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  1. Unless you have a Kalamazoo hybrid grill you will never get a gas grill to taste like lump in a kamado
  2. I dont think you need to bring any kamado to 900f dome temp imagine what the temp in the belly will be.. but hey its your kamado if you want to operate at those temps that is up to you but very dangerous and can got out of control good luck
  3. you had failed to mention that in your posts if you pulled it at 210 its going to still cook resting so yes its a little overdone. i try to cook mine to just under 200 then let it rest turns out perfect every time but each piece of meat is different i take my temp probe and if i can slide it in like butter your brisket is done but pretty much magic number is 203 brisket can be difficult or easy it all depends this is trial by error you will get it down
  4. My lowes is carrying kj lump now been using that and mine burns fine nothing like you describe. now cowboy lump is a different story that was terrible
  5. Ah nice is it a rec tec wyld side Or is it a kalamazoo lol
  6. i use corn meal it wont stick like that then ... the before pics look great
  7. Exactly what TKOBBQ said i was getting brand new in box large bge in my area for 600-750 with accesories from cl I believe 800 850 is what a large bge goes for brand new So that is a bad deal for just the guts when this peep got a brand new top and bottom
  8. i grabbed 3 yesterday today its back up to normal price of 24.99
  9. Look into RECTEC they are built to last
  10. cowboy like you said is the worst lump ever even some off brand of lump is better then cowboy so its not an off bag my lowes is now selling the joe lump i think that might be better then ro but my goto lump has always been ro
  11. Congrats your going to love the bull i just got the bfg and i got both pellet mixes the perfect mix and the ultimate blend to me they both are good pellets others have recommended lunberjack or pit boss competition blend your going to have to experiment on what you like but the REC TECS are built like tanks and i am very impressed on how they keep temps dead on since i have been using mine also if you have any questions at all about anything the RECTEC crew is a phone call away the customer service is unreal happy smoking
  12. In a kamado you always have moist food not so much in a gaser or a weber kettle for example i always have great smoke rings and never have had a issue with any ceramic cooker i owned just the nature of the beast with these cookers
  13. No need for a water pan inside a kamado
  14. When i cook in my kk i dont have need for any water or water pan and yes i read the article
  15. I dont know about that to me its just cooking with steam
  16. dont forget if the price is right the surrounding areas near you might have some bites good luck
  17. my buddy got a primo xl with all the accessories plus divider and stainless table used he paid 1000 bucks for everything so i am thinking just slightly lower you should be right on par
  18. In your kettle have you noticed any warpage on the slow and sear because of the high heat
  19. The main benefit to the kab is better airflow you will not get that benefit by just placing on top of all of that
  20. I see now that is pretty cool i bet when you do a second cook you will get same results love how kj keeps innovating
  21. Thats awesome John cant argue with those results looks delicious @John Setzler what exactly is the SLoROLLER is it just a deflector ???
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