better with the prep and smoking time, and be a little more special than just burgers off the smoker. Does anybody have any good smoked burger recipes they can recommend? If you do, ingredients listed per .lb of burger would be very helpful!!! Also, what wood do you recommend for burgers? I'm thinking Hickory for now but I'm don't want too heavy of a wood smoke flavor because I feel ground beef will suck up a lot of smoke. Thank you folks!!!!
  3. Wings tonight!

    Oh yeah!!!
  4. Cooking for a large group...

    So this is for a Citizen's Police Academy that we're hosting at my agency and this cook-out will be on their last day; firing range, lunch, and graduation. Another reason I'm starting to really buy in on burgers and brats on the smoker is they've already been provided with a bunch of BBQ dinners during the duration of the Citizen's Academy. They meet every Tuesday evening and we have dinner catered in for them and we have no shortage of good BBQ joints in the area. It may be good to do something different?
  5. Cooking for a large group...

    I'm now gravitating towards to pork. I could do a simple rub and eschew the injection for simplicity's sake. Counting on a noon lunch, I could potentially do a whole day's smoke on the day before (Friday) by coming into work a little early (say 5:00am instead of 7:30am) and then the next day (Saturday) I could use the gas smoker to bring them back up to eating temperature and then serve. Another idea I'm thinking about now is the burgers and doggies... The night before I can season and press a bunch of burgers, and then on Saturday I could smoke them and some brats! It would probably be easier, but something a little more special and less time consuming.
  6. I may have to cook for a large group of people sometime towards the middle of November. This will be the biggest cook-out I've done at work; we're looking at roughly thirty people (most likely a handful more). I'm toying with the idea of smoking a bunch of chickens because of the ease of smoking chickens and the cost. I'll be at a budget of around $300. I have a gas cabinet smoker I can bring into work and I think I can cram two chickens per shelf. How many chicken would I need for thirty people? Any other suggestions for food for a large group of people and limited facilities? Thanks!!!
  7. College Game Day Wings!

    I was at around 3 hours cook time. I wanna go again with different sauce flavors! I'm thinking my next attempt will be with a wing sauce I like from a local sports bar/wing joint. They call their flavor the Packer Cheese Head. I just call it good! (I'm down in GA and can't understand why they named it after the Packers other than the ingredients!) The sauce in question uses a wing sauce as a base, but has cheddar cheese melted in and pickled diced jalapenos mixed in. I love it!!!!
  8. check it out here!
  9. College Game Day Wings!

    HAHAHA Anywhere between 200 and 400. I had some fluctuations as I was trying to learn how to control the smoker. I briefly topped out at 400, so it wasn't the end of the world. I was trying to keep them at 250. I've got a lot of learning how to wrangle this thing.
  10. I fired up my new gas smoker this past Saturday to season it and try it out. I've got some thoughts on this; but first, the wings! I bought a vinegar based jalapeno sauce as a BBQ competition (the BBQ competition were our team won the smoker that I later won in a team lottery!). I really like the flavor; very wing sauce like without the butter typically used in home made wing sauces. So I thawed and marinated the wings overnight in the sauce. The next day I fired the smoker up at 2pm after spraying the inside with cooking spray. After roughly an hour of seasoning with apple wood chips, I put the wings on and added some more apple wood chips to the box. About 3:30 I flipped the wings and I pulled them off the smoker right on time to eat with the kick-off of my college game. I tossed them in some more of the jalapeno sauce and served with a side of crispy fries out of the air fryer. They were great!!!! My wife, who doesn't eat wings, had five of 'em!!! So here are my thoughts on the gas smoker versus the kamado: The gas smoker was easy to set up, easy and FAST to get going at that prime spot where your producing smoke and are at a smoking temperature. And it was EASY to clean up to put away! On the downside, I think I like the process of smoking with a kamado better. There seems to be more craft to smoking on the kamado, even if it takes longer to get set up and dialed in where you want. I also have to say that I'm pretty sure a kamado is going to produce a cleaner smoke. Temperature control is also a little weird with the gas smoker. Closing the vents to kill airflow causes the smoker to heat up. And heat up it does! Like to 400 degrees! But opening the vents causes it to drop pretty quick, and LOW! I've read complaints that cabinet style gas smokers are hard to get below 250, to lets say, a prime low-n-slow temp of 225. This thing would sit at 200 to 225 all day if I wanted it to! But the problem with that is, anything under 250ish to 275ish wasnt high enough to get the wood chips to smoke! And the smoke wasn't that clean smoke that you get with a kamado. I'm talking about that kamado smoke that comes out almost clear and like a jet once you have your kamado vents all dialed in. Once this cabinet smoker was actually smoking, it was belching smoke. Most came out of the top chimney, a little came out of the side vents. Closing the side vents to encourage flow out of the top dampener really just causes the temperature to rise. So there was a little ping-ponging the temperatures as I screwed with it. But the wings were good! The smoker in question: Landmann Smokey Mountain Series gas thingy... Smoker seasoned, wings on! A good cook stays lubricated! Just after the flip! Just outa' the cabinet, before being sauced! Sauced and served!
  11. I figure i'll be using a lighter smoking wood. My plan was to thaw them, marinade them in some vinegar based jalapeno sauce I have, smoke 'em, and once they're done I'll toss them in a little more of the same sauce.
  12. Can anybody give me an idea of an ideal temperature to smoke them at and the amount of time it'll take? I'd like ot plan my wings around being able to eat them watching college ball at 6pm!
  13. I'll wait to read your thoughts on this then before I move ahead! HAHAHAHAHA Thanks for taking a bullet for the team brother!
  14. Awesome! Thanks for posting that up; I've added it to my Amazon Wish List. I take it I will need a small length of gas line to be able to put it in line with the existing gas line/regulator setup? Something like this I guess: https://www.amazon.com/Bayou-Classic-7908-Pressure-350-PSI/dp/B000C1Z390/ref=sr_1_8?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1506430160&sr=1-8&keywords=lpg+hose
  15. I Painted my Vision Grill

    Nice! It almost looks as if your grill wasn't glazed originally! The refreshed, restored looks is very nice!