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  1. GLOCKer

    Vision Newbie - Classic B - Heat Deflector Question

    what cmospyder said but also add a heat deflector from the ceramic grill store. that way you can use the round griddle he mentioned as a pizza pan up high in the dome and you also dont have to cut the handles off of it.
  2. GLOCKer

    Just replaced Akorn with Vision

    Congrats and enjoy! I love my Pro S!
  3. GLOCKer

    Vision Pro S Questions

    The heat you're experience might not be actively burning charcoal but the heat soaked ceramics.
  4. GLOCKer

    Smash burgers- first attempt

    I love smash burgers! I was in a hurry last time so I did it on the gasser (sorry!). But my wife is always dragging me into those Marshals stores, and they usually have good stuff in the kitchen section. I picked up this smasher for somewhere around $5 to $8. I also picked up a food service spatula for flat top grills from Amazon for really cheap too (it's nice with a beveled edge and wood handle; I think it was $5 shipped).
  5. GLOCKer

    Stone holder

    I was trying to figure out some way to do this myself, but I got lucky and was able to snag a discarded cabinet from work. Not only does it hold my racks and stone in close proximity to where I use my kamado, but it holds all of the other BBQ junk I've amassed as well!
  6. Me too! I almost ordered both (from Amazon), but I had just spent a bunch of money on the wok and accessories, and some stuff for my Mustang. So to help not piss off my wife, I just ordered what I needed. :D
  7. I really wanted to wok this outside on my kamado, but it was raining pretty steadily and it would have required for me to set up my pop-up tent again to cook in the rain. This is from last time I cooked Pollo Saltado, in the rain: I punked out and took the easier, quicker route of wok'ing on the stove top again. Not using the kamado allowed me more time with my wife on a Sunday evening before the black hole of a long work week started! If I had done it outside, I'd have had to set up the kamado, the tent, the table, and then carried all of the ingredients out. Then after the cook the clean-up would have taken more time, and the tent would have to been put in the garage in my wife's parking spot to dry out. It would have just been too much of a PITA. :( Anyways, I pre-prepped most of the ingredients ahead of time; I made the green aji sauce (1/2 head of lettuce, 1/2 cup mayo, 1/2 bunch a cilantro, 2 large jalaenos, and a large dollop of aji amarillo paste into a food processor) early enough for the flavors to settle in nicely, sliced up all of the veggies, and cut up the chicken and lightly seasoned it with salt and pepper early in the afternoon. One of the things i learned about wok'ing is that it's better to have all of your ingredients prepared so you can cook quickly with the high heat of the wok. First in was veggie oil and chicken. I ended up having to pour off some of the liquid from the chicken; I put too much chicken in at first and it wasn't browning like it should've. After that minced garlic went in for a short time, and then the red onion and tomato. After a couple of minutes, Aji Amarillo paste went it. This is the Aji paste. I think next time I'll reserve the tomato for later in the cook. The high heat basically cooked the tomato down to juice. Next time I'll throw it in later in the process to cook but not dissolve! Then the soy sauce and red-wine vinegar went in. For those not familiar with Pollo Saltado; this is a Peruvian dish and is traditionally served with a metric tone of starch! For some reason they serve it with rice AND french fries. Who am I to decide that is wrong? LOL I love starch! So I plated it with white rice and fries from our air-fryer, some of the green aji sauce and garnished it with cilantro and chopped green onion. A word on the green aji sauce; it is sooooooooo good! On the tongue, it starts out with a light cooling taste that builds into a hot flavor. It's really good with french fries and (when you run out of fries) potato chips. Unfortunately, I put too much of the Aji Amarillo in and it this addictive sauce torched my tongue (and my guts! LOL) because I couldn't stop eating it. Tonight for the leftovers, I may try to cut it with a little more mayo just to smooth out that burn.
  8. Cheap sirloin on sale (family pack for $14!!!). I blade tenderized it and seasoned it heavily with Stubb's BBQ Rub. Then it went into a frying pan full of melty butter for a searing, then into a 350 degree oven until it was at an internal temperature of 122 degrees. After that I pulled it to let it rest, and served it with saute'ed mushrooms and onions from the same frying pan. Served with a side of fries from the air-fryer. Soooooooooo damn good! It was weird; after I sliced it in two to share with my wife, it didn't look very juicy, it had a very clean cut. But damn was it juicy when I ate it!
  9. I didn't have the time (after work one day last week) to do the whole process of wok'ing with the kamado, so I put the wok adapter on my stove top and tried my hand at Pad Thai Chicken. Other than a few mishaps (because I was hurriedly trying to get dinner done before my wife got home from work), it was fun wok'ing and eating the results. I only dumped all of my grated ginger on the ground, wich caused the garlic to burn, right after I accidentally poured about 1/2 cup of vegetable oil on the hardwood floor!
  10. GLOCKer

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    Are you using wood or lump?
  11. GLOCKer

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    You'll get it figured out! Don't worry, you don't need to spend a lot of money on gadgets to get her rolling right. Although, the FlameBoss looks like some good kit! I've found that the vents barely need opening once you get the temperature where you want it. I barely crack my top of bottom vents for the best low-n-slow smoking temps when I'm not using my CyberQ.
  12. GLOCKer

    Cooking hotdogs at the house...

    Well here you go! https://youtu.be/IErjNttiiRI LOL
  13. GLOCKer

    What is the Difference

    And unless something has changed, the covers seem to be of a nice quality.
  14. GLOCKer

    Digital thermometer choices

    I used a Maverick ET73 at first. Actually, I used several ET73; approximately one a year for three years. At first, before I really got into smoking and grilling; I was only using them for one or two smokes a year and then they'ed crap out. I was seriously fed up with them! My in-laws gave me a CyberQ for Christmas of December 2016. I LOVE IT!!! Initial setup was a pain in the ###, but once I figured out what I was doing wrong, it was actually pretty simple. It is a BBQ controller of course, not just a thermometer. But I really like it! If I didn't have the CyberQ and wasn't going to run a BBQ controller I'd spend the money on one of those Thermoworks Smoke setups.
  15. GLOCKer

    Frustrated Vision B Classic Owner - Runaway Temps

    I have an S-Series Professional and I've found that once I get temperatures rising, I need to adjust my venting appropriately to maintain the levels I'm looking for. For smoking, generally I start out with all vents wide open to promote airflow through the kamado and get the fire going. Once I get temperatures rising, I open just one of my bottom vents roughly 1/2" and my top vent only about 1/8" open. This seems to keep the temps at a comfortable smoking temperature and allow for movement of smoke through the kamado.