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  1. Stile 88

    How do you get to 800F?

    Not sure why you need the kamado up to 800 for any cook including pizza i have cooked pizza just fine at 500 and up and like was said at that temp it can get away from you if your at 800 in the dome your at least 1400 and up at the bottom of your kamado the higher dome temp goes the higher the bottom of your kamado will be
  2. Stile 88

    New goodies for the Primo XL.

    awesome cook didnt know that kick ash made a divider is that just for primo or do they make divider for the others
  3. Stile 88

    Pork loin stuffed with Apple

    wow that looks amazing look at all the moisture yum yum
  4. hey its your grill do what you want go crazy and experiment but your first question was this that you posted Has anyone ever tried to cook pizza with the top vent removed, to try and get better airflow? those of us that have experimented and done so for many years ans your question and told you why we dont take our top vent off in the above post you say your not a rookie but still learning with your grill and you havent done what you are asking which is taking your top vent off you may be a vet to cooking on your grill but u are a rookie when it comes to this question while the rest of has done this and we are offering advise to u which way to go but again go wild and do experiment its your grill
  5. refer the the above posts and you will achieve what you want we get its not your first rodeo but cooking in any cooker is a learning experience even for us vets..good luck lots of good advice above
  6. Looks so delicious where were these gaskets when i had my green egg lol
  7. Stile 88

    Don't stone me but....

    here are some recipes https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food-recipes/healthy/g2086/vegetable-grill-recipes/ there are also veggie burgers you can do that is a winner like the pizza let us know what you decide to do
  8. Stile 88


    lol that is a given with any cooker
  9. Stile 88

    FS Traeger Timberline 850

    Congrats to you my friend i bet you are churning some delicious food where you are ...
  10. Stile 88

    My XL Egg restoration

    You did a very nice job on that and for sure cant beat the price looks brand new
  11. when i got my used bge i had a large size i got all the accessories ect for 650 700 new price for large is 850 but that is with just the stand and egg with accessories around 1100 if i could go back in time i might be inclined to get a new Joe cause it comes with everything... good luck choosing but whatever you chose i am sure you will love cooking on any of them
  12. Stile 88

    Man did I miss kamado pizza

    yum yum love pizza on the kk looks fantastic shelly
  13. Stile 88

    Kamado Joe Classic II - Stainless Cart KJ-SST

    that is really nice excellent setup
  14. Stile 88

    Kickash basket

    I own a KK and you are absolutely correct on that
  15. Stile 88

    Conspiracy Theory - KK's KK

    Congrats on getting a KK you are going to love cooking on it ...looks too clean you need to start cooking on it lol