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  1. 48 minutes ago, hipfan said:

    My smoke thermometer was reading well past 203. I pulled it at about 210 in the point, and the flat was higher than that.


    you had failed to mention that in your posts if you pulled it at 210 its going to still cook resting so yes its a little overdone.


    i try to cook mine to just under 200 then let it rest turns out perfect every time but each piece of meat is different i take my temp probe and if i can slide it in like butter your brisket is done but pretty much magic number is 203


    brisket can be difficult or easy it all depends this is trial by error you will get it down



  2. 2 hours ago, TKOBBQ said:

    I'd say someone got a warranty replacement and now they are trying to pass the cracked one off to someone else for a profit.  Definitely a no go for me.

    Exactly what TKOBBQ said i was getting brand new in box large bge in my area for 600-750 with accesories from cl 


    I believe 800 850 is what a large bge goes for brand new 


    So that is a bad deal for just the guts when this peep got a brand new top and bottom 

  3. On 3/31/2019 at 10:57 AM, joeyhansen said:

    Sorry for resurrecting an old post but I figured it would be preferable to starting a new one. I'm thinking about adding a pellet smoker to the back deck to complement the Primo and the BBQ place I frequent is a Broil King dealer and has one of these. I couldn't find any reviews online. Does anyone have any experience with one of these?


    Originally, I was thinking a Traeger but I like that Broil King makes its stuff in Canada (I try and buy made in Canada, the USA or other countries that pay decent wages as much as possible) and the dealer that sold me my Primo has been good to me so if I can throw another big purchase his way, I'm happy to do so as long as the product is pretty decent.


    Look into RECTEC they are built to last

  4. On 4/19/2019 at 1:08 PM, shuley said:

    What I find is it's better to just be used to your lump, because they all seem to burn slightly differently.  That's why I was so bummed when I ran out of my clearance char broil center cut.  It's stupid expensive to order from their website, so I'm back to RO for now.... And did you have any off taste when using cowboy?  I'm wondering if it was just an off bag.  Luckily my husband returned it and got me a bag of KJ XL instead, then when that ran out I'm back to regular old RO.  


    cowboy like you said is the worst lump ever even some off brand of lump is better then cowboy so its not an off bag


    my lowes is now selling the joe lump i think that might be better then ro but my goto lump has always been ro

  5. On 5/1/2019 at 4:54 PM, mabartle said:

    Well...I've officially come over to the the dark side. I submitted an order for my first pellet grill yesterday, a RecTec Bull RT-700 (including large shelf, folding front shelf, GrillGrates, and cover). I have thoroughly enjoyed my Kamado Joe, but I found myself not grilling as much as I would have liked due to the time involved in dealing with the kamado especially on weeknights. Not that its too terribly labor intensive, but with a busy job and 2 young children, I'm trying to streamline things as much as possible these days. I also wanted something my wife would want use and she was just never interested in messing with the kamado.


    I'm pretty excited for it to arrive. It's supposed to ship out today or tomorrow. Shipping from Atlanta to Portsmouth, Virginia shouldn't take too long but I doubt it will be here before the weekend (bummer). I need to order some pellets so that I will be ready once it arrives. Any recommendations on a good pellet mix for beginners? I looked at the cookinpellets.com Perfect Mix that RecTec recommends on their site. That seems to be a good choice, but I really don't know. 


    Any other things I need to know or buy in advance of its arrival?


    Also...my Kamado Joe classic will be up for sale once the Bull arrives. I thought about keeping it, but we just put in a really nice stone patio and I don't want to take up too much real estate with a grill that doesn't get much use. 


    Thanks in advance for any advice that you all can provide!



    Congrats your going to love the bull i just got the bfg and i got both pellet mixes the perfect mix and the ultimate blend to me they both are good pellets others have recommended lunberjack or pit boss competition blend your going to have to experiment on what you like but the REC TECS are built like tanks and i am very impressed on how they keep temps dead on since i have been using mine

    also if you have any questions at all about anything the RECTEC crew is a phone call away the customer service is unreal


    happy smoking

  6. On 4/20/2019 at 8:03 AM, Shenkbri said:

    If you haven’t started your cook yet, here’s my $.02 

       Humidity aids the development of the smoke ring and also helps produce a smokier flavor as smoke particles will adhere to moist surfaces. This is one reason people spritz their meats. Read this


    In a kamado you always have moist food not so much in a gaser or a weber kettle for example  i always have great smoke rings and never have had a issue with any ceramic cooker i owned just the nature of the beast with these cookers

  7. 5 minutes ago, six501 said:



    Yeah I'm in Albany and the smoking community isn't super high here. I have the divider, the plates, extended rack, smokewave cap, etc etc, even a cover. I'd be ecstatic with anything around $1000


    dont forget if the price is right the surrounding areas near you might have some bites


    good luck

  8. 5 minutes ago, John Setzler said:


    it is not.  It's a new insert.  There is a video posted here in this section of the site that gives you a brief overview of it and the folks who designed it........


    I see now that is pretty cool i bet when you do a second cook you will get same results love how kj keeps innovating

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