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  1. I found the same - I only need the top vent open a tiny crack for low temp cooks. The billows does the rest.
  2. What version of the app are you running? I still seem to be on the same one I started with... not sure how to update a test flight app on iOS? Does it happen automatically?
  3. Beautiful looking pizzas. how long are you preheating for? You look like you’re getting pretty good colouring on top so I’m guessing you’re heat soaking the dome for a good amount of time?
  4. I’m really pleased with the setup on my big joe. The new app is a big improvement and the developers have confirmed they’re looking into better note taking and an Apple Watch integration. With those things it’ll be pretty much perfect.
  5. I love it! Had a great fire with it last night, really lived up to the smoke-free marketing and it’s a beautiful piece of kit. made a second fire tonight and made a couple of mistakes which caused it to smoke a lot. I *think* what I did wrong was use less kindling to get started then tried to burn a couple of too-large logs before it was hot enough. Does that sound like it might cause a bit of smoke? how full do people tend to fill these? I gather going above the rim is not recommended but do you pretty much fill them when the fires going well?
  6. It is, they live mostly in the northeast Atlantic I think. As they go, this is a small one - they can get huge, like 50lb plus. They have a gorgeous flavour, quite meaty but still really delicate, like an even more refined version of halibut. They’re relatively expensive (this one was around £40) but are great for a special meal - and with lockdown we aren’t exactly going out to eat much at the moment! We could probably have fed three or four people with this one so not too ridiculous.
  7. I've been looking forward to trying this recipe for a while. Our local fishmonger opened up again last week and we managed to snag a beautiful whole turbot. At just over 4lb it was a little larger than we needed for two but we were having date night and the sun was shining so no harm done! The recipe I'd read about on Serious Eats was for a Basque-style preparation: the fish is simply well seasoned with salt then grilled for around 4 minutes, flipped and basted with a simple vinaigrette then flipped and basted a couple more times. In total it got 8 minutes on the thicker, dark side and 4 on the paler underside. As the fish was a bit bigger than the recipe it wasn't quite cooked through so I let it come up to temp in a very low oven - the grill was far too hot to allow this so it had to come indoors. I aimed for 127F internal temp. Looking like a Neapolitan pizza base! Straight off the grill... ...and into the oven. The remaining vinaigrette from the baste is spooned over the finished fish, as I carved it I mixed the juice from the turbot with the this to make a gorgeous silky sauce. We served it with some cauliflower "bravas" - florets dredged in some paprika spiced flour and fried, topped with a smoke roasted tomato sauce and some alioli. All I can say is, WOW! A really memorable meal and probably the best fish I've ever cooked on my Joe... Maybe even the best fish I've cooked ever.
  8. Turns out it was a problem with my password - the one I set up in the app didn’t have a number in it. The app allowed it but the website wouldn’t let me log in. All fixed now. Got a couple of cooks planned this weekend - a whole grilled turbot, a rotisserie chicken and some prawns/langoustines. I’ll report back how the new app works.
  9. Also, I don't seem to be able to login to the web based service (cloud.thermoworks.com), I've tried this on my phone and laptop, and used chrome and safari with the same results. Even though I enter a password the site doesn't seem to recognise that one has been typed in so you can't press the sign in with email button:
  10. As it’s a beta it’s only available via TestFlight on iOS. The app looks good so far, much more polished than the old one. These are the things I’d really like to see added: 1. Apple Watch app - frankly this would be amazing. Being able to glance at my wrist and quickly see the temp vs getting my phone out and unlocking it would be a big improvement in UX. 2. They’ve added a notes section, be great if this was expanded a bit to allow more detailed notes and the addition of pictures. It could be a single place to document cooks and ultimately learn more from what we do. 3. It would be nice to have an indication on the graph of when the fan was active. On the fire board app this looks a really helpful indication of what’s going on with the fire.
  11. I’ll report back when I hear. Interesting that you’ve had problems with the open lid detection, mine has been pretty reliable so far. Don’t think it’s overshot by more than 5/10°F.
  12. This is great news. I’ve emailed about the iOS app, be great if you have a link For it though? As you say the hardware with this unit is great, if they can sort the software out they have a killer product
  13. That’s good to know about the riser - I have a resin-bound patio just at the back of our house, would I be able to use it on that with the riser?
  14. Great stuff. Bet you’re delighted with the new purchase It’s crazy how long fuel lasts on them - I’m sure I’ve saved the cost of the joe in charcoal since I bought it... leastways that’s what I tell my other half!
  15. This place is so bad for me - just ordered one of these! they look a great idea, I’d never heard of them before yesterday. Really looking forward to being able to have a fire out here without tons of smoke billowing off it.
  16. I found out about some Argentinian carbon steel pans over on egullet. Ordered a couple around 18 months ago and love them. Seasoned with 6-8 layers of flax seed oil, the cook beautifully. Best browning/searing of any pan I’ve ever used and fairly non-stick too. what I like best about them is their rivet-less design - There’s nothing that will ever fail, nowhere for water or food debris to get trapped. The company often have half price sales, well worth watching out for. https://forums.egullet.org/topic/154212-darto-pans/ https://www.dartointernational.com
  17. As mike said, the amount of oil is key when seasoning. You should aim for an almost imperceptible amount - certainly nothing which would drip off the metal you are seasoning. Doing multiple coats of a tiny amount of oil works so much better than a single thick coat.
  18. I’ve got a joule at the moment, previously had a larger drop in circulator with physical buttons and before that a sous vide supreme (non-circulating device). the joule is my favourite of the lot for the simple reason it’s so small. I can use it in my smallest pans right up to a large gastronorm, yet it takes up less space than a rolling pin. I’m normally very into having hard buttons on devices but I find it a lot less of an issue with sous vide - I don’t tend to fiddle with the temperature much/at all during a cook so opening the app once to set it off is no hardship. In fact the trade off in having the unit take up so much less space is well worth it. If this were a different device I’d feel very differently - my parents induction job with touch screen controls drives me insane - but for the task at hand it’s a compromise worth making to reclaim some drawer space.
  19. Great news that you got it in. I remember when mine arrived a few years ago - like you I’d not considered how I was going to get it into place and completely ignored the fact we have a gate at the side of our house. Had to rope in my next door neighbour to help lift it over the fence... glad we only had to do it once! you're going to love the joe, they are such a good cooker and remarkably forgiving. What plans have you got for cooks over the next few weeks? I succumbed to a a couple of lockdown purchases in the last few weeks - a thermoworks signals/billows unit and a Joetisserie. Neither is essential but both are great additions to the Joe - start dropping them into conversation now!
  20. Couple more cooks over the last few days: I did a boned and rolled pork shoulder which was a bit of a mixed bag - lovely juicy tender meat but I struggled to get the skin to crackle. I’d not managed the fire very well so it was quite low on fuel by the time I tried to crank it up. The second cook was a rotisserie version of the tandoori chicken recipe I got from this site last weekend. This was a great success, I removed the skin from the bird, marinated for a few hours then cooked at 400°F for about 45-50 minutes. I started basting after about half an hour with some melted butter, green chilli and cilantro stalks. After resting a while I stripped the meat from the bird and used it to make a chicken dopiaza using this recipe I'm loving this new toy!
  21. My latest lockdown boredom purchase was a Joetisserie for my big joe v1. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time now but have always struggled with the cost. I finally caved in at the weekend and by Wednesday had my hands on one. first thoughts on the unit: it seems really well made, the motor is very smooth and nearly silent. The fit is OK but nothing more - when closed there’s a 2-3mm gap above and below the band of the Joetisserie. I’m not sure how much real world difference this will make. for my first cook I went for a very simple chicken recipe. I simply salted the bird, let it stand for an hour then started to spin it. I’d set the fire up in the back half of the firebox and ran it at around 375°F for the duration of the cook. After half an hour I basted it a couple of times with a butter, white wine vinegar, lemon zest, honey and chive mixture. Total cook time was one hour for a 1.4kg (3lb) bird. For the final 15 mins I opened the lid and stopped the spit spinning in order to try and brown the breast a bit more. final breast temperature was around 68°C (154°F) which is a bit higher than I usually cook to when roasting in the oven. However, the meat was some of the juiciest I’ve ever cooked. It was really delicious, not a scrap of meat left after we devoured it at dinner. I didn’t use a rub with this cook so I suspect the lack of sugar on the skin led to a paler finish than I was expecting. Next time I’ll try a higher temp - 400-425°F. Next up this weekend, a skin on, boned and rolled pork shoulder roasting joint
  22. How did it go? I think this is a really interesting (and relatively cheap) addition to a rotisserie. I’m intrigued to see how it works
  23. Phew! It fits! the motor is like the second picture - it sits about halfway above and below the level of the lower gasket. Thankfully there’s plenty of space between the edge of the kamado and the countertop. shame the power cord isn’t a bit longer but I’ll use an extension. Looking forward to trying it out soon...
  24. thanks centraltexbbq, that’s exactly what I was wondering. Having read up a bit more on it it seems that there are two different muscles involved here, the one which we are after is serratus ventralis, the leaner latissimus dorsi is the muscle that lies over the top of that. I’ve dug our a picture from a couple of years ago which shows these two really well: my butcher cuts his ribs into single units rather than a plate of three or four. In this picture the rib is on the right, followed by serrastus ventralis and then finally by latissimus dorsi on the left. You can see how much leaner that leftmost muscle is and why it would cook differently from the one directly on the bone. @Owen, yes, after I discovered what was going on here I used the uppermost muscle and it’s fat for mince, leaving the single layer of muscle attached to the rib for smoking.
  25. If I pick the ribs right and just use those with a nice thick first layer they have been great. I’ve used the top muscle trim for mince. When lockdown eases a bit I’m going to chat to my butcher about this and see what his take on it is.
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