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  1. Ace Hardware online. Only dealer in Hawaii when I was there and took just over 60 days for it to arrive at the store.
  2. I second the headlamp. Hands are free and the light is always where you are looking.
  3. This is intersting, I have not personally experienced this but only have about 6 months of cooking on the new firebox. But KJ covered the last firebox under warranty with ease, so I have no doubt they would cover this if warping does occur.
  4. Are you using the control tower top vent or older daisy wheel? Like John said, the control tower shouldnt move, the daisy wheel movement issue is easily solved by the addition of a small lock washer. The added tension will keep the daisy wheel from sliding when the lid is opened.
  5. If you can afford the extra cost, you will not be disappointed in the Big Joe. Dividing the firebox is an easy way to save on charcoal for small cooks, but no doubt it uses a little more. The extra space for what you describe as normally cooking will make it much less of a headache. You could make a Classic work just fine, but when the menu is large the extra space will be worth it. Like JB58 said, you cannot streach ceramic. The wider BJ also opens up more possibilties for the Joetisserie if you choose to get one.
  6. I am not sure if perfectly understand the setup you describe. However, the third tier would not be too narrow for something like short ribs but you would want to rotate food to differnt levels throughout the cook due to temp variations and a thin cut of meat. My concern would be air flow, the solid structure of a griddle will hinder airflow. I would do a test run first or use a forced air setup if you one. Im interested to see how this turns out.
  7. I would recommend a flat basket, but also a kebab attachment and extra meat forks for versatility. The kebab attachment can be used to skewer many different cuts of meat. All of these were bought on Amazon.
  8. HawaiiJoe


    Love the Joetisserie on my BJ. For me it is a reason to by a KJ as other brands dont offer it. Buy without hesitation! Jotisserie porn attached!
  9. I have had this issue also. I tighten the spring adjustment on the back of the hinge 1/4 turn at a time to each side until the lid stays up fine. Be careful not to tighten too much or or too quickly because it can create a gap between the lid and the base. Eventually the springs will fatigue to the point they need replacing.
  10. Another item to consider when cooking with the heat deflectors, if cooking at a temp above 250 put the deflectors on the x-rack because in the lower positions they block a considerable about of airflow and the grill is very slow to respond to vent adjustments. Just an idea that has worked wonders for me.
  11. The gaps are to allow for expansion. The redesign was due to cracking with the old one piece fireboxes. I have this new firebox in my older BJ because the one piece firebox cracked, and it is perfect. This is the best designed firebox box on the market so just start cooking:)
  12. HawaiiJoe

    Rib roast

    I did a 6lb rib roast on the Joetisserie at 300 degrees for 2hrs 15mins to get to 125 for a nice med rare. Used hickory and mesquite, turned out great and was very easy.
  13. If the gap is big enough it’s burning your food, fill it with foil or a water pan. Try to sand the edge to fit better or open a warranty claim and get deflectors that fit correctly.
  14. Big Jits, Like other have said, success for most is in how you determine when to pull the butt off the grill. I used temp to determine doneness for a longtime, but thanks to the Guru I learned that temp is only one indicator. Probe tender is now the most reliable for me. I target 200 for the internal temp but start checking for probe tenderness at 195. It all depends on the meat, I have had probe tenderness at 195, and had to wait for 205. I recommend targeting a pit temp of 250, if you fluctuate +/- 25 you are still fine and it wont throw your timing off too much. Pull the butt off when it is probe tender (in a few different locations), usually occurs around 198-203 for me. I wrap in foil and put in a cooler for 1-3 hrs for a rest (this helps making it moist). Then shred and serve. This has been successful for me even when cooking 4-6 butts at a time. Work your timeline backwards if you have deadline to serve it. Good luck and have fun! HJ
  15. Mre449, dive in! There is no need to season the grill. If you are apprehensive about the operating the grill, then you can do some test burns to learn how to contol the settings and how to setup the D&C for what you are cooking. Test burns are beneficial for your learning, but they do nothing the grill. If I was to recommend anything, it would be to learn your grill using the whole firebox and then later learn using the divider for two zone cooking. Your grill settings will not be the same when using the divider and it can be confusing, sort of like trying to control temp by adjusting the top and bottom vents at the same time. Experiment, have fun, and good luck. HJ
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