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  1. I'm normally a lurker on forums but since I have already learned so much so fast with this forum, I have decided to actually participate with this one. My gas grill went down about three months ago and I had been contemplating just replacing it with another gas grill until I saw what I thought to be a good deal on an Akorn at HD. I started doing some research on the grill and decided I would jump into this kamado style grilling. I priced out the grill, cover and diffuser plate at about ~$350 and was ready to make the order online. Right before I completed my order, I thought of a little site called craigslist and went to check just to make sure there was nothing out there. I couldn't believe what I saw, a brand new in box Akorn just posted for $200. Of course, I jumped to my phone to contact the seller and setup a meeting that evening to finish the transaction. During the 8 hrs I had to wait for the meetup, I further researched the model of the Akorn and realized it was a 2013 model but it did include the cover and the diffuser. I even talked the seller down to $175. I was so excited once I got that thing home, I even let the kids stay up and help me assemble it. The only downside to this story is that it would be another week or so before I was able to use it as I had a week-long business trip starting the next morning. However, the distance only gave me more than enough time to read practically everything on this site. From seasoning, to leak checks, to low/slow smokes, to hot searings, I read just about everything. And with that, I present my first cook from last night, Turkey Bacon wrapped Chicken Thighs. These were the juiciest thighs ever and the family is already salivating for the burgers tonight. I love this grill already! lenroc Craigslist Posting Before After
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