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  1. good video and great restoration .. have to love cast iron
  2. surgar plays a role as well with burning the crust as well as temps and also timing you should know this since you are the pro on my cooker i fair out better with lower temps so again i am citing my experiences not yours hope this helps the orginal poster
  3. How long did you let it heat soak at that temp ? I find lower temps work for me better for pizza
  4. i would assume if you remove the charcoal and cook on wood it will be a better flavor i only know 2 companies that have a super smoke mode or should i say more smoke at lower temps and that is treager and rec-tec and both say to cook at the low temps for a couple hrs and jack up the temp from there depending on the cook and of course how you want it to taste little smoke or lots of smoke you seem to have this down and your cooks look amazing on the pellet grill
  5. It is a good gasket indeed but komodo kamado has had a better gasket hinge ect for many years since the beginning when the company began
  6. those look fantastic bosco i bet they tasted much better then any wings you can get in buffalo lol with the exception of fat bobs they cook on off sets.. those coming off a pellet grill and being crispy is very impressive . what are your thoughts on the smoke tube or do you find you have more then enough smoke with the lower temps
  7. RD is for the resturants in your your area at wholesale prices so is definitely worth it to get a membership i go at least twice a month for various meats spices ect when i make chicken burgers rd is the place to go to get what you need
  8. Looks like a great dish i bet it tasted great with that smoke great job bosco
  9. Stile 88

    Too smokey

    key is you have to let the white smoke go away before you put any meat on grill otherwise you will get exactly what you have described let your grill burn for awhile
  10. but you are doing that now in this section ... makes no difference to me but adding the dedicated sections can be done very easily and why not have those appropriate forums rather then one forum with all the pellet grill info on each smoker
  11. Cant you just create another section and then list all the different pellet smokers Treager Rectec Yoder Ect ect Very much lke you have the kamado section arranged Anyway food for thought
  12. I dont know if i would inquire about it what i would do is call primo and register it or perhaps they have a place on there website to do so My buddy has a primo xl used the guy that he bought it from never registered it either when he called primo they asked him if he was original owner he said yes his firebox was cracked they immediately sent the part primo said if he wasnt the orginal owner they would of never sent the part
  13. Its more about eating real food if your food has a long shelf life dont eat it . These big companies dont care they put chemicals and harmful crap in the food to make us fat especially msg So bottom line eat real food and exercise that is key
  14. Happy anniversary both cooks look fantastic of course i am partial to kk cook yum yum
  15. John i know you are smoking in your kamado but i wonder if just smoking in your treager would be better That is a great idea never thought of smoking .maple syrup
  16. Yes i agree the rectec is smaller then the 1300 but the 850 is smaller then the bull after all its 850 its 22 wide the bull is 36 wide its like 1032 with the shelf but like u said the hieght is the big thing with timberline A lot of what i read on rectec is customers are saying they are grilling in frigid temps and not having any issues It couuld be all the ss on the grill Can we combine the treager with rectec lol just kidding
  17. Kab is the way to go better airflow is key and the kab does that plus allows for easy cleaning I had it when i had my bge and it was terrific in every way
  18. How dont you think that rectec cant compare to the 1300 i am just curious on your thoughts both treager and retec have good electronics
  19. Congrats on your new egg your going to love it i got my first start on the large had it for many years
  20. Just curious you were dead set on getting rectec 700 what made you change your mind ..also how do u like your timberline 1300
  21. Yes indeed the vitamix pulverizes everything you are going to love it .what blew me away is how it does soups and making all the nut butters Hopefully it arrives soon so you can enjoy
  22. Congrats your going to love it and the 10 yr warranty i have the a3500 and there is nothing it cant do the smoothies are like velvet every time ..good luck with it
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