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  1. Can someone tell me, if I wanted to get the iKamand, can I use it on the Big Joe and Classic or do i need a different model for each?  I did see it doesn’t work good on the jr.  

  2. 4 hours ago, JeffieBoy said:

    @Lumpy_Coal Have you considered taking the mini out on the lake with you?  I always take my Akorn Junior with me on fishing trips into the Kawarthas each year.  I set mine up waterside and enjoy the smells during the day.  I am sure that you could set yours up on the ice without issue and enjoy it as well.  


    I have taken it car camping to Bon Echo but never on any interior trips I like to do as it’s a bit heavy for that.  Although I did try getting into the ice fishing thing for a bit, as it turns out, it’s not really my thing.  I suppose I could just sit out on the ice cooking fish for people and of course just eat some of theirs!   

  3. 5 hours ago, JeffieBoy said:

    @Lumpy_Coal we are lucky, we have a local butcher who sells tubs of really good premade frozen gravy, beef or turkey.  I usually keep one or two of each in the freezer.  When I plan on making gravy off the Kamado, my wife will defrost and heat up the “indoor gravy”.  Easy peazy! And it’s good quality. 

    Maybe I’ll have to start doing something like this and just make extra broth too freeze and make gravy when needed.  

  4. Curious to know what you think of it.  Everyone I know that’s in to smoking has a pellet popper except me.  A guy from work that had a Kamado until he got his pellet grill says he doesn’t like the food off it as much.  He says it’s drier and doesn’t taste as good.  But, it’s easier for his wife to use so he’s going to stick with it.  Let us know what you think.  

  5. The only time I haven’t liked the gravy from the drippings is when I added smoking wood to smoke a turkey.  I found the gravy, and turkey for that matter had way too much smoke flavour. Because of this I started doing indoor and outdoor gravy for people’s taste preferences.  Outdoor is as described above.  Indoor, I put neck, wingtips and giblets in a pot along with chicken stock, apple, onion, herbs, carrots and chicken broth (everything I have in my drip pan) and simmer it for several hours on low while the turkey is cooking and then make the two different gravy’s.  Actually I usually make a third gluten free gravy for my ciliac brother in law as well. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Vanole said:

    Read through this whole thread @Lumpy_Coal great iniative with original homegrown plate setter. I gave my mini to my nephew years ago. He uses it alot.

    When you bought the new platesetter did it require a new ring to sit in grooves? Or did you just replace to have new?

    It did require a new ring as the design was different to accommodate the legs and I just wanted a new one. 

    I’ve seen post in the bge forum where a guy uses an extra ring to raise the grill up more.  I wanted to try this plus my original ring although was still together did have a crack.  

    I also saw in another post where someone modified his old ring to accommodate the square legs of the platesetter. For the small extra price of the new ring, I opted to get another.  It is only a mini after all, parts are cheap when compared to the big eggs.  

  7. On 2/24/2018 at 7:51 AM, Catsn'doos said:

    Well 10 hours and it's done, average temp between 250 and 275 most of the night with the odd fluctuation a degree or two either way. By the looks of it there is still enough charcoal it could have gone another 4-5 hours, so I estimate a mini could in fact maintain 250 for 16 hours total in the right conditions, which I find pretty impressive.


    This beauty will rest for a couple hours in Apple juice and cider vinegar wrapped in foil and a towel, then be pulled and taken for lunch while we wait for the fish to bite.

    I love all my kamados but I’ve had a huge interest in my mini bge lately and really wanting to play with it.  With a family of five that doesn’t happen as much as I’d like.  I know this is an old thread but man, you’ve certainly proved the mini is capable!  I did a roast on mine not too long ago and I was thinking that using a good dense charcoal like Fogo instead of the royal oak I normally use would make a difference it burn time as we but I haven’t put that to the test.  Let’s keep seeing those mini cooks!

  8. 1 hour ago, Gross said:

    Nice round pizza!  As you can see ours was not quite as round, not even rectangular, shaped more like an amoeba.  Delicious nevertheless.  


    This was our second pizza fest on the Classic II with the fourth and final pepperoni pizza pictured.  I lifted the stone with two fire bricks about as high as it would go into the dome before the pizza would hit the temperature probe.  Crust and top finished nicely in sync together.  


    Brought the dome temp up to around 700F with the pizza stone registering 575-600F+.  At 4 minutes I gave the pizza a 90 degree turn and they were pulled off at 6 minutes.


    Told the wife I like round pizzas - she told me to shut up and get out of the kitchen.  So I went back out to the fire with a nice cold IPA.






    Although I don’t have it pictured my setup is a bit different in that I put my d n c rack in, grills on top level then deflectors on that followed by 1” spacers then the pizza stone.  I would think our pizza stones both end up around the same height.  Would you mind measuring from the top of you pizza stone to the rim of your base for curiousity?

    As for the shape, they all taste the same going down.  Lol. 

    I plan on trying a higher temp next time to get them done quicker but with two kamados going, things can get a bit hectic. 

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