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  1. I'm participating in a BBQ competition this coming Friday and Saturday, and there is a secret ingredient that is revealed at the last minute in the "Anything Butt" category. The secret ingredient has been revealed and it's Johnsonville Bratwurst. We have a couple of ideas kicking around on our team, but I have a concern... Our team is using two smokers; I believe they are Webber Smokey Mountain? I don't know anything about them!!!! I hear they like to run at 250 degrees and don't push much past that. Can they do 350 or 400? My idea is to do a Bratwurst Wellington with either a Mustard Gravy or a Mustard Cream Sauce (or both!). It's been awhile since I've messed with anything like Beef Wellington, and I was wondering what is the best temp to cook it at and if the Webber can do that. Thanks guys!!!!!
  2. Great Chicken Dinner!

    10-4. I poured about 1/4 of the "marinade" over the chicken in a ziplock bag to marinate over night. The rest is reserved as a sauce.
  3. Great Chicken Dinner!

    The marinade/sauce: parsley and mint. (Very little mint, a lot of parsley!)
  4. Quick and easy on the grill after putting it on skewers after marinading all night! I served it on white rice, with humus on top, and some marinade reserved as a sauce. And then some green onion and sriracha to give it both a flavor and visual kick! Unfortunately, my wife disliked it about as much as I liked it. And I liked it a lot!
  5. I found this at Restaurant Depot this past weekend for $10 for a 20 lb bag. Is this a good charcoal and is this a good price? Thank you!
  6. I've been campaigning for a smoker to be fit into our budget!
  7. So we hosted another Patrol Rifle class and solicited $5 from each student to have a cook-out on the last day of the class (today). I bought six flat iron steaks, mushrooms, onions, seasoning, and potato salad with the money and this is the result!
  8. cast iron heat deflector

    I'd be concerned about it heating up and radiating heat. Hopefully someone can give some sound advice on this!
  9. "Training" for a BBQ comp!

    We took second overall (out of three teams) and First in Ribs. The great thing is we learned what was lacking (mostly flavor issues) and we know what to do about it! It's amazing to me; the food we turned out was great tasting... ...for regular home cooked BBQ. But it needed more punch for a competition!
  10. A little over a year ago I attended a BBQ school (Southern Thunder BBQ School). This year, Southern Thunder reached out to former students and asked if anybody would be interested in competing at a large festival in our area. The school was able to put together three teams from the people that replied. Yesterday, the school hosted a "test" competition for us to help us get ready for the real thing. The instructors volunteered their time and the teams chipped in to pay for the venue and meats. We had to turn in our boxes at certain times and even had three judges on hand to grade our efforts. It was a lot of fun!!!
  11. HAHAHAHA All of the comments make me smile! Typically, this is how I do the brats: 1. Pre Bath - beer, pureed onions, garlic, fresh ground pepper, butter, crushed red pepper flakes - Boil! 2. Grill for a nice sear. Brown those suckers up! 3. Post bath - beer, sliced onions, garlic, fresh ground pepper, butter, crushed red pepper flakes - Boil! 4. Serve - with buns, spicy mustard, raw onions, and copious amounts of alcoholic beverage!
  12. I wanted to do my full beer brat recipe, but I can't be bringing that beer around my office! LOL
  13. Here at work, we cover week long firearms classes outdoors. A couple of years ago I was honored when a command staff member who was teaching a firearms class asked me to cook lunch for his class because he saw what I cook on Facebook. Last week, one of my coworkers asked me to pick that up again. So here's how it works: The lead instructor collects $5 from each student and associate instructors (in this case, it was 15 students, and 6 or 7 instructors). I get the cash and the BJ's Club Card to go pick out ingredients and such. I kinda' have to keep the food simple and easy to prepare and easy to eat. I cook it up on the last day of class and it's served during the lunch break! So this time I bought 48 bratwurst, green bell peppers, onions, honey mustard, Dale's sauce, Italian dressing sriracha, garlic, a pepper grinder, hot dog buns, spicy mustard, potato salad, and coleslaw. The veggies were marinated in a mixture of Italian dressing, Dale's sauce, honey mustard, sriracha, garlic, and fresh ground pepper. This is a slightly modified marinade I use at the house for skewers that my wife really likes. As the brats get cooked, they come off the grill and into the simmering mixture of veggies and marinade. It went pretty well!
  14. So I have a Vision S-Series with a KickAsh basket. Prior to getting my KickAsh, I used an electric starter inserted through the door on my grill for electric starters. With the KickAsh, the electric starter doesn't work as well. I tried using cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol, but it seemed to take forever to get a fire started (usually after 4 or 5 cotton balls and a half a container of rubbing alcohol). I tried putting alcohol soaked cotton balls on the ash drawer but it ended up requiring me to fuel the starter fire with paper towels and newspaper. Currently I'm sticking my electric starter down into the fire-bowl of charcoal from the top. I'm interested in trying out those actual fire starter cubes (somebody mentioned an affordable one in another thread), but I'm concerned about putting them on my ash drawer because I don't want to cause issues with that warping. I'm not a fan of trying to start it from the top by putting a fire starter in a "bowl" of charcoal (because I haven't had any success doing this with soaked cotton balls). Can I place a fire starter in the bottom of my KickAsh basket, load my lump charcoal on top of that, and then light my fire starter to get it going and the bottom of the charcoal soon after? Will the fire starter be able to burn with the lump on top of it?