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    Welcome! ive had a big joe for about three years and loved every minute of it. I haven’t owned a summit but used one on a bbq course last year. Of the two I’d pick the joe - I just love the big weighty ceramic feel and have found it an almost perfect cooking tool. It’s a big investment but I haven’t had a single second of buyers remorse - as others have said grab one of them ASAP and get cooking!
  2. I’d strongly recommend them - great value cut of meat and hugely tasty. I’d have to wish you good luck with getting one off the young man - he loves his food and ain’t got the idea of sharing yet!
  3. Big thanks to @pesto3 for putting me on to this recipe
  4. Alas I managed to make a bit of a mess of the burnt ends (burnt being the operative word!). Not sure how I managed this but they were way over cooked and practically carbonised. ah well, the lamb made up for it - absolutely stunning bit of meat: beautiful smokey flavour, amazingly tender, just a joy to eat. We made some bao buns to go with the meat and they turned out a lot better than the first time I tried them. Not perfect yet but not far off.
  5. Love that There's a yakitori place in Shanghai that I was reading about a while ago which does a chicken tasting menu that includes chicken sashimi. This review is great, not least for the fact it contains the line, "Anuses are the least of our problems as we scan Torishou's tri-lingual menu..." http://www.thatsmags.com/shanghai/post/22374/shanghai-restaurant-review-torishou
  6. Meat has been wrapped at the three hour mark, the lamb is softening up and starting to pull back nicely from the bones
  7. Poppers were done after about two hours and made a nice little appetiser:
  8. Following on from this thread I was inspired by glen to try some lamb ribs. I spoke to my butcher earlier I the week and got him to put aside a couple of bone in breasts of lamb. dry rub for the lamb was cumin seeds, coriander seeds, cardamom, chilli powder, salt. For the pork belly we went with paprika, dried jalapeños, chipotles, Kashmiri chilli powder and salt. Lastly, to make some poppers I chilled some halved jalapeños with a mixture of cream cheese, crispy bacon and paprika. Plan is to smoke these at about 110-120C for 2-3 hours then wrap the meats and see where we go!
  9. Its all about necessity. Washing your hands is a vital food safety step with a useful outcome (decontaminated hands) so makes sense to do. Washing chicken achieves absolutely nothing good so it makes no sense to do. Think of the risk:benefit ratio for each and that’s your answer.
  10. Just what do the chicken washers think they are getting from it?
  11. Great stuff - the deliberation and choosing is half the fun! but... the other half is the using! So what is your first cook going to be???
  12. Agree completely. In my experience it’s a total myth that blunt knives cause most accidents. I’m the polar opposite and repeatedly slice myself with my super sharp blades.
  13. Why not just soak the liquid up with paper towels? The problem with any sort of running water to wash the meat (even if it’s gentle and not a pressure washer) is that it will aerosolise the bacteria/toxins and spread them a lot further than we can see.
  14. They look great thats a lot quicker than I’ve ever seen before - how did you find the texture?
  15. That looks stunning. I love the slight nervy feeling of cooking something really expensive, something that I could easily mess up if I took my eye of it or got distracted. Looks like you’ve done a brilliant job there though, did it taste as good as it looks?
  16. Very interesting that - it does look remarkably similar when you check the details...
  17. Have you had a look at a used Kamado Joe? You might be able to pick up a classic for the sort of money you are looking at here. Just a thought...
  18. I bought a big joe three years ago and haven’t looked back. It’s a serious investment but can happily say it’s well worth the money. The quality is superb and the after sales service second to none. I’ve had two ceramic parts fail and both have been replaced with no quibble at all. The second was a deflector plate and even though it was just outside the three year warranty on those parts they have happily sent me a new one. My take on this would be that you are buying something which will last you a decade or more so go for the highest quality you can. You don’t need a lot of the extras so can just add them as time goes by. Enjoy!
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