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  1. I am assuming you are talking about wilcox farms if so they are fantastic cage free and non gmo ext as well
  2. no the kk's main grate is not round maybe you could just set it on the grate perhaps but i would want exact fit. my father has bge still will be a good gift for him
  3. Wish this was available when i had my eggs would of bought it ..very cool thanks for sharing
  4. Excellent thread ck looking forward to your results
  5. great looking pie looks fantastic bosco
  6. You need to bury some in the lump and you can put some on top if you like like you did but they work better in the charcoal also you want it to burn awhile before you put your deflectors in place you dont want the white smoke what you want to cook over is a nice thin blue smoke. also another way that many are doing and have done is a smoke pot
  7. i have never had longevity issue between ro and kj lump and i cook in all kinds of inclement weather
  8. You would get the better deal with kj plus its bigger and kj has great customer service.alot of peeps have kj blaze not so much there is only a few who own it on this forum. And for them they love it ... Good luck on your choice
  9. You wont go wrong with kj they have excellent customer service Congrats on your purchase now is the hard part the wait
  10. nice looking cook indeed looks delicious
  11. Welcome to the forum any ideas what kamado you are thinking about buying???
  12. Very interesting what kind of pellets did you use and how much smokey flavor did u have on your drink
  13. Great start looks delish heres to many more cooks
  14. Welcome to the forum glad you are enjoying your cooker
  15. Not at all for me i run mine all the time overnight without a controller as well
  16. Do you have all those pellet cookers you have mentioned?
  17. I disagree my local lowes and home depot also walmart have wood chunks and chips available at very reasonable prices also there are many sites online where you can get the chunks as well at good prices
  18. https://m.facebook.com/kickashbasket Their number is on their facebook page
  19. indeed spring has sprung very nice cook looks fantastic
  20. What forum or forums are you used to using ?? vbulletin is or has been very popular but as of late invision and xenforo seem to be the best choice cause they are both very user friendly and easy to take care for those that manage them like john has stated is there a particular function you need to know how to do???
  21. will you be getting another one or your done with the kab. did you at all talk with kab customer service before you sent it back??
  22. wow you did a wonderful job nice storage as well on this
  23. I am just curious why would one need this for a kamado wouldnt wood chunks be a better option for smoke profile. i could see if one needed more smoke for a pellet smoker though then this would work great
  24. Just remember as far as high heat is concerned if it gets to 800 to 900 degrees in dome , where the fire is its going to be 1500 and higher when i use to have my bge i used to check the bands ect when i did a total clean for the grill or once a month or 2 or 3 which ever works best for you. i would assume that just like the bge the kjs parts are easy to get via your dealer or kj themselves.
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