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  1. yum yum love pizza on the kk looks fantastic shelly
  2. I own a KK and you are absolutely correct on that
  3. Congrats on getting a KK you are going to love cooking on it ...looks too clean you need to start cooking on it lol
  4. That is sure great to wake up to indeed very cool you got your father into this hobby.. my father is cooking on eggs and i love seeing and hearing about all the cooks he enjoys on it... savor every moment you can bosco just awesome not sure how far the bills are going but woohoo just the same lol
  5. Glad you finally solved this ,,,i never use the back of a device for that reason ... i hope when you fixed this you ungrounded the neutral at the fixture (you probably did ) again glad the mystery is over
  6. That looks fantastic everything looks delicious
  7. wow that really has come together very nice job you have done
  8. the trager that bosco has seems like the way to go at first i thought yoder but that particular timberline i can see why bosco likes it so much
  9. interesting i never owned a kj and forgot that the kj was a little thicker then bje with that being said i dont think i would like that kind of over hang lol fair point on how the gasket will glue on to the grill either way they go it should bond well
  10. i get this is for kj but when and if this will be available will this be able to fit other kamado's for example big green egg ect ect ???
  11. Lol you can only have 2 3 ways in any one system what you have is 2 3 ways and 3 4 way switches if you are controlling from 5 locations its not really a head ache if you know how it works what the 4 ways do is flip the traveler wires only from the first 3 way to the other 3 way switch you can put as many 4 ways in between 2 3 way switches as you want
  12. yes those are old switches indeed lol they dont owe you a thing i would replace them both and you should be fine they are probably failing mechanically inside the switch
  13. I am a licensed electrician when you tested for voltage on either leg on number 2 of your drawing and btw those are called travelers wires in a 3 way system did you go to your neutral wire which is supposed to be white and those wires will be wire nutted in the switch box (sometimes they are not and your neutral wires will be in the light box instead) to your hot wire to measure your voltage??? that is where you are supposed to check for 120v now if you did indeed check(voltage check with meter) between a wire that was hot on one of your travel wires and neutral and got 60v then i would say you need a new switch also what i always check is on a 3 way switch you will have a darker screw then the other 2, that darker screw is where the power goes and on the the other switch is where the switch leg for the light goes exactly how your drawing is if a traveler gets mixed up and is on that darker screw that can cause that to do the same as what you are describing as your issue hope that helps
  14. that looks awesome bosco very well done i bet your guests enjoyed it ...
  15. too bad it wasnt cut in half excellent idea very nicely done my concern would be what ck said as well super heating the firebox
  16. Sorry to hear about your bad experience however kj has a great reputation i am sure they will make it right hang in there...
  17. Post a pic so that others who own a Primo like yours can help ... nice score cant beat that price
  18. how can you argue with those results simply fantastic cook ....
  19. Congrats your going to love cooking on it
  20. i use royal oak and no issues at all with the lump no strange oders ect so not sure why everyone says it stinks mine smells fine to me
  21. Looks fantastic excellent cook
  22. I havent heard almost from any kk owner lol ... everyone that buys from Dennis is extremely happy and he stands by all his products.. and one thing to remember kj is a company which mass produces just like bge vision and all the rest of the ceramic cookers .. KK uses refractory cement and all the cookers are made by hand each to their own what you want to buy but kk is in a league of its own and i personally am glad i have one of my own ,before that i had bge for many years
  23. That is nice but that all in one on the lowest all the way up starting with kamado is over 1000 all the way up to just under 2000 grand with xl so to me they just included the ala cart ,,,i agree kj is the better deal hands down with what they offer so if i was just getting into game i might be inclined to go kj.bge was my choice for many years but if i was to do it all over i probably would of picked kj however i second what ceramicchef has stated cause i own one there is nothing like the kk in any class its in a league of its own and at the rate kj is going almost close to 2k the kk is worth looking at especially since Dennis has a sale going on his 19 tall which is a hell of a deal for the quality of this type of grill
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