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  1. I like it and will be looking at my drill bits for the Akorn, Jeff
  2. I recently purchased a pre-made bag salad from Sam's-Taylor Farms, I think. The mini cut shapes were quite good on the carrots , celery, etc. and gave the salad a really cool mojo. Does anyone know what kind of machine cuts veggies this way ? Thanks, Jeff
  3. There is only 49 shrimp on the money shot. Did you eat # 50 ? We will never know, a great looking cook Rob L and the Old Bay is mighty fine on fish and shrimp, my old time favorite. Jeff
  4. Lodge cookware & Martha White have a cornbread recipe book out ( 5.00 as I remember ) from their annual cornbread contest. Has some very interesting recipes. I haven't done any yet on the Akorn but will sometime this year. Jeff
  5. The secret to a perfect marriage is, I don't try to run her life and I don't try to run my life either. Fire up the Kamado !!!
  6. You are going to love it here on the KG site, Jeff
  7. What's a good use of leftover formed patties from Sam's, thawed. Re-form for meatballs, moinks, or meatloaf ? Any other ideas for usage, hate to waste them but I normally don't buy these. Jeff
  8. Maybe inject with a little chicken broth too ? Jeff
  9. Thanks folks !! I'll give it a try on the next chicken run, Jeff
  10. Are boneless, skinless chicken thighs a good choice for trying this. Should I cut this in pieces from the start or cook the thighs intact and then cut-up and cook some more ? Thanks Gurus, Jeff
  11. Any of you done Wild Turkey Breasts with some desirable results ? My mountain friend gave me a couple to try. Thanks, Jeff
  12. The Refuge rocks !! Good place to do some cooking. Jeff
  13. Jealous !! I want one that will fit my Akorns. Post some spin pictures for us to drool over. Thanks, Jeff
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