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  1. My in-laws are coming into town to house sit for us for a week, and I plan on thanking them appropriately by heating up that big hunk of prime rib (on the left of the cutting board). Right now it's in the freezer and whole, in a vacuum sealed pouch. I plan on thawing it, reheating with the immersion cooker, and slicing to serve. Any suggestions on time and temperature? THANK YOU!
  2. My first attempt at sous vide anything. http://goodfoodbadfood.blog/2020/01/07/my-first-foray-into-sous-vide/
  3. I know I made tacos last night with the sous vide, but that doesn't mean I know how to speak Spanish my friend!
  4. I figured it out last night. The Anova wont connect to the wifi if you have any special character in the password. This is a major PITA because now I need to re-log everything into my home's wifi with a new password. I made tacos last night and they came out very well even though it was a PITA having to babysit the cooker to reset it occasionally. Tonight I'll be doing a t-bone steak. Hopefully the cooker is easier to use with wifi connectivity.
  5. My birthday was this past Saturday and I got a new Anova Precision from my in-laws. Today I prepared some stuff to make tacos from a recipe to try out the cooker. First issue I'm having is it wont connect to the wifi to pair the app to the cooker. While using it manually, it shut off once on me after a few minutes. I set it all up again and after awhile the play button lit up red and the screen displayed the word STOP. I've set it up yet again and at this point I'm just hoping my food is done for dinner and is cooked properly.
  6. Some pics of the adventure so far. These are from yesterday...
  7. @K_sqrd Thank you! That video seems pretty helpful!
  8. It's more of a question of where do I insert the temp probe, how I carve this thing up, how will the bones hold heat transmit heat, etc.. I've never cooked one of these let alone cut one up!
  9. I'm excited; this will be the first prime Rib I've ever prepared. Unfortunately I'm already a little disappointed. I wanted a big prime rib but we got a small one. And then I find out it's bone in. Arghhhhhh!
  10. @JaxxQ This is going to be awesome because my wife loves carrots! I'm going to just do a pan of carrot, onion, and the whole can of broth. I'll drain off the broth and serve her the carrots (I HATE carrots!) and I'll serve up the aus jus separate!
  11. How much broth? I've got a 14 oz can on hand
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