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  1. Hi mate Thank you for posting Paella Pan is a heat deflector pics, I am based in Australia I bought PB 24" recently, would interested to know how was the result using pan heat deflector ? I am also very keen to buy carbon steel paella pan to use as a deflector, just wondering if I am cooking on for 6-9 hours on high temperature 500 - 600 will this pan melt ? or change its shape ? What are you cooking at that temperature, for that long?
  2. Exactly the same one I used to good effect. I used a terracotta tile on the pan to put a drip tray on, to stop the drippings burning.
  3. That works, you're just restricting the available grill space by doing that, and have far less flexibility in other accessories. If you choose to go down that route, get two semi circle kiln shelves which will allow for indirect and direct cooking at the same time.
  4. No regrets at all. I'd been looking at Kamados for a few years, but couldn't justify the cost of the main brands for casual use, without knowing I'd use it frequently.I now have the confidence to splash the cash on a more expensive one, if anything happened to the Pit Boss, but no other need to really, as it does everything the others can.
  5. Pitboss and Vision might share the same Auplex kiln factory, but they are not the same grill. They have much different black matte finishes, one is glossy, the other is matte flat, the dimple patterns are much different, bottom and top vent designs are also different. Auplex has a bunch of pre-designed products and associated components but also manufactures to spec: http://www.auplexkamado.com/news.asp?id=360 They do, but as far as I can make out they only supply wholesale.
  6. I got one of these from The Range for a quid... https://www.ocado.com/webshop/product/Innovations-Kwika-Pizza-Oven-Mesh-32cm/239470011?sku=239470011&parentContainer=&voucherCode=&dnr=y
  7. Look at the Pit Boss owners thread for details about modding the bottom vent to reduce leaks.
  8. Have you got the contact details please? Sorry for the delay. It was lori.brown@dansons.com a very nice lady, I must say.However, the deflector arrived smashed to pieces due to poor packaging! They have been lovely about it and asked if I'd like a full refund or for them to try again. I'm investigating whether other brands would fit (my friend's LGE won't) and there has been an offer from a steel fabricator to make one up in stainless steel for about £60. Quite a tempting option and one that would have lower (zero?!) chance of breaking in use. Makes me wonder why they're not always made of stainless steel. See the other posts and pictures about a Paella pan. Works perfectly and I got a 40cm one for £12.
  9. There is a heat deflector for the Pit Boss, but only available in the US. Magpie has fabricated a bracket and is using a kiln shelf as a heat deflector. There are pictures on the Pit Boss 24 review thread.
  10. I don't think volume is a problem at Auplex. It never usually is in China. [emoji2]
  11. Have you got the contact details please?
  12. Picture of the new top vent and thermometer: IMG_4871.JPG And some St. Louis style ribs from Costco I did yesterday that were delicious... IMG_4956.JPG That's the thermometer I'm trying to get in the UK, or the one on the Saffire Grills kamado. Would anyone know how to get one sent to the UK, and how much it would cost?
  13. Can you share a link to the felt you used? I see some on Amazon and Home Depot, but I'm not sure which would work best in a grill. Thanks. Look for Nomex felt gasket. It's readily available in the US if you search for it. I even managed to find some in the UK!
  14. The paella pan does the job very well. I put a quarry tile in the bottom and a drip tray on top. Not much money spent RESULT ! What are you using for a drip tray Paul? My paella pan arrived yesterday for a quick fix, and it works well, but despite it being fairly deep, there's not much space between the pan and lower grate for a drip pan. Or do you have the drip pan on the lower grate and food on the top?
  15. You could always carry out a repair... There's other repair videos on YouTube.
  16. I've had the same problem in the UK. As a temporary option, I am using a smaller heat defelctor on the bottom grate of the Pit Boss. I've also got a paella pan on order, whilst I'm waiting for a bracket it be fabricated to hold some kiln shelves to act as a deflector.
  17. Good idea! I got the two tier grates with my Pit Boss, and the top one clips onto the bottom, which is fiddly to move when hot. Also, the upstanding parts, are not on the edges, which stops you from putting a large heat deflector or pizza stone on the bottom rack. This may solve the problem. Let me know how it goes with the heat.
  18. Hi Paul. Welcome, I'm new on here too, picking up a Kamado last month. I'm just up the road from you in Walsall, so I'd be interesting in hearing about your supply of wood. For charcoal, I've been using Big K lump which is on offer at Morrisons at the moment, for £5 for a 5kg bag. As for meat, if you struggle to get the meat joints lots of low and slow cooking requires and is talked about on here, then let me know as there's a year local butchers that has brisket, all kinds of ribs and "Boston butts" readily available, which seems pretty rare in the UK, from what I've read.
  19. Which nuts and bolts are becoming loose?
  20. Hi Dny. Just as an aside, how did you light the fire, what fuel, and how mich did you use to get the temp stable to 225. I'm still new to the Pit Boss and experimenting, but finding it tough to get the temp that low, despite looking at tons of videos!Have you added any gasket to seal up the dampers? If not, see the review thread. It is a lot easier to keep the temp low than it is to cool it off once it gets too hot. Use whatever method you want to light a small amount of the charcoal, and be ready to start shutting the vents down but time the temp hits 175 or so. To run at 225, my top vent is a bit under 1, and the bottom vent is barely open. Maybe 1/8" to 1/4". Great, thanks for that. Yes, I made the vent mod with gasket tape. I think I have been lighting too quickly, and I'll try to get larger lumpwood chunks too.
  21. Hi Dny. Just as an aside, how did you light the fire, what fuel, and how mich did you use to get the temp stable to 225. I'm still new to the Pit Boss and experimenting, but finding it tough to get the temp that low, despite looking at tons of videos!
  22. Could you post the ebay link please Paul? Let me know how it goes.
  23. And cheap, and readily available in the UK, unlike most other options!
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