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  1. I'm thrilled with how good this came out! https://foodtribe.com/p/these-are-the-best-carne-asada-PfStMKMJQe67F7td5T5LQg
  2. Here is an article I did on my past weekend's smoke on FoodTribe. If you guys haven't heard of FoodTribe, it was started by the blokes formally of Top Gear - now of Grand Tour. If you have the time, consider signing up and following me! I actually get a couple of bucks each month from them to write articles. https://foodtribe.com/p/easy-bbq-dinner-XMSy8fAESq6xHeTJjsFPqw
  3. Here's what I ordered (but they appear out of stock): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08ZYF7NZS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And here is another low cost option. Hell, these are even cheaper! https://www.amazon.com/JUXATECH-Handle-Wrangler-Handles-Accessories/dp/B08JGLP69W/ref=sr_1_1?crid=12EJIO0U4RAQT&dchild=1&keywords=roll+bar+grab+handles&qid=1627933985&refinements=p_85%3A2470955011&rnid=2470954011&rps=1&sprefix=roll+bar+grab+hand%2Ctools%2C188&sr=8-1
  4. I started drinking PBR in college when it was REALLY cheap and affordable. I grew to like it! HAHAHAHA!
  5. @CentralTexBBQ Thanks for posting up the video you shared. I went to Harbor Freight and snagged a two-pack of lashing straps for $3.99. I then went on Amazon and found two-packs of Jeep roll bar grab handles; I bought two two-packs for a total of $8.48. So for $12.47 I was able to put together a kamado moving rig that worked BEAUTIFULLY!
  6. I hadn't cooked on my Vision S-Series Professional in well over a year! The cart got kind of sketchy and I was storing it in my garage between cooks, so I didn't want to roll it around and risk collapsing the cart and shattering my ceramic. Unfortunately, and fortunately, the deck on my house started falling apart and we had to have it ripped off and replaced. We decided to have it rebuilt larger, and enclosed! I have a little area for my cooking hobby which I finally got set up this Friday. Then yesterday (Sunday), I fired up the kamado and threw a chicken and some mac n' cheese on. I'm looking forward to getting back into cooking on my kamado!
  7. Thanks! It all went fine and my Vision has been moved to it's new home!
  8. I got it freed by tapping it on the countertop. Sucks there is no way to clean it out.
  9. I wrap my diffuser stone in foil and send it!
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! What have they done to The Pit Pal!?!?! I've still got it on my phone and I love it! It's still here: https://www.amazon.com/The-Pit-Pal-BBQ-App/dp/B00B0IDT6S The CyberQ was a PITA to connect at first; I had issues with port forwarding and other internet things I am no good at. but once I figured it out, it seemed laughably easy. I went with the spider because I was spending a ton of money at the time and needed to sneak it in under the wife's nose a little. I love the wok for Peruvian food (Pollo Saltado!) and Pad Thai. Pollo Saltado:
  11. Yep! I actually have three things from the Ceramic Grill Store; the spider ring, the ceramic stone, and the 16" carbon steel wok. All work beautifully in the Series Professional! It sucks to hear that people have had issues with the Dyna units. With the Digi line of products, it doesn't come with an app but I'm wondering if it works with The Pit Pal app. The older CyberQ I use doesn't have an app but I use the Pit Pal for monitoring my cooks as well as the laptop. The cool thing is, you log into it's wifi address and it generates the page in the web browser for you to see. It's nothing fancy but it works!
  12. I got a CyberQ for Christmas several uears ago and purchased the adapter to get it all to work. I LOVE the CyberQ! It's pretty damn cool!
  13. I have this fan for my kamado: I'm having a problem where the little tab that can block off the flow or limit it is stuck. Any suggestions on what I can use, safely, to free it up? Thanks!
  14. Yeah! I dropped the KickAsh into my Kamado and had to start using the electric starter by stuffing it straight down into the bowl from the top. HAHAHA! If you are ever interested in using some sort of BBQ controller, the BBQGuru adapter is useful for our grills. https://bbqguru.com/storenav/Index?categoryId=&&productId=18
  15. I started out using the electric starter through the starter door, but ended up ditching that when I started using a KickAsh basket. I am back using the starter door these days, but it's where my BBQGuru CyberQ fan plugs into my kamado!
  16. Sounds like maybe smoke, sous vide, and then maybe torch it to create the bark?
  17. I actually stopped using more kamado, more than a year ago, because the stupid cart for mine got sketchy and I didn't want it falling down and breaking my kamado or causing my house to burn down. I have a new deck and I'm arranging my cookers outside on it in a BBQ area. I just ordered a replacement cart under warranty. Ughhhh. It was basically $30 to replace the cart. Well, they said the cart was free and the cost covered shipping. Basically, I feel like they're selling the cart to me at cost plus shipping. I wish I had gotten a Kamado Joe, but I had no clue what I was doing when I bought my Vision from Home Depot all those years ago! Wish me luck getting fired up again! :D
  18. While in my absence from this awesome place, I was gifted an Anova sous vide cooker, and I've had a lot of success cooking steak and chicken with it. I've been really curious about the idea of doing a LONG sous vide and kamado cook with a brisket. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, as I "don't know what I don't know." And because of that, I don't know what to even ask. My only question has to do with brisket size; does it matter how small the brisket is that I start with? It's just my wife and I, plus there are limits to my cooking vessel sizes for the sous vide part. Oh yeah, smoke first or sous vide first? Is it best to get some smoke into the meat and then finish it low and slow in the sous vide? Or cook it low and slow in teh sous vide and then introduce the smoke and hopefully get some bark on the outside in the kamado to finish it? Ughhhhh. Am I complicating this? :D
  19. @TomC23 I think you got some good advice here from these folks. I just wanted to relate my personal experience learning how to run my kamado. My first every cook was a steak dinner. I wanted hot and hard HEAT! I fired up my Vision Kamado and set it up for AIR FLOW! The next thing I know, the thermometer on the dome was PEGGED!!!! Somewhere over 700°F. Maybe way over that! But, my steaks came out okay - I used (and still use) a good thermometer to get my steaks where I want them. But for a minute it was an out-of-control situation! My next couple of cooks saw me trying to smoke meats. I chased temperatures up and down, in frustration, trying to get what I wanted for a good smoked bird or pork shoulder. I came here and got a lot of talking-down-off-the-ledge! I eventually learned how to manage the airflow for my particular kamado. That came with the experience of using it. The one thing I learned, and others may disagree with me, but cooking on a kamado is an event. It's not like firing up the gas grill to throw dinner on quickly. You have to build your fire, get things where you want, and then cook your food. One thing I used to do at my house centered around Sunday dinners. I like the idea of a special Sunday meal with my wife, and cooking on the kamado, an event (again, in my opinion) fit into this special meal. So we would throw on some good steaks, and some good side items, and a bunch of other meats for the rest of the week. It worked out perfectly! On top of that, it became an enjoyable event. We'd sit out by the kamado, have a couple of drinks, pick at some morsels off the grill, and then everything would come of the grill onto a tray to be carried in for dinner and putting into containers for the other meals during the week. My biggest suggestion to you is figure out what you need to do to make this fun! :D For me, it was treating the kamado experience as an event. And what an experience it is! The smells, the tastes, the feeling of accomplishment when other people enjoy your food (and a little bit of a show)! By the way, my kamado is coming out of retirement so I can enjoy these experiences once more!
  20. I just ordered two sets of grab handles for Jeep roll bars from Amazon and I'm going to run by Harbor Freight and snag a two pack of lashing straps. I'll be into this for less than $15! Thanks for linking that first video @CentralTexBBQ!!!
  21. Holy crap! That looks so simple and practical! A new plan is forming!
  22. Reading your account gave me a visual that had me laughing! I remember grabbing my Vision kamado from Home Depot, maybe back in 2016? It just fit in the back of my wife's Ford Escape (laying on it's back, all boxed up). My wife was at the gym, so I was on my own and couldn't wait to get it all set up. I very, very carefully slid that sucker out of my wife's littel SUV on the ground and started unboxing it. When it came time to set it in the stand, I'm pretty sure I ruptured every internal organ in my body lifting it up by myself! HAHAHAHA
  23. I'm doubtful anybody is going to remember me; it's been a few years since I've posted! I haven't been using my kamado AT ALL since I had noticed the crappy stand started to fail where the casters screw in on the bottom. I had contacted Vision Grills to get it fixed, but they were going to charge me $28 to ship out replacement parts, under warranty. I thought this was a bit crappy, to incur financial liability to get their less-than-awesome cart design replaced on my own dime, under their warranty, so I did nothing. Pretty stupid right, since I wasn't able to safely use the grill! :D Fast forward more than a year later and we just had our old deck tore off the house and replaced, and I decided to move my Vision Kamado out of the garage onto the new deck (it's first time being stored outside!) alongside the Blackstone 36" that was also garage stored and the gas grill that was already a deck fixture. I've gone ahead and bit the bullet and paid for the shipping on a replacement stand from Vision and also ordered a round grill mat to place under it to keep the crap off my deck. I'm interested in hearing your folks' suggestions in how to move one of these heavy ### things without breaking the grill or myself! :D One person has suggested this to me: I'm considering rigging something similar to this if I can find some old ammo pallets here at work. I figured I could use ratchet straps in lieu of threaded bar to secure the lifting points to the kamado, and also rig an under-sling. My biggest concern though is on removing the Vision Pro-s's one piece fire ring though. They are known to develop cracks from heat cycling, and I am wondering if it's worth the risk to remove it for lifting. It would be a good opportunity to break out the shop vac and clean the sucker out though, with the fire ring out. I tell you what; I'm excited to get my kamado back into use! I'm not crazy about the idea of storing it outside, but I believe I will probably use it more often than I have of late. I'll have to share my outdoor cooking setup once everything is in place and setup. Thanks for any tips you guys might be able to offer!
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