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  1. Not sure bosco i have almost half of the money i like to do big purchases in cash i dont like oweing anyone so when i get the full 7k i will do it
  2. Thanks for such a warm welcome and thanks for having me here
  3. The price of a xl bge is 1200 bucks with all the accessories over 2 k for 300 i would jump on it even used you could sell it and make money You will be fine on fuel there is very little difference in consumption between large and xl now the xxl is a hungary beast
  4. A very nice lady that bought one 3 years ago she dosent live to far from me she has a nice setup and a great color for the kk
  5. That is a good point bosco in the bge i am closer to the flame over the weekend i had the opportunity to see a kk 23 up close man what a thing of beauty and i know what u are saying distance wise
  6. Bosco you say you dont find the need to use deflector is this for the 23 or 32 or both just curious
  7. Very nice forum i am currently a bge owner lots of info here now i will have a better look around
  8. I own a bge and its a fantastic grill i dont own a kk yet hopefully soon though i will have to save some pennies but i had the opportunity to see a 23 in person and let me tell you the bge is nothing like the kk like i have been told the kk outclasses all the glazed pots and i can confirm it certainly does Dennis has done a tremendous job with these grills just unreal when you see one versus the pics i plan on getting the 32
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