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  1. Good luck with that repair!!! You should be able to get it stuck on fairly well. Then maybe contact Vision and see if they'll send you some of the matched paint to touch up the seems.
  2. I would have loved to have purchased a KJ or BGE, but... So long story short: Our gas grill was on it's last legs, and we did a lot of research and decided to buy the same kind of gas grill. When we got to Home Depot, we saw a Vision S-Series Professional kamado grill sitting right next to the gas grill we were going to buy. Instead of buying a grill that night, we went home and researched Vision kamado grills. The next morning, I bought the Vision kamado for $600-ish. I then ordered about $150 to $180 in parts for our old gasser and basically rebuilt it. You don't have to get into BGE money to get into a good kamado that will give you quality, fun, and great food!!!!
  3. Every night, I lay down next to the wife in bed, and she turns off the lights. I close my eyes and I see Aaron Franklin's jiggly, moist, beautiful brisket in my head. And then I have to start talking about it to my wife. She just wants to go to bed and I just want to smoke. It's my goal this summer to smoke a perfect brisket in my Vision. I want to pull out of the smoker, drop it on the cutting board, and watch it jiggle just a touch. I want to slide that knife across in slices and watch it fall away moist and juicy, just barely holding itself together. I want to droop it over the back of my hand to see how flexible it is, then lightly tug on it to see if start to crumble a touch. And then I want to see my wife to put it in her mouth and squeal with joy and have a big smile because I just rocked that brisket!!!!! I'm obsessed. Disclaimer; I've only ever smoked two briskets in my life. The first was on a little Brinkman Smoke N' Grill and it sucked. All that little smoker was good for was chicken. The brisket turned out like a little dense football. My second brisket was this past summer on my Vision and came out a little better. It wasn't the best. It was just palatable and made better filler for brisket chili. But I will conquer brisket!
  4. I scrape the ash out before every cook (much easier now with the KickAsh basket I won in a challenge here!). After each cook, I clean the grates, then wipe down all exterior surfaces including the "nest" and shelves. Then it sits overnight in the garage before I cover it and put it away in the garage.
  5. Good luck grill brother!
  6. And from their website: Q: Upon inspection of the interior fire bowl, I noticed a crack running from the bottom of the expansion joint to the center of the fire bowl. A: Periodically, unglazed ceramic will have surface fractures. These appear as cracks, but will not affect the integrity or performance of the interior fire bowl. If any cracking migrates or the fire bowl breaks, please email a picture of the damage to the Vision Grills customer support team ( To keep your fire bowl in the best condition possible, do not remove it after installation. It's something I worry about myself!!!!!
  7. I'm only telling you this to hopefully ease any disappointment you may end up experiencing... This same issue has been posted on here and if I remember correctly, Vision has replied to those users that this crack is not abnormal and to not remove the firebox from the outer shell to avoid further damage. I certainly wish you good luck though in getting it fixed/replaced!!!! Some similar issues: From one of the threads: This is the email from them. Thank you for the photos. This is not an uncommon occurrence with any ceramic grill, especially after several uses. As you know, the purpose of the fire bowl is to hold fuel. If it ever fails to do so, it will be replaced (per our warranty). It is our experience that cracks like this rarely develop into a broken fire bowl. I would urge you not to remove the fire bowl to clean it, but keep it in place in the grill. A shop vac will work well to clean out the ash. I will keep your photos on file should there be any issues in the future. As for the gaskets, they are covered for a year, but your grill isn’t registered. Please do so on our website here: and send a picture of your receipt by return email. Once we have those, we’ll send you a new set of gaskets. Best,
  8. I find I really enjoy the process of the pre and post cook rituals. I like setting my kit up the way I like it, preparing the food, and then the cook. Afterwards, I take my time to wipe down the exterior of my grill, the grates, and prepare it to go back in my garage. Of course I don't roll it back in until it's cooled. I think with the season, I'll get to enjoy my rituals a little more. One thing that is going to throw a hitch in my game is our kitchen remodel that should be officially kicking off at the end of this month. For about a month we'll be without a kitchen; we have plans to set up shop in the basement on the (wet) bar. We already have a microwave and fridge/freezer down there. The air fryer will move downstairs along with a bunch of dishes. I'm thinking food prep is going to be a PITA!!!!! But I'm getting my dream kitchen. We're knocking out a load bearing wall between the kitchen and living room, and then doubling the size of the island. Everything is getting a marble like white (medium gray) quartz. And new appliances!
  9. Okay! Okay! I've been found out. The weather here was really mild this winter. But for me, when that grill gets rolled out of the garage, my tailgate chair gets set up and Jack Daniels gets poured or a PBR gets opened. I'm feeling it. The time is now!
  10. I "restored" my wife's old gas grill this past summer to use in foul and cold weather. Sometime over this winter, I transitioned over to using the gasser entirely because of the cold. Well, I did smoke a pork shoulder in January and a chuck roast in February, and a chicken a couple of weeks ago. But other than that, I've gotten away from the kamado! New stainless grates, new "flavorizer" bars, and new burners make that thing hum when it comes to burgers, flat iron steaks, and chicken! Not to mention, the best filet I've ever cooked in my life was cooked on that refurb'ed gasser!!! But oh, that kamado. I need to get back to her!!! She is languishing in the garage! What I need to do is one of my "all week cooks" where I prepare a big Sunday dinner on it and also cook all of the food for dinner all week to be sealed in plastic containers. I'm also wanting to try my hand at brisket #2. For the record, I don't count the first brisket I ever tried in my life in my first smoker, a little, PITA, inefficient Brinkman Smoke n' Grill. No, brisket life didn't really start for me until my Vision S-Series came home. I have dreams of turning out a brisket that looks like the brisket Aaron Franklin was handling on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Moist and jiggly. Almost fall apart, but not quite. At least not until you pull on it a little. A good brisket; that's a big goal for me this summer. I'm going to need some help this summer. My wife is Jewish; it makes cooking the foods I REALLY want difficult. No fatties with pork products. I'll be the only person eating the pulled pork. No bacon wrapped awesomeness. (Well just a little, maybe.) Okay. Enough for now. Maybe a little later I'll scroll through some inspiration and get my kamado legs under me again! -John
  11. Nice looking table!
  12. Make sure your kamado is registered and they'll take good care of you. My felt gasket burned up pretty early (first cook) and they offered to send out a replacement for free or upgrade me to the nomex gasket for the cost difference. A month later my top grate sagged and they sent out a new one after I sent them a photo. Great customer service!
  13. I'm running a 13" deflector and I haven't had any issues. I make sure my fire is in the middle and burns outwards.
  14. HELL NO! LOL What a pain in the butt. I think I got very lucky. My grill was running a little hot upon start-up (350-ish), and I think that helped get the chicken up a little faster. And as the grill came down, the chicken temp was going up nice and steady. It took roughly an hour for the grill to come down to my desired smoking temperature of 250. The funny thing is; the CyberQ only ever fired the fan once during the whole cook! LOL I cracked the dome to check the progress a little after it had stabilized at 250 and it fired the fan to bring it back to 250 after the lid was closed. No more frozen smokes for me please.
  15. This almost turned out a disaster! My wife had seen two packs of whole frozen chickens for a good price at Costco and bought some for me to keep on hand for smoking. In anticipation of having me smoke one this weekend, she got one out to thaw for Sunday. Well, yesterday (Sunday) I go to do the prep on the chicken and it's STILL FROZEN SOLID! LOL I have great luck. I proceeded though and spatchcocked the bird, scraped out the frozen giblets, and thoroughly rinsed the chicken in warm water. This loosened up the meat a little. Well enough to work with. I then melted a stick of butter in the microwave and stirred in a healthy helping of Cajun seasoning. Luckily the meat was thawed just enough by this time that I could get the needle for the injector in the meat and inject the warm butter. It was a PITA! LOL To finish it up, I rubbed the outside in the same Cajun seasoning. By the way, I'm using the Kroger stores' family value cheap Cajun seasoning that is usually $1.00 per container. It was discounted though to move it off the shelf for their new label, so I bought eight of them for .53 each! I left the chicken out on the counter for roughly 45 minutes to an hour while I prepped the kamado (Vision S-Series) and my CyberQ. The results turned out way better than the start! I was quite surprised and hand happy with how moist it turned out. Pics below! My pit; a Vision S-Series Professional with CyberQ! Almost done! Nice roasted color and crisping skin! And off the smoker before my wife started picking at it. She loved it! And she is a little skinny, picky eater! And here it is all picked for sandwiches. I poured off some of the drippings into the container and mixed it all up. Great flavor and juicy! And here it is for dinner! We had some Publix hoagie rolls (they make great bread in their bakeries) for the sandwiches for dinner. My wife made a loaf of white bread though that we'll use for dinner tonight, sliced thick Texas toast style. I had mine with some good BBQ sauce and some dill pickle slices. My wife had her's with Boars Head Sub sauce!