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  1. Kamado Wok'ing Weekend!

    The air fryer is one of the best presents my wife has gotten me. I can't begin to tell you how much we use it!
  2. Kamado Wok'ing Weekend!

    Okay, just got done cleaning up after dinner. IT WAS GOOD!!!!!! Here are most of the ingredients prepped. I did all of the prep work up front so that I could have everything standing by at the grill to throw in. I ordered this from Amazon and some went into the actual stir fry, and I added some to the green sauce as I felt the sauce was too tame, even after two whole jalapenos! Here is the green sauce; lettuce, cilantro, jalapeno, mayo, lemon juice, and aji amarillo. After I had most of the prep work done, I set up my "outdoor kitchen" in the rain. I cook in my driveway because I store my kamado in the garage between uses. It took me FOREVER to get a fire started. I went through half a book of matches, three cotton balls, a wad of paper towel, and several splashes of rubbing alcohol. I eventually plugged in the electric starter and got her going quickly after that. Once I felt everything was hot enough, it was time to wok! I threw too much chicken in at once... Veggies added... Almost done! HOT!!! And before plating... And finally, plated! The air fryer was GREAT for prepping the fries! It was great! It had a nice gentle heat to it that the rice and fries soaked up nicely. I can't wait to do this again!
  3. So I'm starting a new thread on the whole wok thing as I prepare to get some kamado wok'ing done this weekend! So here is the wok as shipped from the Ceramic Grill Store; it's a 16" carbon steel wok. I was a little concerned about how raw looking the surface was. You could see though that it was hand formed though. To season it, I started by scrubbing it with hot water, dish soap, and steel wool. That actually went a LONG way in giving it a nice even metal color. I'm thinking there was a coating of dried oil or something protecting the wok from rust. I am fortunate that our recently purchased stove came with a wok holder; so onto the stove that went followed by the wok. The stove then was turned up full blast (the boil setting). It turned a really nice blue color during this step. I then went out to run some errands and take my wife out for a birthday lunch. After we got back, I put the wok back over heat and brushed it with vegetable oil. After heating the wok with the oil all over, I stir fried some onion and vegetable oil. After that, I let the wok cool, wiped it out, rinsed it, dried it, and heated it briefly again to ensure it is dry. I think I did it right because it has a really nice, slippery finish!
  4. Wok Recommendations?

    Here you go; the CGS 16" CS wok.
  5. Wok Recommendations?

    I'll snap some pics when I get home!
  6. Wok Recommendations?

    I received my wok in the mail yesterday. While I'm still excited, I'm a little surprised by how raw the metal surface is finished. I really hope that seasoning it helps make the finish a little more uniform. I think my wife is a little excited by being able to do stir fry in a wok!
  7. Air-fryer!!!!

    I haven't been following this thread but I'll drop a quick update here... I still love the air fryer! I've done wings in it now, and they came out ridiculously good. I mixed some flour with garlic powder, onion powder, and salt and tossed the wings in that. After knocking off the excess flour, into the air fryer basket they went. THEY CAME OUT CRISPY!!!! Just like fried wings, but without any fry oil! I tossed them in a homemade jalapeno cheddar hot wing sauce. Awesome!
  8. Wok Recommendations?

    I'm excited! All of my Wok'ing stuff is scheduled to be delivered today. I'm hoping the weather is good for this weekend because I've picked a dish to try wok'ing with this weekend! I figure I can use the wok holder attachment for my stove top to season the wok this week, and then hopefully I can kamado wok this weekend. The first dish will be a Peruvian dish called Pollo Saltado! I'm very excited to try cooking this and I've ordered some Aji Amarillo paste from Amazon to complete the ingredient list. Here is what a plate of Pollo Saltado looks like; I hope mine comes out similar!
  9. Is it worth paying a little extra and hitting a real butcher shop for? If it is, I may just go straight to a butcher and get the three bone slab. It'll probably be a higher quality of meat too.
  10. I forgot to update on the Bulgogi... It came out great! Initially I wasn't blown away from it so I mixed in some sriracha as it was finishing up. It came out great!!!! I wish I had taken a picture. Oh well! But as some of you may have seen in another post, this experiment has got me interested in wok'ing, so that's next. And I'll try the Bulgogi again skewered over charcoal next time. But I probably need to hit a Korean joint and try the real thing so I know what it actually tastes like!
  11. Great looking cook! And stop calling it an "egg"!!! You should revel in the fact that it isn't an egg! You didn't pay too much money for an awesome kamado like an Big Green Egg. It's something I like reminding one of my close friends who is an "Egg Head" that mine does just as good of a job as his Big Green Egg but mine isn't an expensive Big Green Egg. (Don't get me wrong, BGE makes a quality product!) I think it's kind of like the Ford vs. Chevy thing. I bought a Ford and he swears his Chevy is better, but it isn't! Damn! Your's may be the post that pushes me to try short ribs!
  12. 2 wings

    I love wings! Up here in Marietta, we have a wing place with a whole bunch of flavors and I've settled on one that is my favorite; they call it the Packers Cheese Heads wings. I could care less about the Packers, I love the wings and I've made a couple of attempts replicating the sauce. I've gotten it close, but not quite there. The sauce is your run of the mill wing sauce, but with cheddar cheese and pickled jalapeno bits mixed into the sauce. Somehow it's cooked, and the cheese is melted into the sauce, and with the jalapeno bits, it's almost as if it's encrusted in awesomeness! I love a sloppy, wet hot-wing and don't mind getting dirty eating them. I have only had a few dry-rubbed wings and they just don't knock my socks off for flavor. I recently tried a really neat alternative to frying hot wings that really surprised me with how well they came out. I mixed some flour with a few seasonings (garlic, onion, salt, etc.) and tossed them in the airfryer. They came out crisped just as if deep fried! But with now oil!!!! I also smoked some wings over the summer that I had marinaded overnight in a vinegar-jalapeno sauce I bought at a BBQ competition. After smoking them I tossed them in a bowl of the same sauce and was surprised when my wife, who doesn't do hot or wings, devoured five of them! (She's 5'2" and 90 lbs and barely eats. It was a big deal!) Smoked wings in Vinegar-Jalapeno "sauce":
  13. Wok Recommendations?

    Great, quick read Thank you!
  14. Wok Recommendations?

    I regret not getting to know the neighbor that lived behind me until last year. I found out that she hand made woks out of farm implements and sold a good number of them to restaurants in the Atlanta area!
  15. Wok Recommendations?

    10-4! I also ordered two wooden wok utensils, a wok cleaning brush, a wok stand for the counter top, and a 5" wok strainer basket for fishing food out of hot oil. I was fortunate to have some Amazon credit stored up from doing surveys online and stuff. The rest I'm considering a a birthday gift from my in-laws (they sent a check!). I'm excited to try this out; my wife really like stir fry cooking and I like cooking to impress her!