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  1. Life has been that kind of busy that gets in the way of simpler pleasures like rolling the kamado grill out of the garage to enjoy a nice low-n-slow or high heat sear. Between long hours at work (regular work responsibilities during the day and low-light night firearms classes at night along with a massive Citizen's Academy Graduation cook-out with smoked burgers), car club responsibilities (damn, somehow I was elected vice-president of our 180 member club!), and holiday fun (family in town, Christmas AND Hanukkah shopping, Christmas parties, car club charity event, and an upcoming cruise!) there just hasn't been any time to slow down and enjoy a good grilling experience on the kamado. I've had to resort to cranking the gasser' on high to quickly cook and get dinner on the table for those few weekend meals that haven't come off the stove top. Sadly, it has been MONTHS since I've had the opportunity (and even will) to take the time to cook on my kamado. Until this past Sunday that is! My neighbor surprised me with a really nice, thoughtful gift. Nothing big, but it was great! He stopped by late Friday evening with a vacuum sealed, brined, spatchcocked chicken. I'm talking this was the most spatchcoked bird I've ever handled; someone took the time to remove not just the back bone (about as far as I ever go) and also removed the sternum and ribs and such. I know some people do this to this extreme but I've never gotten this deep in the anatomy of a bird. LOL I wanted to grill it up right, so I wheeled the kamado out and threw a handful of hickory/apple/chardonnay chips on the charcoal. The bird came out moist and flavorful! Hopefully once life slows down a touch I'll get some low-n-slow cooks in. I currently have two chickens, two corned beefs, a pork shoulder, and a rack of ribs in the freezer downstairs for the smoker!
  2. New Vision Pro S Owner questions

    Mine is tight... Is your's set down squarely? If you place it into the stand in such a manner that the contours for the ash drawer interfere with the stand, it could cause the issue you are describing.
  3. Question about the Vision from Sam's Club

    I get a little smoke out of the side of the drawer too when using my BBQ Guru. Without the guru, the natural airflow is typically enough to draw it out of the chimney. I don't have any issues choking the fire dead at the end of a cook either even though it's not the most airtight setup ever.
  4. I love my Vision and wouldn't turn back. But... (!!!) If I was to win the lottery I'd have a KJ sitting in a custom outdoor kitchen! It's the small little touches on the KJ that make it a nicer unit. But I'm not sure it's actually worth the money to step up from the Vision to the KJ.
  5. Professional model Home Depot

    Sounds like a good deal! I bought mine on sale for $600. I love it!
  6. Thank you John Setzler for the guidance on the smoked burger project I had for work. Today we had a firearms day for our agency's Citizen's Academy and a graduation. I smoked forty 1/2 lb. burgers and finished them on the grill. My wife and I pre-prepared 10 lbs. of potatoes into bacon potato salad, and my wife made a lot of fresh salad this morning. All-in-all it was not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning while getting paid and it was an honor to cook for this group of citizens who've shown interest in learning about what my brothers and sisters do!!!! Here are some photos of the success! Oh yeah! My wife came with me today and was a huge help! One of my co-workers let her have some trigger time, so I took a break from the cooking to take some photos of her too!
  7. Auto temp control

    I'm using a BBQ Guru device and I love it!
  8. Deflector question

    I hope these are helpful giving you guys some kind of idea of the size of the pizza pan I posted in relation to the rest of the Vision Kamado.
  9. Deflector question

    Here is the pan: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AII10C0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 When I ordered it, it was only $25. I've heard that with some careful looking, one can find this pan for even cheaper! It's also been nice for use as a griddle; placed down where the heat deflector would go. Great for doing up some onions then smashing burgers on it!
  10. Deflector question

    It sounds like you have yourself a good setup in the works! I use the ceramic stone (from The Ceramic Grill Store) as a heat deflector and put my pizzas up on the cast iron pizza pan/skillet. It's simple and it works well! Forgive the store bought dough!!!!!
  11. Smoked Burger Test Fire!

    I'll do the burgers that morning; pre-cooking them and then grilling them just in time for lunch.
  12. So as some of you have probably already seen in a previous thread, I've been tasked with preparing 40 meals for our Law Enforcement Citizen's Academy graduating mid November. I needed to come up with something nicer than "boring burgers and dogs", but I wanted to keep it on the simple side so I can prepare it with just my wife's help. I decided on fancy smoked burgers, with bacon potato salad and a side salad. This weekend, I fired up the new gas smoker for the second time to test out John Setzler's Smoked Burger recipe. I have to say, I'm really happy with the gas smoker! It's not the best smoker I've every handled. And it's nowhere as good as my Vision S-Series. But It runs up to temperature VERY fast! Prep time on the smoker is short and simple. I'd say that from carrying it out of the garage to being up to temperature was five to eight minutes. With the gas set to somewhere between low and medium, the smoker actually overshot my 300 degree mark and was up at 400. I dialed back the gas and opened up the vents a little. The vent situation is a little counter-intuitive to those of use who are really used to kamado smokers and other conventional style smokers where you use the vents to control airflow. With the gas smoker you are more using the vents to control the retention of heat. With the vents open the smoker runs cooler as it lets the heat escape. Closing the vents causes it to run hotter as the heat is trapped. It's a little weird! LOL So here are the 1/2 lb. burgers prepped the evening before using John Setzler's recipe from his video: And here is the smoker doing it's thing on a VERY cold evening! Here is the fully dressed burger wearing two slices of Gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado. And the trifecta of condiments as well. Damn it was a good burger! Thank you John Setzler for the guidance!
  13. John- I put together the burgers today to go onto the smoker tomorrow. I'm very excited as they smell really good!
  14. I'm going to try it as is with about a tbsp. of Stubbs BBQ Rub this weekend as a test cook for my big graduation meal. I'm excited to be trying it and working with the gas smoker (although I prefer to smoke and grill with my Kamado). I had someone donate a charcoal grill to my cause at work so I can get that going hot and finish the burgers on that for the graduation lunch!
  15. John! I typed up the recipe from your video. Did I miss anything? ½ lb. Smoked Burgers Ingredients · 1 .lb. beef · 2 tbsp. dried parsley · 1 ½ tsp. dried dill · 1 tsp. garlic powder · 2 tsp. onion powder · 2 tsp. onion flakes · 1 tsp. dried chives · 1 to 3 tbsp. BBQ rub · Gouda cheese slices · Burger toppings (lettuce, tomato, onion) Directions 1. Prepare smoker for 300 degrees and select smoking wood. 2. Whisk together seasoning blend and gently work into ground beef. 3. Press out ½ lb. burger patties. 4. Smoke to 150 degrees internal – hopefully for around 40 minutes. 5. Sear burgers to finish. 6. Melt Gouda cheese on top!