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  1. Ive tried the swineapple several times as well...with less than good results...It looks good going on the smoker, but the pineapple seems to turn to mush before the pork is done! Thank God for the bacon wrap!!
  2. Wow...Thanks for all the info! Im really enjoying this site! The Model she got me was the Akorn kamado Kooker mod #6718 Black pebble finish 20 in. I think this will be a great replacement for my old R2D2 smoker..Looking forward to trying it out next weekend! Thanks again, Dave
  3. Hi All, My wife bought me a Kamado last week for my birthday, I have been smoking on offsets for years..But never used one of these. Can anyone give me some ideas on what best method to use for a fire, I usually use the Minion method but not sure if it will work on this! And any other info you want to throw at me would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!
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