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  1. IT WAS RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!!! Started out with sake... So up at the top is the Kagoshima A5 Wagyu filet and strip loin. The bottom steak is what used to be my favorite from Sprouts. USED TO BE MY FAVORITE! Here is the strip loin cut up ready to grill. The Wagyu stip loin and filet on the stainless grill insert. Not long and it was ready to come off the grill! The $155 appetizer plated! LOL And now for the main course. About to get stuffed! I love a good Caesar salad with steak. Seriously, it was filling! And my wife made a desert for me by request! It was phenomenal!
  2. It was good! It would have looked better had my wife not decided to paint half the edge with left over sauce! LOL Pepperoni, onion, and mushroom!
  3. I'm getting very excited!!! Operation Anniversary A5 Wagyu is in SIX DAYS!!!!
  4. And the package arrived today! And the strip loin: I had to get ready for work and didn't get a pic of the tenderloin yet.
  5. I ordered them from Crowd Cow. https://www.crowdcow.com/products/japanese-wagyu-tenderloin-steak?filter[bid_item]=iw7bde4le
  6. I blade then mallet tenderized a flat iron steak, and marinated it over night in carne asada marinade. It came out REALLY good!
  7. My 7th anniversary is April 28th, and per our tradition, we have a bomb ### steak dinner planned! Usually, we reserve a table at a high-end, exclusive steak restaurant. But this year we are doing something a little different! The menu is as follows: Appetizer- 4 oz Strip Loin A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Appetizer- 9 oz Tenderloin Filet A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Main Course- 12 oz Choice Tenderloin Filet Main Course- Lobster Tail Side- Sauteed Mushrooms & Onion Side- Onion Rings We'll be splitting all of the meats, except the lobster tail (my wife is Jewish so shell fish is a no-no for her). I think we'll be very full at the end of this meal! I can't wait to try A5 Wagyu!!!!!! I bought a stainless steel griddle for cooking the Wagyu on the Vision Kamado. Tonight I used the gas gril to "season" it with smash burgers (see below). I'll keep this thread updated! The Wagyu arrives today!!!
  8. I remember years ago trying a burger with an egg on it and I was very dubious about it. But damn if I didn't fall in love with the flavor. And for some reason the addition of sriracha pushes that flavor combination over the top for me!
  9. 1/4 cup Mayo 3 tbsp ketchup pinch garlic powder pinch onion powder Several dashes Tabasco Sauce(I used smoked chipotle) fresh ground pepper to taste Let it set up in the fridge to allow the flavors to meld!
  10. I was trying to approximate the Bucket List Burger from Cheeseburger Bobby's. I used the smash-burger technique for the patties and substituted smoked gouda for the cheese. I was able to make a close approximation of the Cheeseburger Bobby's sauce too! It was sooooooooo damn good! The egg isn't burned by the way. The pan got a little hot when I was melting butter for the egg and it colored the egg.
  11. Yep! What @daninpd said. She is only loosely kosher, and she makes sure I have bacon when I need it even though she wont eat it!
  12. I was requested to smoke more turkey breast for the local 911 center. My buddy is now the night supervisor and had to work last night (Christmas Eve) so on Sunday I smoked two turkey breast for him to take in to his shift and threw a chicken on for ourselves to make use of the extra space in the kamado. It all came out ridiculously good. I tried a small slice from each of the turkey breast to make sure they came out okay. Sunday night my wife STRAIGHT MURDERED the chicken. It made me feel good! :D I love smoking meats because I have time in between handling the cooking duties to work on other things. I reinstalled and rewired the automatic headlights/dimming mirror in my little project Ford Explorer I got for free because it was so disgusting! Sunday was a good day!
  13. I don't remember the specs but I'm pretty sure it's the second size up from the smallest size. It is perfect!
  14. My wife handled the scalloped potatoes, Caesar salad, and sauteed mushrooms and onions. I handled the filet and lobster. Lucky me; my wife is Jewish and doesn't eat lobster, so I had to eat both tails! :D Last night was SPECTACULAR!
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