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  1. I need to start doing my low-n-slows over night. I find that no matter how early I plan to get started in the AM, I never get the meat on the grill as early as I intend to. And then no matter how long I think it's going to go for, it never finishes as early as I plan in the evening. We've eaten dinner after 8 and 9 pm a bunch because of that. LOL
  2. NICE!!!!!
  3. I spread mine on my wife's vegetable garden. Seems to be doing good for it!
  4. This is pretty neat! A brand new, never used Japanese kamado from the 1960s! https://easttexas.craigslist.org/for/6113770198.html
  5. My recommendation is to get that grill lit and seasoned a little. Fill that bowl with lump charcoal (no charcoal briquettes!) and get it up to between 450 and 550. Then, to celebrate your purchase appropriately, toss on some corn (buttered and sprinkled with salt and pepper, wrapped in tin foil) and a really nice filet (I season mine with garlic salt, fresh ground pepper, and Hungarian paprika). Oh, and maybe a tinfoil pouch filled with sliced mushrooms and onions with butter, and some salt and pepper. These photos are from my first over kamado cook on April 9, 2016. Filets were the first thing I cooked on my kamado to celebrate!
  6. My recommendation is fill your charcoal bowl with lump charcoal and get it started to the point you see your temperature rising on the gauge. Then close your top vent until it's about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch open, and then start dialing it in with your bottom vent. I'd start your bottom vent at about 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch and go from there (more open or more closed on the bottom vent). The goal is to control air flow in and out of the kamado to control temperature and quality of smoke. You want to look for a consistent jet of smoke and heat exhausting from the top vent and a relatively consistent temp on your thermometer. Just keep in mind that temperature adjustments take time to see on the thermometer because of the properties of a ceramic grill. It takes time for it to heat soak, and in turn, it takes time for it to cool down.
  7. I certainly don't do that for fear of making my food taste very acrid with smoke. I find that, after I've gotten my Vision up to smoking temp and it's heat soaked, if I keep mine cracked open about 1/8 of an inch up top, and one of the dial vents below about 1/4 of an inch open, I can pretty much maintain my target temperature and I get a steady jet of the desirable color of smoke coming out. Recently I've been using a CyberQ; I keep both bottom vents closed with the CyberQ's fan in the electric starter door, with the top vent cracked about 1/8 of an inch open and I get the steady jet of smoke of a desirable color coming out as well as VERY steady temperatures.
  8. What flyingscot64 said; there is a learning curve to using these things and once you get the hand of it, well it feels damn good! And of course, there are rewards. Great food! To start up my lump, I typically have used an electric starter. I find it's much more consistent and quicker getting my lump going. I've done the ol' cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol a couple of times but I seem to have to put a lot of work into getting that going and it typically takes multiple attempts and lots of my wife's cotton balls. I used to do my "low-n'-slow" cooks much like you describe in your post; the top vent is open a fraction of an inch, and the bottom vent is pretty much on "1" or sometimes even less. Now I have a CyberQ and I have that hooked up for the slow cooks and I get ridiculously even temperature control! To choke my fire, it found it takes more than just shutting down all of the vents and letting it sit. I use an $8 ash rake I bought from Amazon to knock out the coals and spread them around. (https://www.amazon.com/Bayou-Classic-500-586-Ash-Rake/dp/B004CPFBQ2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497979514&sr=8-1&keywords=ash+rake)
  9. This started on the grill; the other night when I cooked the Mediterranean Chicken Skewers, I also through the chicken on for this dish seasoned with Cajun seasoning. I hit it with a light touch of hickory from chips. It went into the refrigerator overnight and I made the pasta up last night. It was good!!!
  10. Here is what I started with: https://www.tastemade.com/videos/green-goddess-chicken-skewers
  11. Pretty much all done! It is soooooooo much easier to navigate around and cook in the remodeled kitchen. My wife and I don't get in each other's way, and it's even managable with the dogs under foot!!!!
  12. Oops! I didn't take many photos, but it came out great! I forgot to take a photo of it plated! It was plated with white rice and herbed hummus. It was very good and didn't last long!
  13. I found sometimes I was burning up a complete bowl of charcoal after shutting down, and sometimes I wasn't. What I found was when I used an ash rake to spread out the charcoal when I'm done with a cook, before I close up the grill, I don't burn up the charcoal. If I just shut it all down and walk away, the next day I'll find all of my lump to have been burned up. Grab yourself one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Bayou-Classic-500-586-Ash-Rake/dp/B004CPFBQ2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497441802&sr=8-1&keywords=ash+rake and knock your lump out before you shut that grill up after a cook and I bet you'd see some favorable results.
  14. I wonder if it's to lock it closed so that it doesn't accidentally get jarred open and let airflow keep the coals going. ETA: Duh. Just re-read the OP's post and he said it locks it full open.
  15. Big couple of days! We were able to move the furniture back into the rooms this past weekend, and this morning the quartz counter tops were installed! Tomorrow the plumber will do his thing and the back splash will be tiled in. Wednesday the appliances are installed!