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  1. Really impressed with the stuff I ordered from John Davidson - the ribs were super meaty, great quality and cut just right. Chicken wings were good value too.
  2. After @The Chairmaker’s recommendation I put my first order in this week - should be arriving tomorrow ahead of a family bbq at the weekend. I’ve gone for some St. Louis cut ribs, some wings and a couple of their sausages. Will report back!
  3. I felt like I was the first person to ever use it!
  4. I love lamb. We’ve just come back from a family holiday in Spain where I managed to pick up a leg in the local supermarket to do something similar. As we were at a holiday rental it had to be cooked in the oven but it turned out pretty well. spiced with some dried guillajilo chillies, garlic, salt and a little pineapple flesh all pounded up and rubbed into the meat. I cooked it around four hours at 140°C. Served with pineapple salsa, flatbreads and sour cream.
  5. That’s a great link chairmaker - I’ll definitely give them a try
  6. Here are a couple I’ve used over the years: Http://www.meatmeathome.com do a good selection of meats from all over the world. I’ve bought usda brisket from them a couple of times as the uk stuff never has enough fat in it. http://www.fineandwild.com great for exotic/luxury meat and seafood. Their wagyu is amazing. https://www.bascofinefoods.com is probably my favourite though, they do a great selection of Spanish meats including some amazing Galician beef from 10 year old dairy cows. The pork they do is tremendous too.
  7. They were beauts! Really enjoyed them, great beefy flavour and a lovely texture. When I pulled them after four hours they were super tender to the probe. After a rest though they firmed up a bit so I might try them for another 30-60 minutes next time. Great cut of meat and a great way to cook it. Sides were some roast veggies - zucchini, Jerusalem artichokes, beets, parsnip and corn
  8. And here they are at the wrapping point, already pulling back from the bone nicely with a good deep red bark.
  9. I’m continuing to experiment with my new slo-roller so today I’m having a go at some beef short ribs. Thanks to @Smokingdadbbq for his suggestions around time/temp. I’ve dry brined these puppies for about 36 hours in the fridge then dusted them with Meathead Godwin’s big bad beef rub (basically, pepper, onion, garlic, chilli, mustard powders). they've gone in the big joe at 270° for a couple of hours and I’ve just wrapped them as they got to 170° internal with a nice bark formation. plan from here is to cook them wrapped for another couple of hours until they’re properly tender then rest them for a good hour or two before eating.
  10. The main issue with using a kamado for pizza is the distribution of the heat. Sure (if you’re brave enough) you can get a really high temp - 800°+ if you want. However, the source of that heat is all below the pizza stone. There’s no way to make proper Neapolitan pizza when the heat is set up this way - you need a balance between the base and the dome to cook evenly in just 90s or so. As others have said, get an ooni or similar and you’ll have a lot more fun a lot more safely. Horses for courses.
  11. Great looking kitchen, OP. Really impressive build - I’m sure you’ll have some great times around this in the years to come. I’ve had four ceramic feet under my big joe for a couple of years now and they’ve been great. Had an issue with the first set cracking but I think that might have been my clumsy mate letting the lid of the joe drop when closing it! Otherwise they’ve been fine, I think an inch of air space is plenty to separate the kamado from the base. Will take some temps with my IR thermometer when I next fire it up. I guess it’s the same idea as holding your hand near the body of the joe when it’s lit - if you actually make contact it’s pretty hot but move your hand just half an inch away and it’s fine - without direct contact it’s just radiant heat which is a lot less efficient than conduction.
  12. Thanks John - makes sense loved my first cook with the roller - did some (relatively) hot and fast ribs
  13. I got a slo roller attachment for Christmas to go with my original big joe and we’ve finally had a nice enough day to get out and try it out. quick question - it seems to sit way too high in the kamado unless I take the fire ring out and rest it directly on the fire box. Is that right?? I can’t seem to find a video with my exact setup of an old school big joe.
  14. Great link adm, I’ll check them out for my next try. Did you order a whole brisket?
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