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  1. We have a Mirro pressure canner that we got used for a good price, it works but I would go with All American in a heart beat.
  2. Can someone tell me, if I wanted to get the iKamand, can I use it on the Big Joe and Classic or do i need a different model for each? I did see it doesn’t work good on the jr.
  3. I have three Kamado Joes. I got a warranty replacement firebox delivered within two weeks of submitting my claim late last summer. No complaints about KJ from me.
  4. I love jerk chicken! Even better when it’s cooked on the mini!
  5. I think if you only do one type of cooking, you only need one type of surface. I use pizza stones, cast iron pans, grates and rotisserie.
  6. Sorry for the delay, mine ends up at just two inches above the base edge.
  7. I have taken it car camping to Bon Echo but never on any interior trips I like to do as it’s a bit heavy for that. Although I did try getting into the ice fishing thing for a bit, as it turns out, it’s not really my thing. I suppose I could just sit out on the ice cooking fish for people and of course just eat some of theirs!
  8. Maybe I’ll have to start doing something like this and just make extra broth too freeze and make gravy when needed.
  9. I cut a cast iron griddle to make one for my mini bge. It worked ok but I bought the proper ceramic one for it recently as I feel that the cast iron transfers too much heat.
  10. Curious, did Tinyfish ever get a KK? I love KKs, I cannot afford one and doubt I ever will but I love reading about them and seeing them.
  11. Curious to know what you think of it. Everyone I know that’s in to smoking has a pellet popper except me. A guy from work that had a Kamado until he got his pellet grill says he doesn’t like the food off it as much. He says it’s drier and doesn’t taste as good. But, it’s easier for his wife to use so he’s going to stick with it. Let us know what you think.
  12. The only time I haven’t liked the gravy from the drippings is when I added smoking wood to smoke a turkey. I found the gravy, and turkey for that matter had way too much smoke flavour. Because of this I started doing indoor and outdoor gravy for people’s taste preferences. Outdoor is as described above. Indoor, I put neck, wingtips and giblets in a pot along with chicken stock, apple, onion, herbs, carrots and chicken broth (everything I have in my drip pan) and simmer it for several hours on low while the turkey is cooking and then make the two different gravy’s. Actually I usually make a third gluten free gravy for my ciliac brother in law as well.
  13. Looks good, I’ll have to give it a try.
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