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  1. Spoke to my butcher this morning and he’s getting me a couple of slabs of lamb ribs to have a play with
  2. Superb stuff. I think I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend!
  3. That looks really good. What sort of time/temp combinations did you use?
  4. That looks excellent, subscribing for when the recipe goes up as I'm going to have to try this.
  5. Is that a problem though? If the meat is rotating it will cook evenly, maybe lid open over a nice hot fire would give crisper skin when the inside is done compared to lid closed? be interested if anyone has tried this?
  6. I'd like to have a go at rotisserie cooking on my Big Joe but don't really have the cash to drop on a Joetisserie at the moment. I can pick up a cheap motor and spinner on amazon, would it be possible to run one of these over the Joe with the lid open? Would that cause any problems compared to the proper KJ accessory?
  7. Main takeaways from this cook were: the stock you make needs to be really good and salty, rosemary only needs to be in there for a few minutes - any more and it takes over, once everything is in the pan DO NOT TOUCH IT! let it all cook down and develop that glorious socarat on the base
  8. There is an internetful (c) of dispute about what makes an "authentic" paella. Certainly most Valencians agree that seafood has no place in it but that doesn't mean you can't make a delicious rice-based dish with shrimp, clams, etc. I've done a couple of traditional paella valencianas over the last couple of years and found this webpage a really helpful resource. Some pictures from our bash last summer:
  9. I’ve got a similar cheap unit here in the UK that I’ve had for a couple of years now and it’s still going strong. Brand is Buffalo and it’s their light duty model. I really wouldn’t want to be without it, it’s amazing for packing things before freezing, completely eliminates the risk of freezer burn. And obviously does a great job of prepping food for sous vide cooking. Probably my favourite use though is doing quick pickles. Just slice up some veggies (red cabbage, onions, cucumber, fennel and radishes are some of my faves), bag with some vinegar and salt (plus sugar or other seasonings if you like) and run through 1-3 vacuum cycles. There’s no need to seal between each cycle. The vacuum will rupture the cell walls in the plant then when you let air back in the pickling liquid is forced into the vegetable. The more cycles you run the softer the texture and the more the vinegar will permeate the pickle - hard veg like cabbage takes a couple of cycles, cucumbers only one. Its amazing being able to turn out a pickled veg in just minutes and has really changed the way we cook.
  10. You can definitely freeze it. We’ve had good results with slicing first then vac packing, it defrosts on the countertop in about half an hour, ready to eat.
  11. This is on my list of Christmas food - can’t wait to see how it works out
  12. Ah ok, I’ll probably stick with a cooler full of ice then - having the area under cover won’t be possible unfortunately.
  13. I’m thinking of making a bit of an outdoor kitchen area to encompass my big joe and some storage. The area will be open to the elements (I live in northern England so that means rain and lots of it), is it possible to run a fridge out here or would it need to be undercover? I can’t seem to find the answer to this despite looking at lots of “outdoor” fridges.
  14. That's exactly where it was from! Just peeled garlic cloves cooked in the kamado for three hours or so with some Rosemary and chilli flakes. I'll definitely be doing them again - great spread on bread and the oil is delicious.
  15. Sorry for the slow follow up, entertaining got ahead of us a bit yesterday! The beef was really really tasty but ended up a bit on the dry side, I'd love to try it again with a shank from a fattier, grain fed animal. The melting garlic with it was delicious
  16. Thanks guys. I think I'll take a look at his pizza book, if it's anything like FWSY it must be good.
  17. And I'm much happier this time, after a bit of searching around I found that the enormous air bubble I had last time was probably due to having too much flour on top of the dough as I shaped it - it allowed a bit of air to be trapped which practically exploded when it hit the hot Dutch oven. I was a lot more careful this time and the loaf has turned out really nicely. The best bread I've made in a long long time. I'm going to keep going with this recipe until I get it down pat.
  18. Ok, so I think it was just bad probe placement - it was right up against the foiled meat. When I moved it it dropped back to a much more reasonable 255. After just over nine hours the meat temp had come up to 194, I tested it for doneness and it was like butter so I've pulled it off and am now letting it rest. Will I have the patience to wait for our guests?!
  19. You've got to love days like that. And food like that, it looks delicious I'm not normally a morning person but getting up before six to check on an overnight cook, seeing the sun come up made me glad to be alive
  20. For some reason I seem to be struggling to keep the temp down now, I closed the vents some more and the temp dropped to about 275 but is now steadily climbing back again - 285 now. The dome thermometer shows 250. Any ideas? Could it just be the placement of the grill probe? Maybe the fire has moved to be underneath where the probe is?
  21. They look great. I'm really wanting to try short ribs cooked fast on a grill like that. How was the texture? What did the inside of the meat look like in terms of doneness?
  22. Morning gents. Just woken up and the grill was pretty steady at 260F so a little over what I'd aimed for but nothing desperate. The meat was at 161F so I've foiled it with some butter and apple juice. Unfortunately my iPad app for my wireless temp probe crashed while I was asleep so I'm not sure how long it's been at 160 for, possibly a while, possibly just got there! Either way, it's had a good six hours in the smoke so hopefully should be ok. It smelt delicious when I opened the joe up I'm afraid I forgot my phone so didn't grab a pic. I'm a bit reluctant to open it up again as the air I let in seems to have stoked the fire somewhat - it's now run up to about 290 so I'm going to close the vents down a bit more...
  23. I've got the in-laws round tomorrow (mr in-law loves his meat and BBQ) so I'm trying my first overnight cook on the kamado. For various reasons I'm going off piste with a whole beef shank. Great looking piece of meat with a ton of connective tissue which will hopefully cook down nicely. It's a 12lb cut (with a fair amount of bone) so It's gone on at just before midnight with the plan for an 8-12 hour cook. I've rubbed it with a chilli, garlic and pepper mix. The big joe seems to be holding pretty steady at 240 so think I'll go to bed shortly and cross my finger and toes...
  24. absolutely brilliant bit of recording! I'm doing my first butt next weekend so will see how times compare
  25. For a carbon steel wok I think you'd need to go directly onto the coals. I'm going to give this a try in the next few weeks so will report back...
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