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  1. Great link adm, I’ll check them out for my next try. Did you order a whole brisket?
  2. The end result: A wonderful hunk of meat, really smoky and tasty. The flat was a little on the dry side (I somehow managed to neglect putting a water pan under it so the bottom got a bit more heat than it should have), but the point was magnificent. Really really enjoyed this cook and will definitely try it again. I’ll go for lower temps next time - the ones from the video we’re based on an offset smoker so maybe don’t equate to a kamado? And I’ll also use a temp probe in the meat to see how quickly we’re getting up towards stall temps.
  3. After three hours I checked in and it was colouring nicely and smelt great from here on I checked it every hour and spritzed with some cider vinegar if any bits were looking a bit drier The plan was for about eight hours like this at between 255 and 280. In his video this gets him to just past the stall. And here’s where my cook ended up quite different, after 6-7 hours total it was actually feeling really soft, when I checked the temp of the meat it was already over 200° so it had blasted well past this. As a result the bark wasn’t quite as dark or set up
  4. Lol - meant to do all the posts this morning but got dragged away! I’d loaded the joe with some pecan wood chunks and set my Billows to Franklin’s recommended 255F. The brisket went on at around 7am and, with great difficulty, I left it untouched for three hours.
  5. During lockdown we got a subscription to the MasterClass series. One of them is done by Aaron Franklin on bbq cooking and is a really good watch. He has a section on brisket where he goes into extreme detail on his whole process from choosing and trimming, through the cooking, resting and even slicing. Almost all beef in the UK is a bit on the lean side for Slow cooked brisket so I managed to find some online sources of USDA grain fed meat. After a bit of searching I found hixson’s of Smithfield who sold whole packer briskets: https://www.tomhixson.co.uk/usda-brisket-1255.h
  6. Good advice from kamadochris there. Only thing Ive started to do different is to build the pizza on the bench then drag it onto the peel. This seems to work better for me but ymmv.
  7. I got mine a month or two ago and love it. I did a char siu pork belly at the weekend: really pleased with how it turned out, tender and juicy with a great crust. the main thing I’m learning from it so far is that you can cook at a wide range of different temps, but adding a bit of sugar to a rub and then glazing with a sugary or honey based sauce is a great way to get good colour at lower temps. Which is the same as non- rotisserie bbq I guess, I just seem to notice it more with the Joetisserie.
  8. I found the same - I only need the top vent open a tiny crack for low temp cooks. The billows does the rest.
  9. What version of the app are you running? I still seem to be on the same one I started with... not sure how to update a test flight app on iOS? Does it happen automatically?
  10. Beautiful looking pizzas. how long are you preheating for? You look like you’re getting pretty good colouring on top so I’m guessing you’re heat soaking the dome for a good amount of time?
  11. I’m really pleased with the setup on my big joe. The new app is a big improvement and the developers have confirmed they’re looking into better note taking and an Apple Watch integration. With those things it’ll be pretty much perfect.
  12. I love it! Had a great fire with it last night, really lived up to the smoke-free marketing and it’s a beautiful piece of kit. made a second fire tonight and made a couple of mistakes which caused it to smoke a lot. I *think* what I did wrong was use less kindling to get started then tried to burn a couple of too-large logs before it was hot enough. Does that sound like it might cause a bit of smoke? how full do people tend to fill these? I gather going above the rim is not recommended but do you pretty much fill them when the fires going well?
  13. It is, they live mostly in the northeast Atlantic I think. As they go, this is a small one - they can get huge, like 50lb plus. They have a gorgeous flavour, quite meaty but still really delicate, like an even more refined version of halibut. They’re relatively expensive (this one was around £40) but are great for a special meal - and with lockdown we aren’t exactly going out to eat much at the moment! We could probably have fed three or four people with this one so not too ridiculous.
  14. I've been looking forward to trying this recipe for a while. Our local fishmonger opened up again last week and we managed to snag a beautiful whole turbot. At just over 4lb it was a little larger than we needed for two but we were having date night and the sun was shining so no harm done! The recipe I'd read about on Serious Eats was for a Basque-style preparation: the fish is simply well seasoned with salt then grilled for around 4 minutes, flipped and basted with a simple vinaigrette then flipped and basted a couple more times. In total it got 8 minut
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