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  1. Thanks for the input. I’ve thought about two heat shields, I may try that some time. I’m guess it’s the hotter grate temp. As for the size of my pan, it was fully covered by the jr heat deflector....good thought though. That’s one of the reasons I chose KJ over BGE, I felt the heat deflectors have better coverage.
  2. So I made meatloaf and cooked it in my Joe Jr, started around 370° but as you know when you put you meat on temp drops on the dome thermometer which then read around 320°. Recipe calls for 350°. Heat deflector was in the low position. The issue is, the meatloaf was more cooked (too much) on the bottom by the time the top was done. My first thought is ok, too much fire from below but then how do you maintain the 350° temp? Do you bake things like this at a lower dome temp? What else would be the solution? Oh, and yes I’ve calibrated my thermometer. Would I be better getting an auxiliary
  3. I love dried apple slices but nobody seems to ever carry them around here. I had a cheap dehydrator in the past that didn’t work real well and now just have a dehydrate option on my oven. I think I need to look at getting a better stand alone unit. I too like it for backpacking and canoe trips.
  4. Welcome, that’s pretty much the way I got here too minus the WSM. Love using the ceramic kamados in our Eastern Ontario winters.
  5. I fought with having even heat and fluctuating temps in anything but sunny summer days. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my kettles but kamados are way easier. In my opinion.
  6. I will respectfully disagree. I fought more with my kettles then I ever do with my kamados.
  7. Tried doing a couple pizzas on the mini today! In a pinch I used a tortilla recipe I have for the dough. It worked but I’d like a good quick pizza dough recipe.
  8. Are there times when it’s more beneficial to use another cooker rather then a Kamado but we still “Kamado”? I’m thinking of fast fried things that aren’t over the fire but in a pan or griddle....is it worth it to fire up the ceramics and consume the lump that lately seems to be in short supply? For example, I don’t know because I don’t do smash burgers but is there a taste difference between cooking them on a griddle in a Kamado vs on the stove or using a Blackstone griddle? I do notice a taste difference with bacon I’ve fried in a pan on the Big Joe vs on the stove. Just looking for friendl
  9. The little fella got an upgrade today! Added a perch and carry handles to the mini’s stand. Next step is clean up the tired handle and then wait for the new guts I’ve ordered to arrive.
  10. Hardly any flare ups at all.
  11. Nice comparison! Far better then the one I did between Fogo Super Premium and Royal Oak. I did mine by weight and found that a pound of charcoal is a pound of charcoal and thus the comparisons were so close that I could not justify to myself nor my wife the need to spend over double for premium charcoal.
  12. Wife picked me up an injector, first time ever using one. I did two chickens, one I injected with garlic and butter and the other I injected with butter and Franks Red Hot. They were good but I thought I’d notice the hot sauce and the garlic more. Any tips and tricks?
  13. Thought I’d try roasting a duck on the joetisserie today. First time ever roasting a duck so I’m don’t even know if I like it but it looks good.
  14. Curious, if the grates were still there why would you replace them anyways? Just curious, I got a used one too and cleaned up the cast iron grates.
  15. I have a lodge cast iron. I know it’s not traditional but I’ve had great success with it. I also find it’s easier to use on my electric stove then the carbon steel wok I had.
  16. Sorry for bringing it up again but I thought I’d share the results of a burn test I did between Royal Oak Canadian bag and Fogo Super Premium. I weighed out a pound of each and used my Joe Jr. for the test. I had vents wide open to allow the temp to peak. Then I allowed the temp to fall naturally and called the test over at 300. RO: peaked at 410 stayed above 400 for 33 minutes took 40 minutes to drop from 400 to 300. length of test 1 hr 55 minutes Fogo: peaked at 420 stayed above 400 for 30 minutes took 43 minutes to drop from 400 to 300.
  17. Thanks! It was really good and I enjoyed making it. Really seeing the need for a bbq table with something like this too, many dishes to juggle.
  18. Please, I am not trying to stir anything up, I just would like to know. Over a year ago it was announced that this forum would be closed down and moved to Facebook....I was very sad. Then I tried using the fb one and got used to it but missed this forum because I didn’t recognize people and I knew certain people weren’t going to fb. I also thought this was being closed. So, I found it’s not closed. So my question is, did John change his mind and still runs it, did someone else (charcoal addict I think) take it over? Also, does it still need financial support or does it get supported throug
  19. I’ve had my Lodge cast iron wok for a while now and used it many times on the stove, this is the first time using it on the kamado. It worked very well. I let the kamado get to about 450 before I put the wok in to heat up. When I got to where I was opening and closing the dome often I pretty much closed the bottom vent to keep from going nuclear. It went very we and I was impressed. I don’t know if this falls under authentic wok cooking but it’s how I did it and we like the results. I love how the ring in the D and C rack holds the wok. My only complaint is that Lodge cast iron isn’t as sm
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