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  1. I'm glad to report that the pork had no funny plastic taste. It came out perfect. Thanks for everyone's input.
  2. The bag of charcoal had some tape around it (Home Depot put some tape on it because it was slightly ripped . . .that got me 60% off!). So I cut the tape off. Set the knife down on top of the charcoal in there from a previous cook and put some additional charcoal in. .. lit it up and forgot all about the knife. Good thing I lit it up on the oppsosite side of the knife.
  3. Thanks. . .it dropped in a cold spot and probably didn't fume is my guess.
  4. I started my Akorn this morning (7/29) around 8:30. Put in the pork butt at about 9AM at around 295F. About an hour later I realized noticed the temp had dropped to 230. I opened it up to make sure all was good and then I saw it! I noticed that I dropped by swiss army knife. It was sitting on unlit charcoal. . .partially melted (the red handle). Do you think the meat is still safe to eat? The knife could have been in there about an hour.
  5. Yes, the portion of the rib that was overcooked was in an area not covered by the diffuser. I had 3 racks that I smoked (Costco. . .hence 3 racks) and I had to bend the 2 of the racks to fit it on the grill. The portion of the one rack was in an area not covered by the diffuser and by where I put the cotton ball. Oh. . .I don't have to do anything fancy as far as charcoal layout??? OK. . .that's good to know I am amazed that I had so much charcoal left after 4 hours of smoking and 30 mins where I grilled some veggies on high. I had an offset smoker before I would have to use about 5 pounds to get 4 hours of smoking.
  6. I was able to do my first low and slow with my new Akorn (Baby Backs for 4 hours). I used a version of the ring of fire method to light my charcoals. I placed the lump charcoal in a circle with a hole in the middle (picture a donut). I used an alcohol saturated cotton ball to light my charcoals. (I put the cotton ball on the bottom at the 12 oclock position) When I ate the ribs, I noticed that one portion of one rack of ribs was over cooked. The rest was great. I used a diffuser. Is it common to have a hot spot in the Akorn? Or did I get a hot spot in the Akorn because of the way I laid out my charcoal?
  7. Chargiller came through and I received a new bottom portion of the Akorn. I'm very pleased with their customer service.
  8. OK. . .you all convinced me. I decided to contact Char-Griller's Customer Service people and they said they would send me a new bottom main body. I was about to just let it slide but after reading all your comments, It seemed dumb not to at least contact them. Plus, this would have bugged me for a long time. Thanks everyone. (PS. Char-Griller's customer service people are great to deal with.)
  9. I have a defect on the surface finish on my new Akorn. I discovered it while assembling it today. Is it something I should tell Chargriller about? Is it serious? Will it rust if not fixed? How can I fix it? Terry SurfaceFinishDefect.pdf
  10. Cool. . .I hate the idea of spending money unnecessarily.
  11. I'm about to pick up my Akorn and was wondering if the include dome thermometer is any good? Should it be replaced? And if so, by which one do you like?
  12. What is the best way to season the cast iron grills?
  13. I just bought the Akorn from Target (they have it on sale today). I know Char-giller makes a cover for it but is the quality of their cover good? I had one for their off-set grill and never really liked it. Who makes a good cover for the Akorn? Will one for the BGE fit on the Akorn?
  14. So I can put a full bowl of charcoal (how many pounds is that anyways), light it and use the Tip-Top-Temp controller (?) to make sure it doesn't get too hot??? How does the TTT work? Does full open translate to about 325F? Do you also use it during cooking? If you use the TTT, do you open the top vent to the full open position? How about the bottom vent?
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