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  1. HawaiiJoe

    Rib roast

    I did a 6lb rib roast on the Joetisserie at 300 degrees for 2hrs 15mins to get to 125 for a nice med rare. Used hickory and mesquite, turned out great and was very easy.
  2. HawaiiJoe

    Heat Deflectors Leaking?

    If the gap is big enough it’s burning your food, fill it with foil or a water pan. Try to sand the edge to fit better or open a warranty claim and get deflectors that fit correctly.
  3. HawaiiJoe

    Low and slow overnight advice

    Big Jits, Like other have said, success for most is in how you determine when to pull the butt off the grill. I used temp to determine doneness for a longtime, but thanks to the Guru I learned that temp is only one indicator. Probe tender is now the most reliable for me. I target 200 for the internal temp but start checking for probe tenderness at 195. It all depends on the meat, I have had probe tenderness at 195, and had to wait for 205. I recommend targeting a pit temp of 250, if you fluctuate +/- 25 you are still fine and it wont throw your timing off too much. Pull the butt off when it is probe tender (in a few different locations), usually occurs around 198-203 for me. I wrap in foil and put in a cooler for 1-3 hrs for a rest (this helps making it moist). Then shred and serve. This has been successful for me even when cooking 4-6 butts at a time. Work your timeline backwards if you have deadline to serve it. Good luck and have fun! HJ
  4. HawaiiJoe

    New Big Joe questions

    Mre449, dive in! There is no need to season the grill. If you are apprehensive about the operating the grill, then you can do some test burns to learn how to contol the settings and how to setup the D&C for what you are cooking. Test burns are beneficial for your learning, but they do nothing the grill. If I was to recommend anything, it would be to learn your grill using the whole firebox and then later learn using the divider for two zone cooking. Your grill settings will not be the same when using the divider and it can be confusing, sort of like trying to control temp by adjusting the top and bottom vents at the same time. Experiment, have fun, and good luck. HJ
  5. HawaiiJoe

    Joetisserie Game Hens

    Any fork that fits a 3/8" rotisserie rod will fit the Joetisserie. As you can see, four sets is about capacity for the width of a BJ. At least when cooking little birds.
  6. HawaiiJoe

    Joetisserie Game Hens

    Are you referring to the extra sets of spit forks? If so, they are leftovers from past rotisserie setups from other grills.
  7. HawaiiJoe

    Joetisserie Game Hens

    Wanted to share a very successful Joetisserie cook. I had fit issues earlier with the Joetisserie but the replacement works much better. 350 degrees for 70 mins with just a little cherry smoke.
  8. HawaiiJoe

    Trouble Taming Big Joe

    After reading your posts, I think you are lighting too much charcoal. Instead, try lowering your grill surface closer to the fire. Less charcoal is easier to control with cooks that require opening the lid often, like burgers. Try that and see what you get. Post pictures of your setup if that doesn't work.
  9. HawaiiJoe

    How do I get my Big Joetisserie to fit?

    Contact Meghan and she will take care of you. My new one fits well.
  10. HawaiiJoe

    Kick Ash Basket - Worth Buying?

    The KAB does interfere with the firebox divider, however KAB sells a firebox divider that works well.
  11. HawaiiJoe

    Leak finder?

    The silicon I used was made by Rutland. I found it at a fireplace/ wood stove store.
  12. HawaiiJoe

    Leak finder?

    I never had what I thought were slow shutdowns after closing the vents. However, after owning my BJ for 16 months the silicon seal around the lower vent started to pull away from the ceramic. It took a while to find a clear high temp RTV silicone, but once I did I removed the lower vent, cleaned the old silicone off and put a new bead between the vent and the ceramic, as well as on the top and bottom. Mine had no silicone under the stainless from the factory, just two small strips of adhesive. I originally did this because the old seal looked ugly, not because I thought I had an air leak. However, I have noticed the coals now snuff much faster than before. I now close the vents, wait 20 minutes and then open the lid to accelerate cooling. I couldn't do that before without having red coals leftover. It still takes a while for the ceramic to cool, cant change that. Not saying that your lower vent is the source of your leak, but if the easy fixes don't work you might take a look at it.
  13. HawaiiJoe

    Broil King Grilling Stone

    I have the Broil King stone and have used it many times for pizza and always had good results. You won't be disappointed with it. I cook pizza around 600-700 and after a 15 minute heat soak It has always been plenty hot. Never taken the temp though.
  14. HawaiiJoe

    Pizza 101 - Feedback requested

    I put my pizza stone on my grill extender which sits on top of my deflectors on the main grate . The makes a much larger air gap and places the pizza higher in the dome. I would be interested to know the stone temperature vs. dome temperature and if there are any advantages or disadvantages using this setup.
  15. HawaiiJoe

    How Long Before Fire Is Out?

    I have noticed that when my BJ was new it seemed to take an unusually long time for the coals to go out. Over time I have accumulated a fair amount of grease build up on the top and bottom vents and they seem to seal better, seems like the fire goes out quicker now. I never timed it or anything so maybe its all in my head. It has always taken 3-5 hours to cool off back to ambient temperature.