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  1. i have used a heat gun 1500w mine gets hot in a hurry with this method i would say probably very similar looft lighters(which btw i have never used)
  2. Looks fantastic yum yum How did you like the pitboss pellets?
  3. Yes you do lol Isnt that 1300 more then you need On the plus side you get the new controller with the 575
  4. I was cooking on bge large for many many years i had 2 larges at one time the large has a ton of room to cook what ever you want .the one thing i never liked with bge is all the added accesories you have to pay extra for If i had to do it all over again i think i would go kj especially with their divide and conquor system and other innovations as of late
  5. Awesome did you do it the same way or did you do it slightly different Is your favorite way of doing this pellet or charcoal ?
  6. Looks fantastic John yum yum I see that you have done the rib on the joe have you done a rib on the timberline and if so how did it turn out
  7. There are risks with anything in life you do and at the end of the day do what is best for you if you dont like tin foil dont use it if you dont like using butcher paper dont use that either there is a risk of breathing the air we breathe too .. anyway tin foil is really is a non factor
  8. You will have to measure i believe the bayou classic the grate is 18.5" the big green egg place setter might work however the grill grate in a large is 18 in but it should fit on your fire box. maybe the divide and conquer system for kamado joe will work for you as well but i dont have one or had one in the past perhaps the Joe peeps will chime in ...
  9. I agree with you 100 percent but from his pic if he had his vents wide open the flames would be dancing so high and his temps would for sure rise .. just seeing the embers like that and wide open both vents suggest a restriction in airflow before firebox if he closed vents like you suggest i bet the fire would almost go out(i tried that with my egg when i was having issues like this and it snuffed out in 7 min or so ) but you are right you want to trap the heat i had this very thing happen in my bge once i unplugged all the holes in firebox ect with ash it worked as intended and once i got kick ash basket problem was solved
  10. More likely its the not cleaning and ash plugging up the holes like what was said above ..when i had my bge i had same issue until i got the kick ash basket ..when i got my kk i never have these issues period .
  11. Happy Birthday John hope you are having a great day
  12. Wish they would of had that top vent when i had my bge's Very nice indeed shelves are a nice touch glad your having fun and loving your bge
  13. Not only that moisture inside a kamado if left unused for a period of time will cause mold issues inside your kamado I will never use water inside my grill to clean it ... Like ck said scrape it down and do a high heat and that will do a great job of cleaning it
  14. Post some pictures if you can so we can better assit you
  15. Ah yes sorry about that i guess i did look at austrialian site So the us conversion would be slightly over 1700 so even at that price the timberline 1300 is a hell of a deal with 3 shelves insulated ect and from the pics looks like iron wood only has 2 shelves Not sure if the controller is better but treager says it is Imo i would go timberline
  16. I am still amazed that treager isnt insulating the new grills like timberline series plus the ironwood 885 is 2500 vs timberline 1300 at 2k seems like the timberline series is the better bang for your buck
  17. that is interesting looks like the timberline without the insulation has me wondering why they are not insulating the new grills like they do with 850 and 1300 .. looks great though and the cooks look fantastic
  18. good video and great restoration .. have to love cast iron
  19. surgar plays a role as well with burning the crust as well as temps and also timing you should know this since you are the pro on my cooker i fair out better with lower temps so again i am citing my experiences not yours hope this helps the orginal poster
  20. How long did you let it heat soak at that temp ? I find lower temps work for me better for pizza
  21. i would assume if you remove the charcoal and cook on wood it will be a better flavor i only know 2 companies that have a super smoke mode or should i say more smoke at lower temps and that is treager and rec-tec and both say to cook at the low temps for a couple hrs and jack up the temp from there depending on the cook and of course how you want it to taste little smoke or lots of smoke you seem to have this down and your cooks look amazing on the pellet grill
  22. It is a good gasket indeed but komodo kamado has had a better gasket hinge ect for many years since the beginning when the company began
  23. those look fantastic bosco i bet they tasted much better then any wings you can get in buffalo lol with the exception of fat bobs they cook on off sets.. those coming off a pellet grill and being crispy is very impressive . what are your thoughts on the smoke tube or do you find you have more then enough smoke with the lower temps
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